Getting nasty in the motel room II

He looks at me and says "Holy fuck!  You lookin to get fisted??"

I was now scared and told him NO to the fisting.

I told him I was just going to chill and get a little freaky with myself.

He laughed and said "cool, let me hang out and watch and maybe I can give
you a hand!!"

He stripped off his clothes and said "Get me a beer faggot!" as he stepped
into the jacuzzi....

I don't know why but I didn't argue with him.

I got him a beer and handed it to him.

He took the beer from me and said, "my name is Roman but you call me DADDY!"

He noticed that I was a little scared but he grabbed my beer and said
"Don't worry, it will be fun. Now, get naked, make yourself a drink and get
in here with daddy!"

I went to make myself a drink but he spoke up and told me he wanted me to
take all my clothes off first.

I sat on the bed and took off my shoes. I stood up to take my shirt off and
he told me to stop.

He smiled as I stopped quick and said "before you take off your clothes,
why don't you put some music on for daddy.."

I found a station he liked and he said "now dance for daddy"..

Now I really started to get nervous and he saw my reaction..

I can't dance..I dont have the body to dance and really don't know how.

He saw my concern and said "don't worry, You will never see me again and I
will never see you again. LET YOURSELF GO, be a little slut for daddy".

I thought about it for a second and it was true. I would never see him
again so I might as well be a little dirty.

I figured, fuck it... If he didn't like what he saw or what I was doing, he
could leave.

He already knows that I don't have my upper teeth in my mouth because the
way I was talking.

I started dancing and I guess I was going too fast because me told me to
slow down.

As I slowed down he told me to slowly move my hips like I was fucking and
at the same time move my hands like I was talking my shirt off very slowly.

He was telling me I was doing good and kept telling me how to move.

I felt embarrassed doing this but was getting horny.

He then spoke up and told me to keep going and to remove my clothes slowly
like a stripper while I dance.

I started with my shirt and when that was off, he smiled and told me I was
doing good.

He told me now to take the pants off. It was harder to dance while trying
to remove my pants but I was able to get them off. I wasn't wearing any

Once I was completely naked, I turned to him and said "Roman, you need
another beer?"

He smiled and said "Call me DADDY faggot!!"

I told him I was sorry and asked him again "Daddy, do you want another

He smiled and said "Ya, bring daddy a beer and get the baby oil."

I got the beer for him and went into the bathroom and got the baby oil.

He smiled and told me to get into the tub.

I got in the tub and he told me to stand up in front of him.

As I stood in front of him he told me to cover my whole body with baby oil.

I started rubbing the baby oil all over my body and he said "Listen up!!
I'm going to ask you a few questions and I want your complete honesty. As
I'm asking the questions, you keep rubbing your body! GOT IT?"

I told him I understood.

He then started asking the questions.

Question #1. Now tell me the truth. what were you planning to do with these

I didn't know how to answer that but he wanted the truth.

I told him I was going to put them in my asshole. I told him if I got
relaxed enough I wanted to see if I could get both in my hole at the same

He didn't say anything and just smiled and said "Question #2"

What are the blue latex gloves for?

I told him I was thinking about using the J-Lube and it can get really
slimy and nasty, so I was going to wear the gloves.

Question 4. he asked if I got the J-Lube to get fisted?

I had to think about how I wanted to answer that. I wanted to be honest
about it and it would be the first person I told it too.

I told him I have thought about getting a hand in me but never tried.

I also told him I didn't think I would be able to do it but would be hot to
try it at least once though.

I told him it would have to be with someone who has very small hands and
knows what he is doing.

He looked down at his hands and says "That sucks, my hands are too big."

I looked at his hands and his hands did look big. His hand was long but

He sat there quietly and told me to turn around.

I turned around and he told me to hand him the baby oil.

I gave him the oil and he told me to bend over a little.

When I did, he told me to reach back with one hand and finger in my hole.

I reached back and when my finger touched my hole, he squirted oil on it.

He started getting verbal.

He just smiled and said, "Finger that pussy! get it wet for daddy!"

He gave my ass a slap and said "Damn man! If that was a pussy, I'd be all
up in it!!"

I smiled at him and told him he could fuck me if he wants too.

He looked at me and said "Fuck NO!! I only fuck bitches and WET pussy!"

He then handed me a dildo and told me to sit down.

I asked him what this is for.

He laughed and told me to sit on it.

I laughed at what he wanted me to do and he just stared at me and said
"Come on man, just do it.. It will be fun".

I slowly slid the dildo in my ass. It was the smaller of the 2.

I sat down on it and it slid in even more. I got myself adjusted so it
didn't hurt and he hands me my drink. He grabs his beer and taps it against
my glass as in a toast and says "To new experiences!!"

We both take a sip and he started asking questions in a friendly tone.

He asked questions like, what kind of porn do I like, what kind I have
saved, what i've done with guys and he even asked me some of my fantasies.

After about 15 minutes later he looks at me and says "Take that dick out of
that pussy and be a good bitch and get daddy a beer!"

I pushed the dildo out of my ass and got out of the jacuzzi.

I got him a beer and made myself a drink.

He told me to get my laptop and set it up so we could watch some porn while
in the jacuzzi.

I set it up and he told me to play the one that I liked the best that had
part 1 and part 2.

The porn was about where 3 guys go one at a time and use a white guy as a
cum dump.

I hit play and got into the jacuzzi.

Roman, I mean daddy hands me the big red dildo and says, "have a seat." and

I decided to play along.

I take the dildo from him and say "Thank you daddy"..

He smiled at me as I sat down on the dildo.

We sat and watched the porn for a bit and he told me to fast forward it

I leaned forward with the dildo in my hole and forwarded the porn till he
was satisfied.

Then I sat back down on the dildo.

While we sat and watched the porn, he made comments about the guys hole
being opened and how the guys hole is looking like a pussy.

Part 1 of the movie ended.

He suggested we get on the bed and watch part 2.

I got out of the tub and set up the laptop near the bed.

Daddy told me to get him a towel. I handed him the towel and he got out of
the tub.

He wiped his face dry and handed me back the towel and said "come on man,
be my bitch and dry me off"..

It was at that point that I knew I was his. I knew I would do almost
anything he told me to do.

He knew it also.

I dried his body and slowly dried his ass. I got on my knees in front of
him and dried his dick and balls. I then dropped the towel and started
sucking his dick.

His dick started getting hard and he looked down at me and said "You want
me to fuck you bitch?"

I moaned a yes as I continued sucking his dick.

He laughed and said "I told you bitch, I only fuck bitches and WET pussy!"

He smiles and says "right now it looks like you are my bitch. So we are
half way there. Now we need to see if we can turn that ass into a pussy"

He tells me to get on the bed and he hands me the red dildo and says "Lets
start with this."

I rub lube all over it and slowly slide it in.

Daddy then told me he needed to piss and would be right back.

He went into the bathroom and left the door open.

I could hear his piss hitting the water.

He was talking to me as he was pissing.

Every time he said something to me his pissing would stop.

He asked me if I was having fun.

I told him I was and he told me he was also.

He again asked me if I liked being his bitch.

I told him yes and he then said "Good to hear, come in here and get on your
knees for me.."

I held the dildo in my hole as I walked into the bathroom.

He noticed I was holding the dildo in my ass as he gave a little chuckle
and said "SWEET, I hope we can turn that ass into a pussy cause I really
need to fuck a pussy!"

As he was talking to me, he lowered the toilet seat and told me to sit down.

I sat on the toilet seat and by sitting, it pushed the dildo in even

As I looked forward, He was standing in front of me holding his dick.

He told me to open my mouth. When I did, he pushed his dick in and told me
to take a hold of his dick nice and tight.

As I did, he slowly let his hand loose and I felt some piss squirting out.

I squeezed tight to stop the flow.

He told me to hold his dick tight and listen up!!

I started taking his dick out of my mouth when he stopped me and said
"Relax man, this will be fun. Just go with the flow...""

I stayed still and waited for him to tell me what he wanted me to do.

He looked down on me and said ""Listen, I pissed half of it out already and
you're going to be swallowing my nut later so you might as well at least
taste some of my piss and who knows, you make start to like it..""

I looked up as he finished saying that and he was staring right at me,
smiling and said "Hurry up so we can go play with that pussy a little""

I started to release a little piss at a time.

Once I did, he felt the piss going in my mouth and me slowly swallowing.

He could tell I have never done anything like this before and he started
talking to me.

He was cheering me on saying things like, "I was doing good, keep going,
keep swallowing and stuff like that.

I started getting into it more. I was trying to make Roman happy. (I mean

I was finally able to let go of his dick because he was done pissing.

Once I let go, he grabbed my head and held me still as he tried to pump the
last of his piss in my mouth.

He pulled his dick out and told me I did good...

He told me to brush my mouth out really good as he turned and walked out of
the bathroom.

I got off the toilet seat and stood by the sink and noticed the big plug
that I left in the sink.

I wonder if he saw it. He must have because the sink was in view.

As I brushed my mouth out good, I was hoping he didn't see it.

I also washed my face in case I had any piss on it that might have leaked

I put a towel over the butt plug to kind of hide it.

I went into the other room and he was dressed completely.

Now I'm kind of pissed because he was leaving.

I asked him if he was leaving.

He smiled and saw "No man, I'm not leaving. (lol) but I need you to get
dressed also."

I asked him why and he told me a guy he works with is stopping by real
quick to get some weed he got for him"

He told me to get dressed, put my teeth back in for now and to hide all
these toys and shit.

I got dressed and he told me to hide all the toys in the bathroom sink.

I put everything in the bathroom and remembered the laptop was set to play
on part 2 of the porn.

The laptop was closed but not all the way.

He told me the laptop will be cool the way it is.

He sat on the bed and said "listen up, My dick is put away so I want you to
call me ROMAN.

When my dick is out, you call me DADDY."

He then said "My buddy don't need to know what we got going, so try to act

"I told him I was here making some money."

I looked at him confused and he spoke up, laughing and said, "I'm a trainer
and sometimes I do private calls to make some extra money."

"Don't worry man, I'm going to give him the bag and he is gonna split. He
has a game to get too."

Roman walked into the bathroom and 10 seconds later comes out with a big
smiled while holding the large butt plug and the bottle of J-Lube I had
already mixed up.

Laughing he said "Dude let's get this in your hole and leave it in until my
buddy leaves"

I lowered my pants and laid on the bed on my back, I went to take the
J-Lube from him but he laughed and told me he wanted to help.

He handed me the butt plug and said "Relax man, this is going to be fun,
trust me."

He poured a shit load of J-Lube on my hole and his fingers.

He started slowly inserting 1 finger at a time, then 2 fingers in my hole
while slowly opening my hole..

As he was working my hole, he was telling me to relax as he was pouring and
pushing more lube into my hole.

He then took the butt plug from me and started pushing it against my hole
telling me to relax and to push out.

When I did, he pushed the plug in and told me to leave it in and to relax....

Roman, still dressed got up and went to the bathroom and came out with a

He told me to wipe off a little and get dressed.

Leaving the butt plug in, I got dressed and sat down with Roman.

A few minutes later someone knocked at the door.

Roman jumped up and told me to be cool and to remember, if his buddy asks
and questions, I am a client of his and to go along with it.

Here I am, sitting on the bed, fully dressed with a butt plug in my ass as
Roman opens the motel room door and in walks this hot thug looking black
kid, maybe 23 years old with a small build. He was probably 5'6" tall and
fit. His hair was braided which I thought was hot.

He walked in and gave me a nod.

Roman shut the door and locked it.

They chatted a bit to each other and This new guy named "TREY" started
leaving and said, "be back in a bit" as he left the room.

Roman looked at me and said "dude, he went to get a philly. He wants to
smoke one with me before he leaves. I couldn't say no, so don't worry it
will be cool."

Roman looked at me and asked if I smoked.

I told him I do but not often.

I told him if I take just a hit or 2 and i'm fine. If I smoke more than
that, I tend to get quiet and lazy and too relaxed.

he laughed and told me I need to relax.

I laughed back and said the relax part is ok but the part that sucks is
when I get quiet and lazy.

About 5 minutes later, Trey was back.

I still had the plug in my ass waiting for Trey to leave.

They were chatting while they were rolling a blunt.

They lit the blunt and passed it to each other.

Roman passed it to me and I give him the look and he smiled and told his
buddy I don't smoke.

I tried to pass it back to Roman but he pushed it back to me and told me to
take a hit.

I took a hit and passed it to Trey.

Trey passed it to Roman and Roman passed it to me telling my to take
another hit.

The weed started hitting me and I started to get quite.

I was hoping I don't get lazy.

Trey speaks up and says "Dude, that fuckin jacuzzi looks fuckin good!"

To be continued...