Saturday morning. The sun had already rose brightly by the time we woke
up. Shane lay on his side of the bed, snoring gently on his side with his
back to me. I had a huge hardon which was practically dying for some more
of his ass! I rolled over onto my side behind him, pressing my hairy
chest up against his back. My rock hard cock slipped between his round
bubbled butt cheeks. I knew he was still dripping back there from all the
loads I dumped in him from last night. So (since I was paying for it
anyway) I slipped my cock head into his wet hole.
 Shane was able to take me in much more easier now. His heavy breathing
stopped as I slowly sank into him. My cock pushed through the fat butt
cheeks, my hairy balls nestling gently against his butt. I reached around
his thick body to hug him closer to me. I heard him starting to groan as
I churned my cock around in his hot depths. After a few minutes I began
pulling back and pushing in. Shane woke up completely, moaning softly as
I started to fuck into him more aggressively.

"You don't waste any time, eh bossman?" he asked, looking back at me over
his broad brown shoulder.

"Hard to hold off when you've got a hot handsome black man in your bed,
his ass yours for the taking!" I smirked, whispering into his right ear.

"A deal's a deal..." he said, settling in as he arched his back so that
his ass was pushed back towards me, giving me a better chance to reach
deeper inside him. I licked at his ear, sucking onto his lobe as I
grabbed his meaty chest to roughly finger his fat black nipples. Shane
surprised me by responding positively. He spread his legs wide as I
wedged myself between his cheeks and fucked him deep. He didn't protest
or complain as my dick stroked in and out of him. When I reached down the
front of his stomach to grab his cock, I found it rock hard and pulsing!

"You like this?" I asked, stroking his cock while I fucked him. Shane
didn't answer, he simply pushed his big black ass back for more of my
white cock! I pulled out of him and rolled him over onto his stomach.
Shane parted his legs, giving me access. I pulled apart the fat cheeks,
watching the tight brown hole come into view. Shane had a pretty asshole,
made me want to drive my tongue straight into it!
 I placed the pulsing head of my dick up against his hole, and pushed in
again. Shane groaned as I sank all the way up to my balls. I put my arms
on either side of him (in push-up position) and pumped up and down,
watching my ivory cock slip in and out from between the 2 brown globes!

"Fuck this is hot! And well worth the money!" I said, fucking into him.
 Shane merely grunted and groaned as I moved in and out at my own pace. O
loved watching his big beefy male body squirm under me and my raging
cock. He was a big strong virile black man, but he was my paid whore as I
fucked into his butt as hard and deep as I wanted.

"Give me that black ass, man!" I said, feeling powerful and superior on
top of him. No matter how big and strong he was physically, he was
beneath me, taking MY hot cock up his black boy ass!
 I laid out on his back completely, feeling his muscles flex under me as
I rode him like a stallion. My pelvis bang into his fat cheeks over and
over, driving my cock ever deeper as I plunged that hole with a hard
steady pace. All too quickly I felt myself about to cum as I hammered his
hole non-stop.

"I'm going to cum!" I announced, fucking him so hard that I could hear
him grunt after every pump. "You want this load, nigger? You want me to
cum you black nappy asshole?" I asked, consumed by the heat of the

"Yeah man, cum! Shoot that shit in me, man!" he grunted, reaching under
himself to play with his hardon. I felt my balls tighten, then shoved all
the way in as I came a ton of cum up his tight sucking ass-cunt!

"aahhhhh...!!" I groaned, firing load after thick heavy load into
homeboy's straight anus.
 When I pulled out, Shane flipped over on his back and continued stroking
his big cock. I watched his hand move back and forth as I pinched his fat
nipples while he creamed all over himself, his tight puckered asshole
throbbing in and out from between his spread legs as it dripped a single
strand of my love juice.
 Yeah, he liked it, -I thought.

 We showered after that, then went downstairs (naked) where we ate a nice
healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs benedict, rye toast, link sausage,
and orange juice. Sitting across the breakfast table in broad day light,
showed me just how handsome Shane really was. I listened to him rattle on
about his life, his girlfriend and the many girls he's fucked over the
years. He talked about selling drugs for a living, giving into the belief
that it was the only real way to make a lot of money in "the hood".
 I listened to him talk, but all I really was concerned about was getting
my fat cock back between his sucking lips. I swear I never felt this way
about fucking anyone ever before. I just couldn't get enough of looking
at his big brown muscular body, his full sensuous lips, his beefy meaty
man chest, his thick swinging cock, and that huge round fuckable ass.

 I had a few errands to run that morning before it got too late, and I
knew I had to talk to my girlfriend Tiffany, and insure her that I was
out of town on business as I told her. I didn't want her getting
suspicious and stopping by my house. I called her on my cell phone while
I was out in my car, so she wouldn't know what hotel I was supposed to be
in. If she got too nosey, I could hang up and pretend we had a bad
 I ran my errands; -post office, bank, grocery store, etc.., then
returned home to find my friend Jack's car parked in the drive. I
immediately got nervous when I didn't see him behind the wheel. When I
pulled up into the drive, he came running from around the side of the

"Paul! Paul...!" he gasped breathlessly as he ran up to me. "Someone's in
your house!"

"What?" I said, grabbing the bags from the car as Jack stopped beside me.

"I rang the doorbell but got no answer, so I walked around to the side of
the house and peeked in the window..., and saw some naked BLACK GUY in
your house!" said Jack, hysterically. "Call the police..., he's probably
robbing you!"

"Relax, Jack..." I said, shutting my car door. "That's Shane..., he's a
friend of mine."

"A friend...?" asked Jack, amazed and skeptical.

"Yes, a friend. I DO know black people you know." I said, trying to sound

"Like WHO?" he asked, calling my bluff.

"uh.., there's Davis, in sales..." I said, thinking fast.

"Go on..." he said, crossing his arms. I drew a blank. "We'd you meet
this guy? And why is he roaming around your house, -naked?"

"Okay..., okay!" I said, setting the bags down on the hood of the car.
"Remember the other day when you thought I went out and had sex with
another women that wasn't Tiffany?"

"Yes..., and I've been living vicariously through that fantasy ever
since!" joked Jack.

"Well..., I did have sex..., but it wasn't with a woman." I said, taking
the plunge. Jack stared at me silently, the wheels in his mind turning
slowly as he crossed all his T's and dotted his i's.

"So what are you saying, Paul..., you had sex with a MAN? A BLACK man?
THAT black man?" he questioned, 3 times. I nodded. Jack went into
hysterics. "You're joking right? I mean..., you've GOT to be kidding!" he
laughed, looking at me as if I'd just shit my pants. "Here I thought you
canceled your golf date with me because you had some hot hispanic chick
over here, and I came over to try to catch you in the act..., and here
you are fucking a BLACK MAN!"

"Shhh..., keep it down, Jack. I don't want my neighbors to hear." I

"I BET!" he laughed again. I started to regret telling him. "So...,
what's up Paul? You have something you want to tell me?" he suddenly
asked, after catching his breath. "You GAY?"

"No!" I said, sounding ubsurb.

"So what are you 2 doing..., each other's hair?" asked Jack,

"No. He sucks my cock." I said, bluntly. Jack's eyes widened.

"HIM?" he asked, pointing with his thumb over his shoulder. "THAT big
black guy in there is sucking YOUR cock?" he asked, as if astounded.

"Why is that so hard to believe?" I asked, really insulted.

"Well, from what I see and hear of black men in prison..., they tend to
do all the fucking, breaking in tiny little white men like us!" said
Jack, believing the stereotypes.

"If you must know..., I paid him to." I said.

"A hustler? You hired a male prostitute?" he asked, in a low but
disapproving voice.

"No, he's a drug dealer!" I said, as if that were better. "I met him in
the police station that day we got car jacked..." I said.

"And what, he offered to suck your cock for money?" asked Jack.

"No..., it's not that simple. Let's just say, we met again since then...,
and the proposition happened."

"Unbelievable." said Jack, looking back at the house. "I guess some
people will do anything for money."

"Especially when they don't have any." I said, grabbing my bags.

"So is this why you canceled our golf game?" asked Jack.

"Yes. I hired him for the whole weekend." I said, eager to get back

"Wow. That must have cost a bundle."

"It's well worth it, believe me." I smile.

"He a good cock sucker?" asked Jack, getting curious.

"He's learning. He'd never sucked cock until we met."

"You're lying...!" said Jack.

"That's what he says. And I'm inclined to believe him. He seems very
nelly about sucking cock and getting fucked."

"You FUCK him too?" astonished Jack, unable to process it all.

"Took his virgin ass for 500 dollars." I said confidently. Jack whistled
at the amount, I forgot he had a wife and 2 kids that eat up most of his

"Are you going to fuck him or make him suck your cock right now?" he
asked, enthused.

"I'm thinking about it." I admitted. "After all, I AM paying for it."

"Can I watch?" asked Jack, unexpectedly.


"Can I watch?" he repeated. "I want to see a black man suck cock! Please?
He wouldn't even have to know I'm looking! I'll be quiet! I promise!"
begged Jack, sounding like a kid wanting to see his first porn magazine.

"I don't know, Jack..."

"I can keep a better secret, if I'm in on it..." he blackmailed with a

"Okay..." I said, reluctantly. "But no hiding..., if you want to watch,
you have to get your cock sucked too!" I insisted, that way he'd be SURE
not to tell anyone.

"Okay, I'm alright with that." he said, growing a bulge in his pants.
 Jack followed me through the side door into the kitchen, where I put the
bags onto the counter. Shane came downstairs after hearing me come in. He
was still naked, as part of our initial agreement. I could see his
reluctance to enter into the kitchen when he noticed I wasn't alone.

"Come here, Shane..." I motioned for him, as he stood in the doorway.
"...this is a friend of mine, -Jack. Jack, this is Shane..., my weekend
slave!" I introduced. I could see Shane wasn't too crazy about the
introduction, but Jack was smiling from ear to ear.

"Hi, Shane. Nice to meet you." he said, holding out his hand to shake.
Shane shook it, reluctantly. "Paul tells me you're a drug dealer?" asked
Jack, trying to make conversation. "Must be..., challenging!"

"Yeah." said Shane. I cleared my throat, giving Shane a stern look. He
looked back, then sucked his teeth. "oh, uh..., yes, sir." he added,
remembering the rules. Jack beamed.

"Shane, Jack wants to watch you suck me cock." I said, enjoying the
shocked look on his cute face.

"But sir..., that wasn't part of the deal!" he addressed.

"Correct." I said, putting up groceries we'd need later. "I'd pay you
extra, of course. But you've have to treat him as my special guest."

"How special is he..., sir?" asked Shane, wondering how much more money
he could expect.

"500." I said, upping his pay to 1500. "Deal?"

"Yes, sir." answered Shane, without much thought.

"Then get over here and suck my cock, nigger!" I said, watching Jack's
mouth drop.
 I know he was expecting a big guy like Shane to run over and pound my
face with his fist, but was pleasantly surprised when instead he walked
over and stood in front of me, then sank to his knees and started to
unfasten my pants. Jack watched with a thrilled face as Shane freed my
thick 8 and 1/2 inch white cock. It sprung up and ut of my pants like a
jack in the box, bobbing and waving before Shane's face like a wand. He
captured the head between his thick lips, and began sucking. I saw Jack's
hands grab his bulging crotch as he watched me get sucked.
 If Shane was embarrassed, he didn't show it. After taking my cock into
his mouth, he closed his eyes and began eating as it at a feast for one!
He bobbed his head back and forth, sliding those sweet sexy boy lips up
and down my ivory thick shaft.

"This is fucking awesome!" said Jack, standing by the island while I
leaned back against the counter. His eyes drank in all of Shane's
nakedness, especially that fat black man's ass he had behind him. To show
how devoted to cock Shane was, I bent forward, reaching down behind him
to grab and caress his fat fine ass. Jack giggled like a school kid as I
smacked the round cheeks, then dug my fingers down into the crack before
standing back upright.
 Shane never stopped sucking my cock. If I didn't know better, I'd say he
was really getting into it! He was taking more and more of me into his
mouth, trying to get my entire length down into the tight space of his
throat. I started to concentrate on the hot blow job, knowing Shane was
putting his all into it. He was no average fag, ready and willing to suck
cock at the drop of a hat. He was a straight man, working out a pay
arrangement, and was eager to do a good job of it. I felt my cock started
to throb as he sucked harder, taking me ever deeper. His lips slid
further down my shaft with every intake. When my cock head hit the start
of his throat, he tilted his head sideways, then suddenly swallowed me

"WOW!" I said, feeling his lips kissing at my hairy pelvis. He held my
cock in his throat for a complete second, before gagging and pulling back
in defeat. He removed his mouth from my cock as he struggled to regain
control of his breathing. My cock bobbed, dripping remnants of his spit.
He readied himself, then took me back inside. His lips were slick as they
slid back and forth effortlessly. After a few minutes, he tried deep
throating me again. My cock pressed down into his throat as his lips
touched my balls. I heard him gag as he struggled to keep it down. This
time he managed it pretty well as he slowly eased his mouth back up to
the head.

"How was that, sir?" he asked, smiling up at me, -proud of himself.

"Wonderful!" I said, breathing heavy. "Do it again!"
 Shane took me back into his mouth, and started sucking. I gripped the
edge of the counter, feeling my body start to stiffen as I neared a quick
climax. Shane sucked until he felt confident to try again. He took my
cock all the way back into his mouth, swallowing it easily down to my
hairy balls. Slowly he eased back up the glistening shaft to the head,
before taking me all the way back down once more.

"Oh, man..." I groaned, feeling weak in the knees. I never expected him
to learn to suck so well so soon. He was deep throating me again, this
time pressing his round nose into my crotch hair. I felt my cock churn in
his throat. He liked the new power he had over me. "Finish me, man...,
I'm close..." I warned.
 Shane sucked harder, seemingly eager for my load. My cock was throbbing
wildly now, unable to control its pulses as Shane ran his mouth back and
forth, taking me deeply like a pro! He seemed to be really enjoying his
new abilities very much, as he had me on the verge of blowing my load.

"Shit man..., you getting me so fucking close...! Make me cum! Take my
load!" I managed to to gasp. Shane attacked my cock with vigor. I'd never
had anyone suck me so deeply or so wantonly, -Tiffany would rather be
fucked by a snake before devouring my cock so enthusiastically. She was
like a prude compared to Shane. Even thought he wasn't really gay, he
gave everything he had into this hot blow job, giving me one of the best
I'd ever had! No surprise that he had me cumming in minutes.

"uhhh...! uhhh...! uhhhhh!!!" I panted, cumming like a horse as Shane
braced himself for the onslaught. He grabbed my aching cock with his
hand, encircling it in his fist as he sucked feverishly at the pulsating
head. I held onto the counter for dear life, as my cock and balls emptied
the entire contents of my testicles into Shane's awaiting mouth.
 Shane sucked and swallowed, knowing that was what I wanted. He heard him
gasp and groan as my cum slid slowly down his throat. He pumped my shaft
expertly, while feeding on my seed. After several minutes, my balls were
completely emptied. Shane took the entire cock back into his mouth,
sucking contently at the thick root with my cock head buried down his
contracting throat.

"Great job, Shane..., you've gotten so good at that!" I complimented,
catching my breath. That's when I caught Jack standing over by the
island, jacking his exposed cock as he continued to watch Shane suckle my
cock. "You've got another horny customer over there." I said.
 Shane released my dick, then turned towards Jack. Jack was jacking
furiously, obviously excited by what he saw. Shane motioned for Jack to
come over. Jack stopped jerking his cock and walked over beside me. His
cock was about 7 and 1/2 inches long, curved upward slightly like a
banana. The shaft was white, but the top half and head were red with
blood. Shane licked the remaining sperm from his lips as he made room for
my friend and colleague. Jack held his breath, looking down nervously as
Shane leaned forward and took his banana cock into his mouth.

"Awww shit, Paul..., this is wild...!" sighed Jack, grabbing the counter
for stand steady as Shane swabbed his cock with his mouth and tongue.
 I tucked my own cock back into my pants, while watching my friend and
co-worker get his cock sucked for the first time by a black man! Shane
reached up and caressed Jack's hairy hanging balls while he bobbed his
mouth back and forth. Jack moaned out load as he settled back to enjoy
the head job. He loved watching Shane's thick lips swallow up his cock.
Shane took his cock all the way into the back of his mouth, then paused
to adjust the angle before sliding it down comfortably into his throat.
Jack nearly came at that instant. He panted softly as Shane nestled his
nose in his hairy pubes, then slowly slide those thick fat lips back up
the slick shaft to the head.

"Oh god, Paul...., he's absolutely amazing!" moaned Jack, as Shane took
him down again completely.
 I must say I was impressed with him. Shane showed no "tough guy" signs
as he did the job, and did it well. I looked down and noticed Shane's
cock was rock hard between his naked legs, a sure sign that he was really
starting to like his new services.

 Jack allowed Shane to suck him for a few minutes, loving the feel of his
velvety throat every time he took him all the way down deep. But after
several minutes of that, he grabbed the sides of Shane's head, and
started fucking his face like a horny dog! Shane grunted in surprise as
Jack got aggressive, holding his head tight as he rammed his banana
shaped cock down his throat repeatedly.

"Yeah! Yeah! Take my cock! Suck it! Take it deep!" growled Jack,
hammering at Shane's handsome face. "Take that white cock, man! Suck it
with those fat black lips! Swallow it! Yeah! Yeah! Like that!"
 Shane did his best to keep up with the fury flowing down his throat. He
choked and gagged as Jack face fucked him rapidly. Jack was humping so
wildly, that his cock actually slipped from Shane's lips a few times, but
the big black man would always swoop it back into his mouth immediately,
taking up where he'd left off. "I'm..., I'm going to CUM!" announced
Jack, gasping for air as his body stiffened like a board.
 Just when I thought Jack was going to climax and feed Shane his load...,
he pulled his cock free from Shane's sucking lips, and jacked off all
over his upturned face. Shane stretched his mouth open wide, trying to
get as much of Jack's load as possible while he stroked his own hardon
from below. He licked his lips, tasting the shower of cum that splattered
his face and mouth. A split second afterwards, Shane started cumming all
over my kitchen floor, -shooting streaks and streaks of thick white cum
across the tiles. Jack allowed Shane to clean the tip of his cock as he
slapped it playfully against his face and lips. Shane panted in heat as
he came down from his orgasm.

"How was that?" I asked Jack, watching him smile broadly.

"You'd think I'd feel guilty for cheating on Terry (his wife), or
disgusted for allowing a guy to blow me..., but I don't!" he said,

"I know! Want to try out that fat black ass next?" I asked, my cock
pressing out the crotch of my pants again already.

"Fuck yeah!" beamed Jack.

"Okay, you heard your new Master, slave..., take your black ass upstairs
and get on the bed on all 4's until we ready to come fuck you!" I

"Yes, sir!" said Shane, his face still dripping with Jack's cum.
"Wait..., first..., lick up all that cum you just shot on my floor." I
ordered, getting more sadistic as Sunday draw near.
 Shane looked embarrassed by the last minute request, but bent forward
without conflict and started lapping up his own cum. Jack looked down at
the big 6 foot 1, 200 pound black man as he licked up sperm from the
floor, -his eyes darting down to the fat round juicy brown ass which
spread high in the air and beckoned for a good fucking. Then Jack looked
over at me and smiled. Shane's anal pussy was in for a good work out