The Alpha and His Beta I

Part One:

After many years of denial, I suppose it was in the cards for me to be a
black man?s bitch, but I am getting ahead of myself. Best to start from the

I grew up in the suburbs and on the surface life was good. I was on the
soccer team, had a lot of friends, and as one girl described me, I was a
hottie with a smoking body. I was respected and admired and did great in
class, and yet deep down inside I carried this constant unease. I had a
secret: I liked being around powerful men in positions of authority, like
my father, my soccer coach, and men in uniform. It was like a piece of me
was missing, a hole that I did not how to fill. I was unsure of what this
meant until one day after I had just turned eighteen, it all clicked into

I snuck off to the city to explore it on my own. Passing an adult
bookstore in a sleazy part of town, I decided to check it out. Okay, fuck
it! I need to be honest and just admit that was my intention all along.
Every since puberty, I realized that I felt a sexual attraction to guys.
I never fully admitted it to myself before now, but I could no longer
avoid the truth.

Anyway, I was nervous as hell. As I walked around trying not to be
obvious, I came upon the ?male section.?  What caught my attention were boxes
with videos with pictures of guys sucking off other guys. I felt queasy
in my stomach, but in a good way, like when you are hungry and see
pictures of food. I lingered there, fascinated by those image of muscled
guys getting their cock slobbered by smaller dudes. I was so fixated that
I did not notice a guy had come up behind me.

When I turned, I came face to face with a short black guy. He must have
been in his late forties and had a beefy build. He just grinned at me. I
felt my throat go dry. He gazed at the boxes then at me. I wanted to bolt
but there was something so ?fuck it was as if he was giving off a vibe of
power. As I just wrote, a part of me wanted to run but another felt this
wave of erotic heat. He kept grinning then dropped his hand towards his
crotch. I couldn?t stop myself from visually following that hand. He was
wearing a short-sleeved shirt and his forearm had this tattoo on it that
had an image of a raised fist drawn on it. I watched as the muscles in
that arm flexed while his fingers lightly grazed his junk. Soon my eyes
just fixated on his crotch and that raised defiant fist. The only sound I
heard was my rapid breathing. I finally forced myself not to stare at
that bulge to look at him. He just softly grunted and walked to the booth
area. By now I was a mental basket case. I was a total virgin back then
and terrified. Yet, when he paused at the entrance to the boot area and
nodded at me?well I wanted to do whatever he was asking. It felt arousing
to be so cavalierly treated. I knew he was going to screw around with me
and I wanted it so bad from him. Here was a guy I?d never met and I was
hooked by his charismatic way of taking over. His cocky attitude only
added to my heat. It was as if, in that nod, he was saying he knew I was
going to join him so hurry up.

I followed him inside to an empty booth. We?d past a few other guys who
gave me some smirks and shouted out things like, ?yeah take his white boy
pussy.? I blushed with embarrassment, which only caused one of the guys to
laugh. I should have been scared?hell if I?d gone in alone as I?d planned I
probably would have run out. But when this black man turned and looked at
me this warm sensation of safety took hold. I was like a puppy with his
trainer and every part of me was hot to get my lesson.

We got into a cubicle and faced each other. I could hear his zipper as he
opened up. I keep my eyes on his face. He was sneering. It was as if he
knew he was running things so why talk about it. He gazed down at his
crotch then back up at me. ?Suck it boy. You know you need my mutha fucking
black dick,? he muttered in a tone of voice that reeked of authority. I
felt as if I couldn?t breathe.

Without any reply I sunk to my knees and saw his cock. By now I was
desperate to be used by him. His dick was inches from my face. I touched
it first. I?d never felt something so smooth. It throbbed in my hand. His
dark heavily veined cock waved at me telling me to satisfy it. I wanted
to say something but instead I lunged forward and licked it. I heard him
laughing. I glanced up at him looming over me.

He was so powerful. I think I sobbed my needs for him to use me or said
something similar. I do know that by then it all clicked inside for me. I
think I mumbled thank you before I began giving him my first blowjob. I
was new and at times he guided me. Never with words per se, he had taken
my hair into his grip and used it to thrust my head back and forth on his
erection. I was so fucking turned on serving this dark erotic god. His
musky scent filled my lungs. The wiry hairs of his crotch rubbed my lips
raw but I didn?t care. I wanted to service him so bad by then.

Then he suddenly growled and rammed his cock deeply in my throat. I
couldn?t get air into me and I began squirming. He held me in place with
his grip. Seconds later he yelled at me to shut up and just swallow. My
hair hurt as I struggled but someone on some level it increased my desire
to do as he said.

When he gushed into my throat, everything lost focus. I was woozy for
lack of air but somehow I kept gulping his hot seed down my once virginal
throat but still some oozed out the sides of my mouth. I?d barely finished
when, without warning, he yanked my head back and pushed me backward. I
lay sitting on my ass on the floor still gazing up at him.

I could feel his spunk dripping down to my chin. He?d tasted of salt and
something bitter yet I was thrilled his jizz was in me. He laughed and
handed me a tissue that he took from his pocket. ?Clean off your mouth kid.?
He said. ?And from that boner I think you need to jerk off right. Go on do
it boy.?

I loved how he just took control of things. I quickly pulled out my pud
and masturbated as he ordered while as he shook his head in amusement and
said how pathetic I was at giving real men blowjobs. I?d barely gotten off
before he moved to go. As he was leaving he stopped, turned to look at me
and said to return the next Saturday at three to get my anal cherry
popped by him.

He left me lying on the filthy floor with my dick in my hands and
completely enthralled by him. I jerked off another time then left. I knew
I was going to return. I?d sucked him off and tasted him. Now only the feel
of his throbbing manhood up my ass would top this experience. I also knew
that was what I needed. My natural craving to be a white bitch serving
righteous black men had been released.