getting nasty in the motel room I

I deserved a night out to myself.

It's been a long time since I went away, even for a night.

Since I became single again, I've really haven't gotten out to mingle.

All I did was go to work and go home.

Nobody at my job or places I go to know I'm gay.

It kind of sucks because for once I would like to be myself...


I decided I just wanted to go away for the night, get a motel and have some
time alone and get nasty..

My plan was to Shave my body, take a nice bath in baby oil to relax, Relax
in the hot tub with a dildo in my ass.

Then hop up on the bed and see how much I can relax my hole.

I wanted to try and stretch my hole as much as I can and turn my asshole
into a pussy and get both dildos in at the same time.

I packed everything I needed and would be using while in the motel.

I left early and just drove for about an hour, saw a rundown motel and
pulled in.

I kind of like this motel for a couple of reasons.

#1, The door to the rooms have doors on the outside. just park your car and
the door is right there. No need to walk past the front desk.

#2. It had a jacuzzi.

#3. It had a rundown nasty feeling to the motel. The kind of motel a cheap
prostitute would go to. The kind of motel that you don't feel guilty
getting nasty and freaky in.


I checked into the room and parked my car close to the door.

I brought all my stuff inside.

I wanted to get everything all ready for myself.

On the table near the bed I put down a towel I had. I put one of my dildos
on the table with a bottle of wet platinum lube and a new bottle of video
head cleaner.

On the bed I laid out a blanket i brought with me and a couple of towels.

I bought some stuff called J-LUBE on some porn videos I have seen and it
seems like it gets slimy and sticky.

So, I wanted to have the bed covered with some old throw away towels and

I cleaned and scrubbed the jacuzzi with the chemicals I brought with me.

I saved some of the chemical to clean it later after I'm done getting nasty
in it.

I wanted the room to feel and look nasty but don't want to bring anything
nasty with me.

""What's in the room stays in the room"" lol

Everything was set up for me to relax and play with myself.

All I had to do is fill up the jacuzzi, but figured I would do that after.

I then brought the rest of my stuff to the bathroom.

It was time to get ready.

First thing I did was get naked and on my knees. I grabbed a bottle of
fleet enima and inserted the whole bottle in my hole.

I stayed on my knees for as long as I could and the pressure got the best
of me and had to sit on the toilet and release the pressure.

I then decided to shave my face nice and smooth I took my time and shave
twice to get as smooth as I could.

I jumped in the shower with a couple of razors and shaving cream.

I wanted my body shaved from the neck down.

The only hair I wanted on my body was on my head and my arms...

I started with my legs, then chest and underarm.

I did my pubes and asshole last.

I was nice and smooth now. I put some baby powder all over my body.

It was time to have a drink.

I made myself a captain morgan and coke.

I also had some beer in case I decide to have one later.

I grabbed another bottle of fleet enima and filled my hole.

I decided while I am drinking my rum and coke, I can be cleaning my hole

I stayed relaxed so I would be able to finish my drink before I had too
much pressure in my stomach.

I finished my drink and decided to have another one while taking a bath.

I made another drink and went into the bathroom.

I sat comfortably on the toilet to open my bowels.

I then started to fill up the tub with nice warm water.

While the tub was filling up, I took out my upper denture and brush my
mouth out good.

I decided to leave my denture out.

I brought with me my own caress body soap.  I used a lot because it smells
so good.

After relaxing for about 20 minutes, I added baby oil to the water.

I rubbed the oil all over my body including my asshole.

I grabbed my second dildo and poured baby oil all over it and slowly
pressed it against my hole.

This dildo is red and slightly larger than the one by the bed.

I slowly got the dildo all the way in my hole and left it in.

I kind of sat on it so it would go deeper and also stay in while I relaxed
and drank my rum and cock.

I knew that if I wanted to take both my toys in my hole, I would have to be
as loose and open as I could.

I didn't fuck myself in the tub. I was going to do that later on the bed. I
just wanted to let my hole relax as its being opened up because of the

About 15 minutes pass and I forgot all about the dildo in my hole.

My drink was finished and as I stood up, the dildo slid out and I felt it.

I knew my hole wasn't open enough yet.

I dried off and went into the other room.

I grabbed the bottle of wet platinum lube and poured some onto my hand and
slowly worked it in my hole.

I was going to put on a latex exam glove but wanted to save them for later
when I start using the J-LUBE.

I grabbed my large butt plug and rubbed wet platinum lube all over it.

I took my time trying to get it in my ass. If I go too fast it either hurts
too much or I cum right away. I have to take my time to work it in. I have
to let my hole get used to it.

I finally get it in and slowly walked around some.

I wanted to get the jacuzzi ready.

On the edge of the jacuzzi I had the 2 dildos, the wet platinum lube and
the video head cleaner.

I got the water nice and hot but realized the water was too hot to get in.

I decided while the water cools off, I will run over to dunkin donuts and
get a coffee.

I put my upper teeth back in and removed the butt plug. I washed the butt
plug off really good and left it in the sink in case I want to put it back
in my hole later.

I got dressed and went to get my coffee.

I sat in my car and drank my coffee while thinking about what i'm going to
do to myself soon.

I looked at my clock and saw it was almost 5pm.

It was time for me to head back to my room and turn my hole into a pussy.

I am really hoping i will be able to open my hole enough to get both dildos
in at the same time.

I arrived back at 5 pm sharp.

I went into my room and realized I didn't have my weed.

I went to my car and looked in trunk but couldn't find it. I must have left
it home...

Might be a good thing though, Weed does a couple of things to me.

If I smoke a little i'm fine. If I smoke too much, I get kind of too
relaxed and very quite but will go with the flow.

"I guess if anybody wants to shut me up, just get me high"  lol

Anyway, I couldn't find the weed and went back into my room.

I went into the bathroom and took out my upper denture and put them in a

I started making another drink when there was someone knocking on my door.

I slowly open the door when this young Puerto Rican guy (This story is
fictional, The guy can be any race. I like them all. lol) I'm using puerto
rican for this story.

Anyway, This young Puerto Rican pushes past me and says "Yo man, I just
need a place to hang out and smoke a little weed?!"

The way he said it felt to me like he was asking me if he can hang out and
smoke but also felt like he was forcing me to let him, but he wasn't
forcing me. except by his voice.

He seemed to be kind of hot in a way....

Anyway, he pushes past me and stops!!

The door shuts and he looks around and says "what the fuck is this shit?"

He looks at the dildos next to the jacuzzi and asks "Yo man, you planning
on using those?"

I didn't know what to say and he can tell, so he speaks up again and says
"And what the fuck is that shit next to the blue latex gloves!!"

I can see he is pointing to the bottle of J-LUBE..

He looks at me and says "Holy fuck!  You lookin to get fisted??"

I was now scared and told him NO to the fisting.

I told him I was just going to chill and get a little freaky with myself.

He laughed and said "cool, let me hang out and watch and maybe I can give
you a hand!!"

He stripped off his clothes and said "Get me a beer faggot!" as he stepped
into the jacuzzi....

To be continued.