African Renaissance University I

Chapter One
Justin Goes to University

His university entrance, when he was 18, was forever imprinted on his mind.

After his final term ended Justin had spent weeks at home with his mother.
They lived alone and she loved to have her handsome tall blond son to
indulge and fuss over.  He had during this time, like most boys, spent ages
in his room, surfed the net on a few porn sites he liked, watched tv and
lazed around the pool deck in his swim shorts, soaking up the sun and
swimming strongly up and down the large pool.

His days were only interrupted by friends, sometimes a girl from down the
road who his mother liked a lot.  She spent a lot of time when she did come
talking about things they could do together, suggesting trips they could
make together, flirting with him to use an old fashioned expression. But he
really wasn't that interested, More usually it was boys. A few he had grown
up with,from the neighbourhood scout troop came around to swim and smoke
weed; more often it was members of his former Pod in school, black boys
calling up and wanting to come over to service him. Sometimes they came
alone, but often with one of their close buddies. The younger ones
especially liked to come with a few friends -- usually not school-mates
let alone Pod members -- who were completely new to it.  It seemed almost
like they were recruiting their friends -- they never asked if it was ok
to bring them, they just showed up with them.  Justin was always amazed the
way the younger boys showed off to their equally astonished buddies their
skills and their control over him. Five minutes later, and another young
blackboy, who he had never seen before, would getting his first view of
blacks using and abusing a whiteboy ass.  His whiteboy ass. In ten minutes
flat he would be on his knees sucking and worshipping their black cocks,
while the more experienced Pod member would be ploughing his ass.  For the
next hour all of them would be intent on showing the older whitey who was
now his master.

Fortunately his mother was often at work so didn't see her darling,tall,
blue eyed son being fucked around the house by a bunch of cock-crazed black
youngsters; she didn't see him being gang raped; skewered from both ends
over her dining room table; splashed with their piss in the bathroom; she
didn't see the whippings he got, often spreadeagled over her bed. But he
knew that she had seen more than enough to know what was happening. It was
just, he thought, she didn't want to talk of it, or make an issue of it.

He also went to a few parties with older Pod members, when they collected
him on the weekends.  hHe couldn't remember much of what happened after he
got there, except that they wasted no time in getting him high and
naked. He remembered sucking large black cocks on demand to ear splitting
rap music, and had hazy recollections of the crowd of partying blacks. He
usually woke up in bed with a couple of black youths, sometimes more, who
gave him another high on poppers, and a hard long morning gangfuck before
kicking him out and sending him on his way.

Then the offer of a possible place and scholarship at the Africa
Renaissance University came through, and he and his Mum were delighted. He
was to be "Interviewed and Examined" the next Saturday.

He had taken a long time with his appearance that morning, to the point
where his Mum thought he would be late. She insisted, despite his protests,
on driving him to the campus.  Not knowing the way to the Marcus Garvey
building, where Justin was to go, she had stopped and asked a small group
of students chatting on the pavement. They were all young black males, but
then this was, she knew, a predominantly black and male university which
Justin's school had recommended him for. Most of the white students went to
a campus on the other side of town, but there were, it seems, no full
scholarships available to Justin there. Anyway though Justin had a number
of white buddies, and even a few girls of his age who adored his drop-dead
gorgeous blond-boy-next-door looks, Justin seemed to prefer black male
company He had always seemed to have many black friends who phoned him or
came to the house. Some had been coming on a regular basis for years.  They
now knew where the key was kept and she was even quite used to them letting
themselves in and going straight to Justin's room.

She asked one of the group of students, a nice looking tall boy in an
overlarge t shirt and low hanging jeans, how she could get to the Marcus
Garvey Hall.  He looked into the car and greeted the white boy with her. He
explained to her she couldn't drive there - that part of the campus was
pedestrianised. The nice young man's friends all came over to the car.
They all took a look in, smiling, asking them why they were on the
campus. She told him Justin had an interview there for possible
admission. They were all really sweet about that, and took a closer look at
Justin.  One even reached in and ruffled his blond hair. They all wished
him luck, saying they really hoped that he would become a student
there. Taiwo, the boy she had spoken to first, said he would walk Justin
over there.

She kissed her darling boy as he got out.  The black boys seemed to be
about to go for lunch, because she overheard one of them talking about
delicious chicken and another about fresh white meat. They grouped around
Justin and were really quite touchy-feely with him -- but then blacks
were much more like that, and Justin often seemed to bring them out a very
friendly side to them. She had to call out and remind Justin not to dawdle
or he would be late

She watched Taiwo and Justin head off. Another black boy, presumably a
friend of Taiwo, walked alongside.  They were chatting together so nicely.
She thought, as she drove off, that Justin would probably be very well
looked after in such a friendly welcoming place...

The two boys looked Justin up and down and asked him questions as they
walked.  Where did he live, what school was he from, and then, out of the
blue, had he ever been podded in school? The boys grinned at each other
when he said he had been, and they asked for how long. What was the Pod?
Was his ass still tattooed with the Pod name? To the last question Justin
didn't answer but blushed bright red.

By the time they got near Marcus Garvey Hall both Taiwo and Langa were
holding his hands. There were few students around because it was
Saturday. As they passed through an archway they casually undid his belt,
unzipped him and yanked his trousers down. Taiwo pulled down the whiteboy's
black briefs and took the growing shaved white cock in his hand.  "Nice one
Langa right?" He weighed the balls as Langa examined and groped his butt.
Langa chuckled. "Yeah we got something here!" He bent Justin over so they
could both examine the white butt.  The tattoo was still readable "Property
of Rasta II Pod - St James High School" the Black Power clenched fist
salute was still prominent on the left cheek.  Andy was used to black boys
stripping him and all this didn't strike him as that unusual.  He noticed
Langa's shorts seemed to be tenting out in front of his face.
Involuntarily he licked his lips, and they saw! They high-fived and fell
around laughing as only black boys seemed able to.  "You like blackboy
cock, right Boy? " said Langa, always known as a cheeky one.. "Well, you
won't find any here!"  They laughed and hugged eachother as Justin stood
up.  "Just big nigga-dick!" They both grinned at him.  Langa took Justin's
hand and placed it on the front of Taiwo's shorts. Justin could immediately
feel the black boy's cock stiffen!  "I'll be late for my interview if I
don't go now!" gasped Justin.  "It will still be here waiting for you
afterwards" laughed Taiwo, clutching his bulge to show the whiteboy the

Putting their arms around him they shortly arrived at the Marcus Garvey
Hall. They gave him their mobile numbers. They wished him luck and told him
to contact them whenever he wanted to. To Justin's surprise they both
kissed him -Taiwo on his cheek, but Langa full on the mouth as he cupped
his hand around the whiteboy's butt.

                                      * * * ** * * *

It didn't take long for Justin Hendricks to realise why he had been given a
chance of a full scholarship to the Africa Renaissance University, or the
ARU as it was known locally.  The academic interview had, he thought, gone
quite well and the three black professors (friendly and informal, not as
old as I expected, and quite good looking, thought Justin) had asked him
many questions. They followed up on his undoubted intellectual strengths,
his career ambitions, as well as his school reports. They said they were
impressed by what the school had said about him and they clearly seemed to
like him.  Justin was somewhat formally dressed in smart khaki long
trousers and a crisp white shirt and his school tie. His meeting with Taiwo
and Langa, he thought, hadn't thank goodness messed up his clothes!  Though
one of the profs ruffled his blonde hair (did everyone do that here?)
showing him to his chair, nothing else physical happened. Then, as was
usual he was told, for scholarship candidates, he was to be taken to a
second interview by student representatives, to see how well he would fit
in to the almost wholly black institution.

Professor Mukudzi took him to the next interview across a courtyard, and as
the student panel was free Justin was told to st down at a long table in
front of the four-man panel.  They began to ask him questions of his
upbringing and school-mates. The Prof left and returned to his colleagues
who were already interviewing a young black candidate. A good looking well
set-up African youth, thought Mukudzi, but rather full of himself.  Anyway
the interview was quick. The boy was obviously not nearly as academically
gifted as Justin, but he was sure to be offered a place.

Mukudzi returned to Justin's student-based interview half an hour later to
see how they were getting on.  He stood to listen outside the door before
opening it quietly.  Justin, he saw, was totally naked, on his back, on the
table. Long white legs in the air. His bare tattooed white ass faced the
door. He focussed on the muscled young black ass that was covering
him. Justin was being energetically fucked in front of the other three
panel members, by the captain of the university rugby team.  His blonde
head was falling back over the other side of the interview table. Papers
were scattered over the table and on to the floor The three other members
of the panel grinned at Prof Mukudzi, large black dicks swinging free from
their blue jeans. One, a slim Rwandan student who he knew as Pierre Tlotsi
because he was in the professor's Remedial English tutorial group, was
holding Justin's legs upwards and far apart. Two other black youths, in
university rugby kit, seemed to be taking turns on his mouth. The blacks
surrounded the naked white youth, so not an awful lot of Justin was
immediately visible.  As Prof Mukudzi moved in he could see more. The
silver (or probably chrome?) nipple rings, and cock ring had presumably
been fitted on the boy before, but the four blacks had now fitted him with
a black studded collar and leash. A leather whip lay alongside, though he
could see no marks on his smooth tanned hairless body, other than the
tattoos from his school and Pod, which branded his butt. From just above
the boy's erect white cock to what was clearly the line of the shorts he
often wore, the boy was deliciously white, almost ivory. Virginal!! Not for
the first time that morning Justin was being seen as fresh white meat.
"Hello Justin, my boy!" said the professor brightly, "how are things
going?"  "Oh!!! Ohhh!!!! Arrrrrhhhhh! Glugggg Gluuuuggggg!!!" said Justin

"OK guys I see you haven't quite finished with examining young Justin ?"
said the professor, smiling into the white boy's sweet boyish astonished
face.  "No sir we need another half an hour to finalise the tests on him
sir, and then reach a final decision sir" said Justin's fucker, gripping
the white cock and balls to hold him in place "He's doing quite well and
seems well adapted for acceptance sir.  In fact he seems to accept
everything pretty well without question. I think the young niggas at his
school trained the white bitch pretty good, sir."
 "We still have one probe on the bitchboy to go sir. You want to stay to
observe sir, it should be good?"  The Professor watched the whiteboy being
rammed by the rigid thick black tool, apparently the third to take him
since he left the previous somewhat more conventional interview. He looked
around at the three other huge black tools. He didn't often get to see the
tools on his students, and these were rampant and magnificent!  The
professor decided he could stay.

"Goodness me!" he said, unthinkingly giving voice to his thoughts "that's a
mighty fine cock on you, Adeyemi! Certainly testing his limits!" He went to
stand again in front of the whiteboy's face and watch him suck the two
equally imposing black dicks as he was pulled from one to the other by his
blonde hair. The whiteboy made a mute appeal to him with his large blue
eyes; he could do no more as his mouth was now trying to take the heads of
both black tools simultaneously as they thrust into him.  "Take both fuckin
dicks, you white cunt!!!" said one of the muscled black.youths. The
professor's own dick rose strongly in his boxers as he stroked the blonde
boy's sweating forehead.  "There's a good boy!  Good boy!" Just like a
puppy, he thought, and such a sweet nature! One of the black cocks was now
well in and the second was forcing in at the side. He looked back at the
third young black continuing to pound the whiteboy butthole.  "Excellent
technique there Adeyemi, but then I've always known you are one of our
strongest athletes!"  "Why thanks sir!" said Adeyemi, " But we are far from
finished with his white cunt sir.  Pierre though he's so slim, has a much
bigger nigga dick than me, sir" The wiry tall jet- black Rwandan student
holding Andy's legs well apart turned smiling to show his prof the huge
engorged cock which swung between his legs.  "My God! You are not going to
ram that up him are you?" The professor absently squeezed Justin's nearby
tit. "That cock must be over 12 inches long!"  "28 centimetres, c'est
vraiment enorme m'sieur! Mais, pas de probleme m'sieur, worry not! De, 'ow
you say?, de white cunt, will take de full cock of de nigga , I know dis
ting.. Dis nigga 'av 'ad much esperience getting de whiteboy cunts to take
"la bite du negre" to de nigga balls, m'sieur!  Dis white gayboy hav
already deep throat it right down de throat sir!  Oral skills on him tres
tres bon, m'sieur!"  The prof could see that for himself as the young
whiteboy serviced the two muscular well built blacks. He wondered idly what
had happened to the Podboy's clothes.  "Well its a fine black plunger you
have there, Tlotsi!" said the prof The Rwandan, child-like despite his
enormous endowment, fluidly fluidly moved his slim body closer to the
flustered professor and pushed the engorged throbbing black tool towards
him. The professor after some hesitation reached out and felt it. More than
that he repositioned his own 7 inch cock in his trousers. He was getting
hot and horny.  "What the hell! " he thought, "The Rwandan boy wants me to
admire his nigga tool!"

He undid the belt on the slim black's jeans, and yanked them down over the
firm round black butt, taking the boy's boxers with them. The Rwandan
kicked the jeans and boxers off He pulled off the Rwandan's t shirt, so
that he could see young black warrior in his full glory.  "Oh shit!" He
thought.  "What a fyne young nigga!" He could feel the warmth of the boy's
body as he traced his fingers down from neck to cock, and the smell of his
strong black male musk. The prof stared at the huge black cock, testament
to the dominance of the young African male. He reached out and gently
touched the large low hanging black balls, looking up into the black boy's
eyes as he did so.  He saw a smile of encouragement.  "Suck Pierre's black
dick Sir! Its quite ok, you're not in class now!" Said Adeyemi.thrusting
his own dick hard into the exposed white hole.  "and you'll be helping
Justin-Boy, if you suck it, it will be easier for Pierre to get into his
whiteboy cunt, sir."

The professor, still in his formal gown, with his pants now bulging out,
got on his knees in front of the superb naked young black, his own polite
Rwandan student, and slowly put his thick lips around the head of the huge
erect nigga cock, licking off a pearl a pearl of pre-cum as he did so. The
three blacks watched.  "You just passed your English oral, Pierre!" laughed
one of the students being sucked at Justin's face. The muscular young
Tlotsi turned Justin's face around so the white bitch could see the senior
professor taking his enormous black cock in his mouth. Pierre was gradually
pushing the prof's woolly head further on to his tool.  "See bitchboy who
runs this university Boy! Most of the profs here are a bunch of black fags,
Boy.  They not goin to help you.  They probably goin to join in fuckin your
white bitchboy cunt!"
 "Mais oui, m'sieur, Suce ma bite enorme! Ow you say, lube de tool of dis
nigger for de hole of de garcon blanc, m'sieur!"  Pierre pushed his English
Professor's head further down the length of his young black tool and held
it there, his student balls now within inches of touching his professor's
chin.  "Enjoy it sir! But don't make the nigga shoot!"said Adeyemi watching
the prof cup his hands around Pierre's round black ass as more than half
the black tool now pushed in and out of the professorial mouth.

Justin watched the university's senior English professor sucking like a
baby and with that felt Adeyemi pull out of his hole and spurt over his
upturned white butt.

"We thought we would team up on his hole for a double penetration, but my
dick just couldn't hold out sir".  Adeyemi watched as Pierre disengaged his
huge black tool from the still kneeling Professor Mukudzi's mouth. The prof
left his mouth open, breathing heavily.  Adeyemi, a string of cum still
falling from his cock held it in front of the prof's nose "Lick my dick
clean, sir!" Without waiting for a response the dripping student cock
entered the professor's mouth.  The prof swallowed the second proffered
black cock down to the boy's black balls, the taste of cum lube and
whiteboy ass being a favorite "cocktail" when he could get it..

Meanwhile Justin was being impaled on the largest nigga dick he had ever
seen. The two blacks at his mouth, having shot their first loads into his
cunt, shot their second almost simultaneously over his face. Pierre flipped
him on to his back, and pulled him towards him to get more purchase on his
ass.  Justin for the first time had his head level on the table, and though
his face, nose, eyes, ears, mouth and hair were covered in puddles of thick
cum from the blacks, they had cleared his eyes, moving much of the cum into
his mouth, so that he would be better able to see the massive tool that was
starting to enter him. He trembled as Pierre slapped his white buns with
the black horse-cock. He found the prof holding his hand and smiling down
at him.

"Easy my Boy, you can do it Boy! Just relax! Relax your ass muscles Boy!
Only another few inches to go! You have to take this black dick Boy, its
the key to the scholarship and it needs to fit firmly in your hole!"
Pierre was using the cum Adeyemi had spurted over the white ass as lube to
inch his way in. He looked down at the shaved pulsing hole and pushed the
cum into it with his long black fingers. He locked on to the whiteboys'eyes
and sucked his teeth at him, letting him see the length of the tool.  He
did one of his party tricks, making the dick jump and pulse without
touching it. The boy stared at it, his mouth opened in fear and
anticipation.  Then Pierre coated his black tool with more of Adeyemi's
jism, putting his hand to the boy's mouth for him to lick it clean.  He
positioned the head of the huge rammer at its target Slowly, almost gently
the huge Rwandan black fuck tool opened up the white boy's hole. Justin
looked around at the four other blacks all mesmerised by the sight -- the
two who had just shot into his face were holding his legs far apart.  He
felt he was going to be split in two by the huge nigga tool. He saw the
prof getting in close for a pic on his mobile phone, then he took one of
Justin's desperate face.  And then it was in. Justin felt the weight of the
black's balls on his crack.  "We've done it!" cried Adeyemi and slapped the
white ass hard.  Pierre just let his tool rest in the white boy for several
minutes before beginning to thrust. Justin looked around at the five
blacks, desperation and helplessness etched on his face, impaled on the
huge black tool.  Gradually Pierre began to move his dick, and then gently
commenced the fuck.  "Ohhhhhhh!  Stop please Sir!! It's too big, Sir!! You
will split me open Sir!!" cried Justin.  Pierre stopped for a while,
holding the whiteboy by his limp cock.  Justin saw Adeyemi open a small
glass phial and then he pushed the open bottle under the whiteboy's
nose. The purest Amyl hit Justin like a rocket. He looked around again at
the blacks surrounding him, and they were now a bit out of focus. They were
all smiling at him and talking about him. Adeyemi found Justin's abandoned
white briefs, and after sniffing them, ripped them through and soaked one
part with amyl, pushing them over the white boy's nose.  "Fuck me Sir!!"
murmered Justin "Fuck me with your huge nigga dick, Sir!"  Pierre slowly
withdrew two thirds of the black tool and then slowly slid it back
in. Adeyemi, who had been passing the amyl around kept the soaked Calvin
Kleins under the white boy's nose for him to inhale deeply. Pierre was
still on his slow deep fuck. Four, five times, ten, twenty times and then
increased the tempo.  He took the amyl from Adeyemi and inhaled. His
thrusts became more urgent.

"Oh gee, Prof just look at that! Wowee, look at the way the white slut is
taking it!  "Move dat white ass Boy!" said Pierre "Push it up and down to
fuck de nigga cock, Boy!"  Adeyemi whooped as the boy began to moan and
move his white butt to help Pierre fuck him.  "Fuck me, sir!! Fuck me with
your nigga tool sir! Punish my white ass sir!!! Fuck me please sir!!!"  The
over-heated professor could stand it no more and almost shot his
professorial load over the whiteboy just as Justin had his first ever
injection of hot thick Rwandan cum. It would not, as things turned out, be
his last.  Everyone took a well earned two minute break as Pierre Tlotsi's
huge hard black cock was licked clean by Justin.  "Turn over, Boy!" ordered
Adeyemi holding the Rwandan's erect black cock away from the whiteboy's
face, as he leant to pick up the leather whip.  Tlotsi, who was clearly
ready for another ride on the boy, was disappointed "Oh no sir!!" cried
Justin" as the black cock left his mouth, "Please don't whip me sir! I've
done everything you all asked me to sir!"  "You just asked for your white
ass to be punished, Boy! And I think you deserve a stroke from each of us
be for being such a slut, Boy! You seem to think that every black is just a
cock to fuck you!Push your white butt in the air, and keep your legs spread
Boy" Adeyemi poured half a phial of Amyl on Justin's ex-underpants and got
Pierre to hold the amyl soaked rag to the boy's nose.  As Justin breathed
the heady fumes down he raised his butt high in front of his black masters.
As he did so cum started to leak out of his "whiteboy cunt" and flowed on
to his balls.  He heard laughter. Someone moved his ass slightly to the
left and slapped it. Then the first of four lashes seared his white butt
with pain.  Adeyemi passed the whip to Pierre and the second lash landed on
his upper thighs. The final two landed square on his butt, as the professor
took out his own black dick and shot his load into the sweet whipped boy's
face. Professorial cum ran down his face, and mixed with his tears as the
Prof watched, drinking in the white boy's pain and degradation: "Oh my, how
absolutely enchanting! Quite exquisite! And really very exhilarating!"

			       * * * * * * *

They dressed, joking and content, forgetting about him entirely. Then they
noticed him still splayed out, his white ass nicely striped. Adeyemi
slapped the ass to get him moving.  They found his clothes somewhere, and
gave him his own amyl-soaked underpants to wipe himself down.  As he
dressed, Adeyemi wiped the boy's face with them, smearing the prof's cum
all over, and then threw them into the bin.

			       * * * * * * *

He got high marks from the student panel, and in front of his original
interview panel he was told he had won the promised scholarship, with a
large extra yearly bonus payable direct into his mother's account if he
continued to give satisfaction.  They gave him a signed award certificate
for his mother, saying that "Justin Hendricks showed exceptional promise,
and would, subject to continued good and consistent performance, receive
the award until he is 21."  He would move into student accommodation on

But two members of the panel did wonder where that strong pungent smell was
coming from........