Black Taxi Driver I

I had been watching interracial porn sites for some time now, especially
gay interracial porn where white guys were fucked by big black guys and
sucked their dicks until they exploded in their mouths. I became obsessed
with interracial porn. I was looking at it constantly and fantasizing about
black men. One night I was at work late and had to take a cab home. I walk
up to a cab stand where there are two or three cabs in a line. I get in the
first cab and the driver is a beefy black guy around 40 years old. Not too
good looking, average, but with a nice build, with some meat on his bones.
As I get in, he excuses himself because he's eating. I tell him it's ok, no
problem. He begins to drive and continues to eat.

"Sorry. I haven't eaten all day and I'm starving."

"Not a problem. I understand."

He is drinking a soup from a plastic bowl, and making loud slurping sounds.

"This soup sure is good. You know, they make a good soup over there."

"Yeah, they do", I respond, not really interested in the conversation. But
something about the slurping sounds he is making while eating that soup are
bothering me. I'm not sure what.

"I stop there a lot and pick up some of this chicken soup and I really look
forward to it. They make one damn good chicken soup!"

"Yeah, smells good!", I comment.

"You had it before?", he asks.

"Yes, I've had it. You're right, it's good." I answer to be polite. The
type of conversation you have with cabbies to be nice even though you are
not really interested in what they are saying. He keeps eating the soup and
slurping and I find it difficult to ignore his eating. I glance at him
while he talks and notice his full lips, his big hands and the damn
slurping sound he is making. There is something sensual about it and I
start to get a bit uncomfortable. Something about this guy is attractive.
The way he is lustfully enjoying his soup, the way he talks, he is nice and
sincere, his big hands and full lips. I start to imagine what he must look
like naked. I wonder what his cock must look like. I fantasize that if its
in proportion to the rest of him, it must be a big, beefy, juicy black
cock. I start getting hot and bothered by the though of him and what he
must look like naked.

"Yeah, this is one good soup. Lots of vegetables and big pieces of meat",
he comments as he slurps more soup and eats a piece of chicken. This takes
me out of my fantast about his cock, but I notice that I'm starting to get
hard just being in the cab with him. I think about the last thing he just
said and almost laugh at how it sounds like some cheap porn movie, "big
pieces of meat." It was obvious he was being sincere and the only one
sexualizing this was me. It was my dirty mind that was twisting his comment
around, but I couldn't help it. I was getting hotter and harder and I was
starting to find it difficult to control myself! I have never felt like
this before. I imagined myself reaching over the seat and putting my hand
on his crotch and saying something corny like, "Yeah, I like a big piece of
meat myself." The strange thing about it was that the fantasies I was
having were more than regular fantasies. I felt a pull to actually do what
I was thinking. For a second there, I thought I would really say something
and reach over to grab his crotch! It was hot, but scary. Like I might
actually lose control and say something!

"Yeah, it's making me hungry for a piece of meat", I blurt out! I can't
believe I just said that! What have I done! I notice he quickly looks at me
through the rear view mirror but doesn't say anything.

"This soup will do it to you. The broth is great and the chicken is nice
and juicy", he responds as we stop at a red light and he continues to slurp
on the soup.

"Makes me want to get my lips around a nice, juicy piece of meat", I
respond. I kid you not! I really said that and I couldn't believe it! I was
really losing control. The driver stops eating and starts to look at me
intently through the rear view mirror. He's not sure what I'm saying. He's
not sure if I'm talking about the soup or I'm making a sexual innuendo.

"You wanna try some chicken?", he asks, holding a piece of chicken between
his fingers and offering it to me between the seats. I move forward in my
seat and instead of grabbing it with my hand, I open my mouth and eat it
right from his hand, closing my lips around the tips of his fingers right
before I pull my head away. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I am! I'm
thinking I must be crazy, but something got a hold of me and I was unable
to stop myself! It's as if someone else were making the decisions for me
and I was just watching!

"Damn, you really are hungry", he comments with a little laugh.

"I'm really hungry for a juicy piece of dark meat", I respond. He looks at
me through the rear view mirror. Holding his gaze and looking into my
eyes. He's serious now. He looks a bit nervous. My heart was pounding in my
chest, but outwardly I was looking calm.

"You talking about the chicken or something else?", he asks a bit

"I'm talking about the juicy piece of black meat between your legs. That's
what I'm hungry for", I respond boldly. My heart is now racing, my mouth is
bone dry, my throat is tight, and I can't believe I'm doing this, but I
have a raging hard-on and I can't stop myself! We are at another red light,
a long one, and he stops cold, turns around to look at me and stares at me
a while.

"You serious?" I suddenly open the car door and get out. He starts getting
really nervous.

"Hey, where you going? You can't get out here. You got to pay. . ." I then
quickly open the front passenger door and get in on the seat besides
him. He looks releived.

"For a second there I thought you was trying to run away without paying!"

"I told you I was hungry for some black meat", I respond, staring directly
into his eyes.

"You really serious, aren't you?", he asks a bit in disbelief. Neither of
us can believe what I'm doing! I reach over and put my hand on his thigh,
squeeze it and then lay it on his crotch and begin to gently massage
it. Luckily it was really late because while all this was going on, the
light turned to green and then to red again and there were no other cars
around except the occasional car that sped by past us. He just sits there
and stares at me in disbelief and I continue to massage his crotch. I can
feels his cock start to get hard inside his pants.

"Shit, you really want to suck my dick, don't you?"

"I really want to suck your dick", I respond. Both of us are looking
directly into each others eyes, my hand on his crotch feeling the growing
boner in his pants. He suddenly snaps back into reality and begins to
drive. The light has been green for a while.

"I know a nice secluded spot near here where no one can see us."

"Let's go", I respond. He turns the car and starts to drive faster than
normal. Neither of us is saying a word, but as he drives, I'm still
massaging his growing cock in his pants and I'm getting harder by the
second just thinking about sucking his big black cock. We turn into a dark
street. One of those streets that traffic doesn't go through, but that are
filled with car repair and car parts shops. He drives to the end of the
street which dead ends into the wall of one of the warehouses. He stops the
car and puts it in park. He rolls down the window and throws the soup onto
the street, then he pushes the seat all the way back to give me more room
and repositions himself to give me better acces to his crotch. I stare at
the bulge in his pants and now use both hands to massage it and then I
start to unbutton and unzip his pants. I reach in with one hand and I can
feel the throbbing meat through his underwear. I can feel the heat of his

 big black cock in my hand. I'm getting hotter by the second and I find
that my mouth is actually watering from the prospect of sucking his big
cock. He lifts his hips up and we both slide his pants and underwear down
his legs below the knees. As we do this, his cock suddenly pops out and up,
semi hard and throbbing in the air, almost touching the steering wheel. I
finally get a good look at his throbbing boner. It's big, about eight or
nine inches, and thick. He's cut and his balls are shaved smooth. He only
has a bit on short hair above his cock. His dick is slightly thicker in the
middle and the head is a bit smaller, with a defined flare around the
cockhead. I grab it and start to massage it and move my hand up and down
the shaft, past his cockhead and down to the bottom again, in a slow,
sensual motion. He shifts in his seat a bit so that his back is facing the
car door and his cock is facing me towards the middle of the car. I finally
bend my head down towards the throbbing cock in front of me and as I begin
to open my mouth to take the first taste of his black meat, I drool on the
car seat.

"You really want my dick, don't you?", he says when he notices me drooling.

"I'm dying for your big black cock to be in my mouth", I say right before I
slide my lips around his cockhead.

"Oh, fuck!", he moans as I slide more of his cock into my mouth. I start to
slide my mouth up and down his cock, slowly and sensually. I'm giving him a
slow, wet blowjob, and now I'm the one making slurping sounds. I let the
head pop out of my mouth and look up at him and say, "Nice and juicy piece
of meat."

"You liking it?"

"Oh, yeah! I'm liking it." I then slide his cock back into my mouth and
start to suck him in earnest. Taking it down as much as I can and sliding
it out to the cockhead again, in a slow and sweeping motion.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, that's good. Don't stop. You're sucking my dick real
good. Don't stop!" I continue like this for a bit longer and then let his
cock slide out of my mouth and I start to lick his big, tight balls. He
shifts again to give me better access and I'm able to put his entire
ballsack in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. He is moaning like
crazy. He's grabbing my head with his hand and guiding my motions. I let
the balls drop out of my mouth and slide his cock back in and resume my
steady, wet sucking. In and out of my mouth, slurping and drooling like
crazy. As I slide this cock way down my throat, my checks touch his meaty
thighs and it drives me even crazier with desire. I'm not deep throating
him, but pretty close. I'm surprised at how much of his cock I can take
into my throat. My desire for his cock made me so hot it loosened all my
throat muscles. It was my lust for his juicy black cock that helped me to
cope with the size of it. I start to suck faster. I want him to cum in my
mouth! I start to have a growing need to have him cum in my mouth and to
swallow his load. The faster I suck, the hotter we both get. He is grabbing
my head by the hair and pushing my head down onto his cock, which only
makes me hotter for it. His moaning increases and he gets louder. His hips
start to move up to meet my mouth and push his dick farther down my throat.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, baby, don't stop! Suck that dick! Suck that dick! Oh,
fuck, yeah! Oh, fuck!" He starts to push my head down onto his dick harder
and faster. My sucking is getting more and more vigorous and the slurping
sounds are louder than ever. I'm drooling all over his thighs and balls,
and all I want is for him to cum in my mouth so I can taste and swallow his
black seed!

"Oh, fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!", he cries loudly as I begin to feel
an eruption of cum splash in the back of my mouth. I start to swallow as
spurt after spurt of hot cum floods my mouth. He keeps cumming and I keep
swallowing. I continue to suck and swallow until nothing more cums out,
then I let his cock pop out of my mouth and start to lick his shaft and
head clean.

"Oh, shit! That was one great blowjob! You can sure suck a cock!", he says

"That was one great juicy cock", I respond. "I told you I was hungry for a
juicy piece of dark meat!", I say as I continue to lick and kiss his

I sit up and wipe my mouth with a napkin he had in the car as he pulls his
pants back on and straightens the seat back again. The night ended when he
took me to my destination. I didn't have to pay the fare, because I already
paid with my mouth. He gave me his card and his cell number. When I got
home, I realized I creamed my pants from just sucking him. I had a hard
time getting to sleep that night. All I could think of was what I had just
done and his juicy piece of dark meat I was able to put my mouth around.
Whenever I think about it, I start to drool.