The Real Deal

By Jason Moore

I'm up at the car dealer for my first free oil change when they discover a
defect in one of the bolts and lug nuts for the left rear tire.  What
should have been a thirty to forty minute wait, is going to be a little
longer now.  They offered me a ride home and back when the work was
completed, but I decided I'd just wait.  I had my lap top and could finish
some work I brought with me.

About 30 minutes later a fairly famous football player for our city's NFL
team comes into the waiting lounge.  Devon Miller.  He had just signed a
multi-year contract with our team.  Anyway he's one hell of a handsome,
muscular hunk.  We actually went to the same college where he excelled as a
great wide receiver and punt returner.  Devon was about 6'4" and looked to
weigh about 210 or 220 - and all of that appeared to be sheer muscle.  He
was wearing some snug black jeans and a Polo shirt that beautifully
displayed his hot body.  The contrast between his charcoal toned complexion
and that bright yellow Polo shirt was delicious.  I swear my cock began to
swell just seeing him.  There was a seat unoccupied next to the end table
by the sofa where I was sitting.  I kind of glanced around and it didn't
look like the two people in the lounge recognized him.  It was the off
season, but still I would have thought that one of them might have
recognized him.

Anyway, Devon took that seat beside me.  He then reached over to the end
table to rummage through the magazines.  As he did his knee bumped against
mine and jostled my lap top.  It almost fell off my lap, but Devon caught
the edge of it in one hand and pushed it up onto my lap again.

"Sorry about that," he said flashing a killer smile.

"No problem, Mr. Miller," I replied.

His smile broadened even more as he realized I recognized him.  He then
grabbed one of the magazines and proceeded to page through it while I
returned to working on my lap top.  As I did, I continued to sneak glimpses
of Devon.  Those bulging biceps and massive chest were flatteringly on
display.  I also noticed the nice looking bulge in his crotch as he sat
back in the overstuffed chair.  As one of the other people in the lounge
was called to the service area, Devon put the magazine back.  I looked up,
our eyes met, and Devon flashed that same killer smile.

"Whatcha workin' on?" he asked as he leaned forward to glance at the screen
of my laptop.

As he did his left knee pushed into my right thigh.  Continuing to glance
at my lap top screen, he did not budge.  A tingle ran up my spine as his
knee stayed pressed up against my thigh.  I was not about to move.  Looking
over at him it appeared he was not moving either.

"It's just a work plan for a meeting I have on Monday," I answered.  "So,
do you stay in town during the off season?"  I added, knowing he was
originally from another city before being drafted by our team.

"Well, not usually," Devon said.  "But I just bought a condo and with my
new contract I'm thinking about making this my home," Devon answered.

Just then the other guy in the lounge was called to the service area.

"Yeah, I read about your contract the other day in the sports page.  Sounds
like a sweet deal.  Did you ever think you'd be doing that well when you
were playing in college?" I asked.

"You seem to be well informed," Devon said with a sparkle in his clear,
brown eyes.

I then told him I kind of followed his career because we were alumni of the
same college.  That seemed to perk his interest in me even more.  I
mentioned several games I'd been to when Devon was the star player and the
real reason we ended up winning.  For the next half hour or so we both
regaled one another with some funny stories of our college years.

"So do you feel much pressure to produce now in the NFL?" I asked.

"Well, sort of.  But, I keep myself in great shape," he said as he patted
his taut abs then flexed his right bicep at me.

"Uh, yeah, I noticed," I said with a slight crack in my voice.

"Yeah, so have I," Devon said as his eyes seemd to bore into mine.

It felt that he was looking through me - sizing me up.

"So, where's you new condo?" I asked.  "If you don't mind my asking," I
quickly added.

"Just north of the stadium," Devon willingly answered.  "It's in the
Brookfield Estates."

"Oh yeah," I replied.  "I'm just around the corner from there off of
Meadowland Drive in Mystic Crown Place."

"Oh, yeah, that's that new housing development, isn't it?" Devon asked.  "I
looked at a few places there," he added not waiting for my reply, "but I
thought a condo would be better, you know, no upkeep, just a place to

"Sounds good," I said as the speaker called out his name to report to the
service area.

"Listen," he said as he stood up facing me, "I'm going to grill some steak
tonight.  Would you like to come over for dinner.  I'm really a good cook."

"Uh, yeah," I said, sightly flustered at this great invite, "that sounds
hot...uh...great," I ended as I felt my face redden.

Smiling, Devon got out his cell and asked for my name and number.

"I'll text you the address, Dave" he said as he coded my number into his
cell.  "Lookin' forward to gettin' up with ya," Devon added as we shook

I could still feel the great strength of his hand as he released his grip
and left the lounge.

"Later," he then said as he turned to face me briefly before leaving the

My car was finally ready in about another twenty minutes.  Just as I pulled
into my garage, Devon's text came through.  In addition to his address, he
added 'Can't wait!  See you around 7.'  Well, needless to say, I couldn't
wait either.

As I arrived at Devon's condo, the garage door slid up and he texted me

'Pull in.'

After I backed in next to his black SUV, the garage door instantly slid
down again.  When I got out of my car, a door on the far side of his SUV
opened and Devon was standing there, that broad smile gleaming at me.  I
had stopped and got a twelve pack of Coronas and a bottle of wine.

"Not sure which you'd prefer," I announced as I held up the wine and twelve

"Both," Devon said.  "Come on in," he then directed as he led me into his

That door led into a sort of mud room then into a huge kitchen decked out
with a lot of expensive looking appliances.  He took the beer and wine from
me and put them on the center island.

"You're right on time," Devon said as he opened the twelve pack and began
to put the bottles in the refirgerator.  I noticed that he already had
several bottles of Corona on another shelf.

I watched in silence as he also put the bottle of wine in with that beer.
He then grabbed two of the other bottles of beer, opened them both and
handed me one.

"Here's to a great night," Devon said as he clinked the neck of my bottle
with his.

"Cheers," I added as we both took a swig of the cold refreshment.

"The steaks are already on the grill.  Let's head out to the deck," Devon

I followed him out of the kitchen, through a nicely furnished dining room
and into a den area, that had a huge fireplace along one wall.  There was a
double glass, hinged door at the far end of the den that opened out onto a
massive deck.  It looked to be about as big as the kitchen.  It was only
open at the far end as the sides of his condo flanked either side.  His
view was also fantastic.  It looked out over some kind of common park area
with a forested area at the edge of the property.  In addition to the
outdoor grill, Devon had a dining table and chairs, a hot tub in one
corner, and a seating area with sofa and two lounge chairs that were
situated to get a good view of the common area beyond his deck.  We both
walked over to the grill, that not only had two huge T-bones, but a package
of something wrapped in foil off to the one side.

"I really like the privacy I have on this deck," Devon said before we both
took another swig of beer.

"Yeah, this is great.  How are your neighbors?" I asked.

"Well, I haven't really met any of them," Devon said.  "But it seems pretty
quiet around here.  That's what I like the most," he added smiling at me

He then flipped the steaks and turned over the foil package.

"Got a variety of veggies searing here, too," he said in answer to my
staring at that foil package.

Just as we finished our first beer, Devon said the food was ready.  He
grabbed two trays and put the two steaks on one and the foil package on the

"Why don't you grab us two more beers," Devon said.

When I returned with the Coronas, Devon had the steaks and mixed vegetables
plated at the dining table.  The meal was great and the conversation
liveley as we sat out there enjoying each other's company.  We finished
eating and were on our fifth beer continuing a great conversation.  By that
time the sun had set and some soft solar lighting fixtures had come on
around the perimeter of his deck.  I was enthralled with and in supreme
lust for this hot hunk.

"So, Dave, what's say we relax in the hot tub with that bottle of wine,"
Devon then suggested.

"Uh...I don't have any trunks," I answered.

"That's okay, we don't need them," Devon answered with a wink and a broad

I helped him clear the table and clean up in the kitchen.  As he started
the dish washer, I grabbed the wine as Devon handed me the cork screw
opener.  Devon then grabbed two wine glasses from a rack above his center
island as I uncorked the wine.  He put the wine in a bucket with ice and we
headed back out to the deck.

Devon set the glasses on the edge of the spa along with the bucket.  He
poured two glasses and handed me one.

"To a great night," he said as we clinked our glasses.

He then set his glass down and proceed to strip off his shirt.  I stood in
silent awe as his massive chest and rippled abs were revealed.

"Come on.  Don't be shy," Devon said as he unclasped his belt, the button
of his jeans and began to slid down the zipper.

I tore out of my clothes in no time flat as Devon just stood there
watching.  I was finally before him buck naked.

"You got a nice body," Devon said.

"Not nearly as fine as yours," I answered after Devon slipped out of his
jeans revealing a pair of red box cut briefs.

My eyes settled on that huge bulge of his crotch for several seconds.  When
I looked up at his face, Devon was again flashing that killer smile.  He
then stepped forward and we were soon face to face.  He put his hands on my
shoulders then slid them down my arms, ultimately coming to rest on my

"Let's see what you got here," he then said as he literally spun me around
with his strong hands.  "Yeah, that's a pretty white ass," Devon added.

I felt one of his hands caress my right ass cheek.  Then he leaned down and
brushed his lips on my other cheek, softly kissing me there.  His hand then
slipped between my thighs as I felt his tongue lick the other cheek.  He
finally released me and suggested we get into the hot tub.  I climbed in,
grabbed my glass of wine and slipped down into the warm, bubbling water.
As I settled down into one of the plastic chair inserts, Devon stripped out
of his briefs.  Once again I stared in awe at him.  As he stood upright in
all his naked, manly splendor.  His plump, cut cock seemed to be about 9 or
so inches long.  It swayed heavily between his muscled thighs as he climbed
into the hot tub.  He settled into the seat beside me and grabbed his glass
of wine.

"Aaah, this is nice," Devon said as we both stretched out, enjoying the
warm and soothing waters.

We sat in silence until we had both finished off our wine.  I had set my
glass on the rail beside me.  As Devon finished his wine, he reached past
me to set his glass beside mine.  As he set it down, his face was inches
from mine.  He leaned in and our lips naturally met.  I sighed softly as
his hands grabbed my face and our kiss quickly turned from soft and warm to
a full out heated, passionate lip lock.  When his arms wrapped around my
shoulders and back. Devon twisted his body back into his seat, pulling me
with him.  I was now on his lap, straddling his hot body as our lips and
tongues probed and tasted each other.  I was already hard when Devon
reached down and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it.

"Mmm, someone is getting horny," he said.

"I'm more than horny," I answered with a lilt in my voice.

"Me, too," Devon said as he released my cock and wrapped his arms around me
pulling into him.

When our lips met again and tongues began to probe, I felt Devon's hands
slowly slipping down my back. With each slight progression, a new tingle
shot up my spine.  My arnms were tightly wrapped around his broad
shoulders.  When I felt his hands firmly gripping my ass cheeks, I let out
a soft moan.  Still that passionate kissing continued as Devon began to
playfully fondle and massage my ass cheeks.  As one of his fingers began to
stroke and pat against my love hole, Devon, too, let out a soft moan.
Then, he pushed one finger inside of me and I gasped.

"Mmm, feel what you do to me Dave," Devon whispered in my ear.

Reaching down, my hand found his cock and I realized it had to have grown
another inch or two.  My hand just barely grasped his full girth as I began
to slowly stroke him.  All the while Devon was expertly probing my manhole
with his finger.  Then he broke off our kiss and looked me in the eyes

"Damn, you got one tight fucking ass, Dave. Can I fuck you?" he asked.
"You gotta let me get some of this hot ass, Dave," Devon added before I
could even answer.

"We can try.  But I'm not sure I can take all of this," I answered as I
tried to squeeze his swollen cock in my hand.

I then got into a squatting position and guided his cock to my waiting
hole.  Devon clung tightly to my ass cheeks.  When the bulging head of that
monster cock pressed against my anxious flesh, another tingle shot up my
spine and I slightly trembled.  Then with one quick jut of my ass, Devon's
cock head entered me.  I grimaced at the pain as I slowly took in an inch
or so.

"Take your time, Dave," Devon encouraged as I felt his fingers prying my
ass cheeks open.

I was quivering in anticipation as I slowly lowered myself further down
onto his thick manhood.  The intensity was growing in me as his huge cock
was digging in deeper and deeper.  Finally, my ass cheeks met my fist
holding the base of his thick cock.  I'd never felt so full before and
decided to wait before descending any further.

"Oh, yeah, you got one tight ass, Dave," Devon moaned.  "It feels so
fucking hot up in there."

His hands then grabbed my face and pulled me to him.  Our lips melted
together as his tongue dug into my hungry mouth.  I sucked him in greedily
while releasing my hold on his cock.  Devon's hands moved to my hips and
forced me down onto him.  As my ass finally engulfed his entire cock, Devon
wiggled his hips beneath me.

"Damn, Dave, this is hot. This is so fucking hot," Devon groaned.  "Can you
feel what you do to me man?  My cock just loves your hot, sweet ass, man!"

For several seconds we sat in that position.  While Devon slowly wiggled
his hips, grinding his huge cock deep inside of me, my head was spinning
from the ultimate pleasure I was now feeling.

"Come on, baby, ride my cock.  I wanna feel your hot little white ass
riding my big black cock, man," Devon growled in a deep, sexy voice.

With my hands now on his broad shoulders, I slowly began to pull up then
lower myself back down onto his huge cock.  The feel of his throbbing
manhood digging in and out of my ass was sheer ecstasy.  I was shivering,
quaking as my anxious ass devoured his throbbing manhood.  In seconds I was
riding his huge man meat for all I was worth - groaning, panting and

"Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!" Devon quiped.  "Yeah, baby, ride that cock.  Damn,
this is so fucking hot!"

With his hands back on my hips, Devon held me tightly just as I was rising
up off his cock.  Then with an almost viscious jab, he thrust his hips up
and drove his mighty cock balls deep inside of me.  We both groaned loudly
with that ass filling plunge.  Keeping his hands tightly on my hips, Devon
began to buck up and down, up and down, driving his thick cock in and out
of me like some wild piston driven machine.  The water in the hot tub was
spalshing everywhere. I wrapped my arms tightly around his bulging neck as
he plowed in and out of me in ever more powerful thrusts.  Beads of sweat
formed across his brow as he continued those gut wrenching, pile driving,
ass plundering thrusts.  My hands now moved to his bulging biceps and I
held onto him tightly as he continued to buck up into my ass in wild

"Jeez.  Holy fuck!  This is one tight fucking ass, man!" Devon now almost

Then, with a powerful upward thrust, Devon drove his huge thick cock fully
inside.  He wrapped his arms around my lower back and pulled me tighter
against his muscular frame.  He then got into a squating position and
lifted himself up, taking me and my cock filled ass with him.  I wrapped my
legs around him as he began to rock his hips feverishly, driving his cock
hard and deep with every monumental thrust.  We were both grunting and
groaning loudly now as Devon continued to plunder my hole with such stamina
that I could hardly keep my breath.

"!  Fuck... me!  Oh...Damn....fuck!" I
gasped as my body shook and quivered with every mighty thrust of Devon's
powerful cock.

That delicious assault on my ass lasted for several more minutes.  Until
Devon plowed deep into me again and reached his arms up my back, his hands
grabbing the back of my shoulders.

"Man, I gotta get all of this hot, white ass.  It's so fucking tight!"
Devon grunted.

With that, he stepped out of the hot tub.  His cock was still buried up my
ass as Devon sidled over to that sofa at the edge of his deck.  He lowerd
me onto my back.  My legs spread wide as Devon lay on top of me.  His hands
squiremd beneath me and grabbed firmly onto my ass cheeks.  In no time, he
was once again bucking wildly, his cock treating my ass to the fuck of a
lifetime.  Our mouths met again in a passionate, sloppy, wet, engaging lip
lock.  As our tongues darted, tasted, probed, Devons' cock continued to
pile drive my ass into oblivion.  I was limp and weak beneath his hard,
heavy body as our skin grew hot and moist.  The delightlful friction and
sensations were too much for me.  In seconds I was blowing a huge load of
cum between us.

Devon broke off our passionate kis.  With his forehead pressed against
mine, his eyes looking deep into mine, I saw an almost animal lust in eyes.

"Damn, I'm gonna cum, baby.  I'm gonna breed your pretty white ass, Dave,"
he said never losing eye contact.

"Yes...Yes...Yes... It's your ass, man, " I heard myself say.

As those words left my lips, a broad smile creased Devon's face.  His
pearly white teeth gleamed at me.  As his tongue parted my lips once more,
his hands held even more tightly onto my ass cheeks.  His hips began to
pump feverishly again, drving his huge fuck pull hard and deep.  I reached
my hands down to grab his ass, feeling the power of his glutes as they
flexed with every mind blowing thrust.

"Ohh....Shit....Oh Goddamn!  I'm gonna cum, baby.  I'm gonna cum!"  Devon
wailed as he plunged his cock deep inside my aching ass.
"Aaaah.....Shit....YEAH!  YEAH!  YEAH!  Aaaaahhh..."

I felt his ass cheeks tighten as his cock spewed its heavy load of cum.
His body twitched and shook with each pulsating blast.  He was grunting and
growling as his cock twitched inside me in spasm after spasm, releasing a
torrent of his man juice deep into my bowels.  With his final shot of cum,
Devon's body relaxed and fell heavily against me.  Devon squirmed his hands
up beneath me and around my shoulders as we pulled each other in tightly.
His mouth sought out mine and I wrapped my arms around him as we got in yet
another deep, passionate kiss.

"Man, that was one hot fuck!" Devon sighed as we finally broke off that

His eyes seemed to be looking right through me again as he lay on top of

"I haven't had me no ass like this in a long time," Devon sighed.

As he again rested his forehead on mine, I felt him finally pulling his
cock from my well used ass.  I could feel dribbles of his cum slither out
of my love hole as his cock came to rest between my thighs.  Totally sated,
we fell asleep right out there on that sofa.