I watched Shane as he got up from our dining booth and strut back
down the restaurant's aisle towards the restrooms where he'd just blown my
business colleague [Jack Morrisson], his big proud ass catching my eye as
he walked ahead, meeting me there!
	My cock was rock hard in my pants, anticipating the hot blow job I
knew was awaiting me! I sat for several minutes, trying to WILL my cock to
soften so I could follow him, but my penis had a mind of its own as it
remained hard as iron, just waiting to feel Shane's thick dark lips wrapped
around it!

"Keep sitting there and you'll lose your turn...!" warned Jack with a
devilish grin, ready to take my place in a heartbeat!

"Just...give me a second..." I pleaded, thinking of things that would make
my cock limp [my mother naked, standing on stage in front of an audience
with no clothes on, being audited]...!
	Jack looked around the crowded diner...

"Nobody's paying YOU any attention..." he insisted, "...and if they are, so
what...? What they going to do, call the toilet police on you for having a
boner on your way to the toilet...? Screw them!"
	I suppose he was right! Swallowing my pride, I stood up and headed
down the aisle towards the men's room...! Even if every eye in the room
wasn't ON me, it certainly felt like it! I walked up to the men's room door
and reached for the handle, when an elderly man [seated nearby with his
wife] said; `I believe there's someone IN there already...' he informed,
trying to save me from an embarrassing moment...! `...a big BLACK guy, I
believe...!' he whispered, as if it were a secret.
	"Uh...thank you...!" I said, pausing at the door [trying to decide
what to do], before going in! Shane was already inside [of course], sitting
on the toilet waiting for me, his pants down around his ankles with his
hard 9" cock in his stroking hand...! Before I could even lock the door
properly, he was already leaning forward, reaching to undo my pants! I
flipped the lock on the door just as Shane pulled my pants open [causing my
erection to flop out like a springboard, nearly striking him in the chin],
he quickly maneuvered it into his mouth and started sucking!

"Damn..." I groaned, amazed by the skills he learned within only within a
few days, drawing me into him, causing me to hold onto the sink and the
wall for support!
	Shane locked his full soft lips around my hard white cock and
started suctioning, drawing me deep as he hallowed his cheeks and bobbed
his head back and forth! I watched my cock disappear between his dark lips,
feeding himself on my sausage! His suction was much stronger than any woman
who ever sucked me before, his powerful jaws working their way up and down
my hard shaft as he sucked me deeper into his tight throat! With his free
hand he reached up and started massaging my scrotum, churning them about
between his fingers as he caressed them like gentle eggs! I could feel
myself getting close to an arousing climax, when he suddenly stopped
sucking, pulled back and ran his thick tongue down the underbelly of my
cock towards my hairy sac, which he promptly took into his mouth and began
polishing thoroughly!

"Oh shit...!" I gasped, feeling his warm spit bath my tender nuts!
	Shane suckled each ball into his mouth, swirling them around before
taking them both in and bathing them simultaneously! My cock thickened and
throbbed against the side of his face as his mouth worked them over,
painting them wet with saliva before spitting them out and licking his way
back up the shaft towards the leaking head!

"Mmmmm..." he moaned, licking the pearly droplets of pre-cum away from the
piss-slit before going back down on me again, taking me fully in his mouth
and throat until his nose was resting in my pubes!

"Oh god...!" I groaned, feeling his throat muscles clamp down on my shaft
as he mashed his face in my groin! I could feel his thick lips nibbling at
my cock base after he took me in his throat, his tongue sucking feverishly
at the underbelly, trying to coax the cum out of me [was it my imagination,
or was Shane as hungry for my cock as I was for his mouth]...!
	My cock throbbed harder as Shane resumed sucking, bobbing his head
feverishly as he tightened his lips! I could feel myself nearing the edge
of climax as I clang harder against the sink and wall, feeling my legs grow
wobbly! Shane sensed my pending orgasm too, sucking harder as he firmly
churned my spit soaked nut sac between his massaging fingers!

"Oh shit, Shane...I'm close man...! I'm really CLOSE!" I warned!
	I fully expected to blow my wad down Shane's throat, when he
suddenly pulled off again, leaving my throbbing cock pulsing in the open
air...! "What the fuck...!??" I cried, wanting to cum [desperately]!
	Shane pulled his sneakers and pants off at his feet, then scooted
forward on the toilet seat and threw his legs up in the air to expose his
bare brown ass...

"Fuck me, Paul...!" he begged/insisted, tossing his ass forward for me to

"HERE...?" I asked, knowing a single person restroom in a diner HAD to have
a line waiting to use it...! "I...don't think that's a good idea...!"

"You said yur already close to cummin'..." reminded Shane [wetting his
fingers with his mouth before reaching down between his legs to moisten his
fuck-hole]...! " won't take you long...! C'mon, man...I wanna FEEL
that big white dick in my ass...!"

"In your pussy...!" I reminded him, as I stared down at his hairless hole
as he ran 3 fingers in and out of himself...! "SAY it!"

"I want to feel that big white dick in my pussy!" he said [without
hesitation]! Who was I to refuse a black man his white cock...?
	I stepped in closer and aimed my prick up between his spread cheeks
and pushed in, feeling the tight ring relent and allow me to sink inside as
I pressed IN all the way up to my balls...!

"Oh god..." I groaned, feeling his asshole sucking my cock from the inside!
	Shane grabbed his dick and started stroking himself madly as I
started to fuck, pulling back until only the head remained in his sucking
hole before shoving back in, slamming my balls against his ass hard!

"Fuck me, man..." moaned Shane, balancing his back against the seat, his
thick muscular legs spread wide, touching either wall beside him as I
fucked into his hot ass! Damn this was a sexy black man! My cock thickened
as I stared down into his beautiful brown eyes, his gaze locked [lustfully]
on mine as I hammered through him!
	"...ooooohhh..." he groaned as his asshole tightened and flexed on
my thrusting rod! We both were nearing climax quickly when he suddenly
started shooting cum all over his chest and stomach...!
"...arrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh fuck...! Shit! Fuck! "he grunted and cursed as he
came [coming hard]!
	I pounded Shane roughly as I leaned in over him, feeling his
asshole gripping me like a vice before shoving all the way in...

shoving into his gut as I unloaded a flood of cum into his pulsing colon!
Shane accepted my hot searing gift of semen, as it flooded his rectal
passage and nearly overflowed...!
	We were both panting hard, breathing as if we'd just ran a
marathon! Shane's eyes rolled up into his head at the height of his climax,
he was still coming down off his orgasmic high when I leaned forward and
kissed him on the lips! Shane accepted the kiss, suckling my tongue into
his mouth as my cock throbbed and finished draining inside him!
	I finally pulled out after a minute or so, tucking my wet cock back
in my pants as I helped Shane up off the toilet, leaving him to clean up
and get dressed after I washed my hands and exited...!
	I found Jack still sitting at the booth waiting for us...!

"Sounded like you really needed THAT one...!" he laughed, sipping his

"You HEARD that...??" I asked, suddenly embarrassed!

"Are you kidding...?!" laughed Jack! "Everybody heard it! WHY do you think
they're all staring at you...?"

"Oh shit..." I said, looking around to find nearly a third of the customers
staring at me...! [it WASN'T my imagination]! "...I'll never be able to
show my FACE in here again...!"
	The older couple I'd seen earlier [the ones that warned me that
someone was already IN the restroom] walked by, the woman rolled her eyes
at me in disgust, but her husband [who had been escorting her gently by the
arm] stopped at the table and whispered...

"THAT'S the way you treat them fat ass darkies...!" he winked, before
catching up to his wife at the door! Jack and I both laughed, as Shane came
out a few minutes later [all tidied up as if he hadn't just been fucked in
the middle of a crowded restaurant]!
	The waitress came over a few minutes later and threw our bill on
the table...!

"Pay on your way out...!" she said with an attitude, rolling her eyes at
Shane before tossing her head in the air and walking away!

"Wonder if she still thinks HE'S attractive NOW...?" chuckled Jack, as we
got up to pay the bill! "THAT was an interesting breakfast!" he said, as we
piled back into my car [onlookers still staring from the windows in
	"Where to next...?" he added, eager to do some more public
indecencies! "This is our LAST NIGHT with Shane...we HAVE to make it

"How...?" I asked, open to suggestions...!

"I always wanted to fuck in a movie theatre...!" he said, enthusiastically!

"Not SPECIAL enough...!" I said, wanting something more memorable!

"A Ball Game...?" asked Jack!

"IS there one today...?" I asked!

"Are you kidding...? The Phillies...? There's a game this afternoon...!" he

"Great! I'll call my ticket agent when we get home and see if he can score
us some good seats...!" I said, offering to put the expense on my credit
card! "We'll have just enough time to run home, shower and change before
heading out...!"


	We got back to MY house, where we each took a bathroom to get
ready! I showered in the master bathroom, while Shane and Jack showered in
the guest bath down the hall! I had no doubt that Jack was likely getting
his cock sucked again by Shane in the shower, and I really couldn't blame
him, knowing how little his sex life at home must be! I was dreading the
end of the weekend coming so soon myself, but I KNEW Jack had to be
dreading it MORE [no more spontaneous cock sucking]!
	I got out of the shower and donned a bathrobe wanting to remind
Jack to call Terri and tell her he'd be late getting home tonight from the
golf club! When I walked into the guest bathroom, Jack was wedged up
between the corner of the shower holding Shane's bobbing head in his groin,
as the big guy knelt in front of him on his knees in the tub under the
spray of water, devouring Jack's cock like a carnivore! They looked like
they'd been at it for quite a while [probably since stepping IN the shower]
as Jack's face was all twisted with lust as he lifted one leg up onto the
rim of the tube to fuck deeper into Shane's throat!
	Shane was becoming a really good cocksucker [after just one
weekend], taking Jack's cock to the root with every fuck thrust! Sure he
still gagged and gargled a lot, but the fact that he could manage to throat
our cocks at all in such a short period of time [when our wives and
girlfriends can't do it after being together for years] was nothing short
of amazing!

"Oh fuck...I'm gonna cum..." gasped Jack, tossing his head back as the
water pounded down on both of them...! "...arrrhhhhh fuck...I'm
coming...!!" he squealed, thrasting about as he gripped Shane's head
tighter and he pulled the big man DOWN on his cock like a stake, spearing
the back of his throat just as the cum erupted from his balls and cascaded
down his esophagus thickly...! "AARRRHHHHHH...!!" he cried out erotically!
	Shane choked down Jack's load, accepting each gush as it filled him
and emptied into his stomach like hot ice cream! He sucked and suckled the
shaft until it limped and fell free from his lips...!

"Are you guys finished in here...?" I asked [with a grin]! Jack looked
thoroughly drained as he continued to lean against the wall to catch his
	Shane looked as if he could GO again!

"I'm SO glad gay marriage wasn't legal when I got married..." said Jack,
loving the black man's hot mouth! "...otherwise SHANE would be my wife by
now...!" he joked!

"Well YOU need to handle ONE WIFE at a time...!" I informed! "Did you CALL
Terri yet to her what time to expect you home tonight...?"

"Oh shit, I forgot..." said Jack, climbing out of the shower as Shane
lingered behind to wash up...! I watched him lather up his ass, reaching
around behind him while using his fingers to dig inside his hole and drain
the cum I'd shot inside him earlier [like a cork]! I was tempted to climb
into the shower with him and fuck him again, but I knew we all needed to
make contact with our women, in order to keep things smoothed over
	Jack donned a spare bathrobe for himself, then found his cell phone
to call his wife...! I went back into my room to finish dressing, when I
overheard Jack's wife grilling him about his `bachelor's party weekend!'

"Naw Terri, it's NOTHING like that..." he defended, pacing about the room
like a convict on his last rite before being executed! "'s a GOLF
CLUB...! It's just me and Paul...and a couple of other guys playing 18
holes...! Honest! I swear! [pause]. Of COURSE there aren't any women around
up here..., you know women can't stand GOLF...!" I heard him argue!
[pause]. "Yes! Yes, I PROMISE I'll be home tonight...! [pause]. Yes, I'll
make it up to you! [pause]. Of course I love you and the kids! [pause]. Yes
honey, I know...YOU need an escape too...! How's about I babysit the kids
NEXT weekend while you go out to the spa with your mother and your
sister...?" he offered as bribery!
	I shook my head and laughed to myself at my friend's misfortune,
knowing he was a prisoner in his own house! Tiffany had been trying to get
me to marry her for the past year...and if THIS is what the future has
in-stored for me, I'll be content to WAIT IT OUT just a bit longer...!

	After dressing I went downstairs to make a phone call to my ticket
agent to secure the seats for this afternoon! We were in luck! There were
BOX seats available, so I was able to grab them, them being a little more
pricier than they would have been had I bought them in advance!
	I was just about to hang up when Tiffany called! I clicked
over... "Hey baby..., how's your weekend going...?" I asked, trying to
sound excited to hear from her...!

"Don't `hey baby' me..." huffed Tiffany, already having an attitude
[strike-1]! "...WHERE the hell have you been...?! I've been calling your
cell phone for HOURS and you haven't been answering...!"

"We uh...we can't get reception in some parts of the golf course..." I
lied, thinking fast! "...too many trees blocking the signal or
something...!" I said, hoping she bought it?

"hmm..." sounded Tiffany, as if she didn't believe me, but wasn't too sure
whether or not I was lying...? "You sound as if you prefer their company to

"Awe KNOW that's not true...! I value the time I spend with
you..." I said lovingly, knowing it was what she wanted to hear...! "...but
sometimes a man needs to spend some quality time with his MALE friends...!
Every guy needs his space...! Helps us appreciate our women more!"
	I was just really getting into consoling her, when I saw Shane
coming down the stairs naked, his flaccid cock bouncing and swaying before
him! He stood and listened to me groveling with my woman [trying to get her
to forgive me for standing her up this weekend], when he broke into a
devilish grin and got onto his knees in front of me! I had no idea what he
was doing [as I hadn't initiated anything], when he undid my pants and
swallowed my soft cock, bathing it thoroughly in his warm wet mouth! I
began to stammer a bit as my cock immediately swelled to full mast in his
mouth, his wet tongue slithering all about the underbelly as he started

`Am I going to see you at ALL this weekend, Paul...?' asked Tiffany,
pouting over the phone!

"I...I...I'll it up to you, baby...I...I promise...!" I said
[stealing a line from Jack], trying to ignore the hot mouth making my cock
feel so good! "Jack is paying for Terri and her mother to go to the spa
next weekend...why don't YOU join them...? MY treat!" I asked, generously!

`No...' said Tiffany, emphatically! `...I'm NOT one of your clients you can
pawn off on Jack's wife...!' she rejected [strike-2]! `I want time spent
with just YOU and ME...! Maybe an impromptu vacation for a few days...?
Maybe one of the islands...?'

"Th...that sounds...GREAT...!" I said, sounding rather enthusiastically
when Shane swallowed my cock to the root, burying me in his throat!
"Huh...? I sound strange...?" I asked [repeating what she said], as Shane
pulled back and suckled the head...! "No, I'm NOT making fun of you..." I
assured, just as Shane looked up at me in the eyes and swallowed my cock
whole again, slowly, smoothly, sensuously...! "...I...I...[uhhh]...take our
relationship VERY seriously...!"
	Tiffany started to rattle something in my ear about how much of a
`good girlfriend' she's been, and how HARD it would be for me to find
another woman as brilliant, beautiful, and loyal as she's been! Of course
she was saying all this just as Shane gripped my hips and rapidly thrusting
his head back and forth in my groin, fucking his own throat along the
length of my shaft, so I didn't catch MUCH of what she said...!

"Uhhhh...! Yes...! Right, I know...!" I said, split between the 2 worlds as
Tiffany had my ear and Shane had my cock! [Shane was definitely winning]!

`What are you doing, Paul...?' asked Tiffany, suspiciously! `Are you having

"SEX...?" I questioned, absurdly! "" I lied, trying to deaden the
wonderful feelings emitting through my cock! "...Jack just missed an easy
putt, is all...!"

"Hmmm..." said Tiff, skeptically...! "...sounds like SEX noises...!"

"WHAT...?" I yelled into the phone, pretending I couldn't hear...! "We're
in the golf cart, traveling to the next hole...! I'll probably LOSE the
signal through the tre..." CLICK [I hung up]!
	"You NAUGHTY boy...!" I said, staring down at Shane as I gripped
him by the chin and cheeks, causing his mouth to pout and oval around my
cockhead as it exited his lips...!

"What's going on down here...?" asked Jack, freshly off the phone with

"I was talking to Tiffany on the phone, when Shane decided to give me
HEAD..." I informed! "...making it damn near impossible to hold a straight
	Jack laughed...

"Is that so...? Without being ordered or instructed...?" he asked, finding
it humorous! "TOLD you our boy's turning GAY...!

"Is THIS what you wanted...?" I asked, slapping my hard-on over Shane's
	Shane stared straight up at me as I whopped him across the face
again and again, his gaze never faltering as my spit wet cock left wet
impact marks over his brown skin! He opened his mouth wide, sticking out
his thick tongue, making an even better target as I slapped it harder
against his oral muscle!
	My cock was rock hard as I aimed it back at his mouth and shoved
in, plunging straight into his throat!

"Mind if I join...?" asked Jack [already hard again], pulling his erection
out of his bathrobe as he stood directly beside me, rubbing his cockhead
against Shane's face!
	I pummeled his throat for a dozen or so more strokes before I
finally pulled out, guiding his head over to Jack's cock which Shane wasted
no time accepting, latching his thick wet lips about the hard white shaft
and swallowing him [whole] to the root!

"Oh my god..." groaned Jack, grabbing the back of Shane's head and holding
his face down in his groin! "...I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish Terri could
suck my cock like this...I'd be the happiest man in America!"
	Jack held Shane's face in his pubes until Shane started to gag,
letting him go at the last second so he could pull back and grab some air!
I looked down and noticed Shane's fat 9" cock standing straight out from
his body, fully engorged [perhaps Jack was right about Shane turning gay
after all]!
	Shane breathed in through his nose, then started sucking the fuck
out of Jack's cock, sliding his hungry lips back and forth along the upward
curved banana rod like a zoo animal! Jack moaned and groaned, catching his
breath every time Shane engulfed him deeply!

	After a few minutes he switched back off to me [transferring from
one cock to the other], a trail of drool stringing from Jack's cock to mine
as Shane engulfed me and resumed sucking like a fiend!
	"Damn, this guy can suck some cock..." praised Jack, stroking his
meat again [waiting in anticipation of Shane's mouth]! "...I plan on going
home without a drop of sperm left in my balls...!"

"Shame we couldn't document it...!" I said, enjoying Shane's mouth on my

"Why can't we...?" asked Jack, pulling his cell phone from his robe pocket
[searching for the camera setting]...!

"We CAN'T..." I protested, "...what if Terri or one of your KIDS come
across it...?"

"I'll delete it..." assured Jack! "...I just want to keep it for a couple
of days...! To JACK OFF to when the wife has a `headache'!"
	I laughed, knowing Terri was famous for her migraines!

	Jack found the camera [with its light setting] and began
videotaping Shane sucking cock! Shane's image filled the screen as he took
both our cocks in his hands and began alternating them, sucking Jack in his
left hand and me in his right! His eyes were closed, but his cock stood
steely hard like a fat black missile! He worked very noisily, slurping
[sloppily], grunting [hungrily], and occasionally slapping and rubbing each
cock all over his face! His thick lips and cheeks were streaked and shiny
wet with saliva and pre-cum, and he kept both of us incredibly aroused the
whole time! I wasn't even sure he was aware of the camera recording his
sluttiness, until he looked up at the phone and started licking and lapping
at the heads of our cocks simultaneously, [teasingly], giving us a good
	"That's what I'm talking about...!" thrilled Jack! "Talk DIRTY to
us, Shane!" Shane looked a little perplexed, as he came up off our cocks
and stared directly at the phone...!

"Whadda ya want me to say...?" he asked, unsure!

"We want some good sound to go with this video..." explained Jack, "...we
want to hear you moaning and begging for cock! We want you to be an
absolute cum whore! Tell us how much you LOVE and want to suck our dicks!"
	Jack and I glanced at each other, wondering IF Shane would actually
do it...? [getting paid to suck cock and pretending to be a whore was one
thing, but to actually admit it on camera, to belittle and humiliate
yourself like that for others to watch and re-watch and ridicule was
something else altogether different]...!
	Shane resumed sucking our dicks, licking and suckling the heads and
transferring from one cock to the other...!

"Yeah..." he moaned between sucks, coming up off one shaft... "...gimme
that dick..." ...before plunging down on the other...! "...hmmm...I love
it!" he groaned!
	Jack wore a big shit eating ass grin on his face as he caught the
whole thing on camera!

"Yeah! Suck those cock, slut...!" moaned Jack, getting his own voice on
camera! Shane obliged by taking him in his mouth and throating him again!
"OOOoohhh yeah, bitch..." groaned Jack, as his cock plunged in the warm wet
confines of the black man's throat! " that cock!" he ordered,
inflaming Shane as he started to go wild with lust!
	Shane sucked and slobbered over our cocks, drooling spittle down
over his chin collected in the corners of his mouth! The sucking sounds
providing great audio as Jack talked over it...!

"Oh fuck yeah..." he groaned, as Shane started to work him good! "...he's
our black cock sucking WHORE now! Right Shane...? You love sucking those
hot WHITE cocks, don't you, boy...?"
	When Shane didn't answer fast enough, Jack shoved his free hand
against Shane's forehead and yanked his cock from his mouth..., holding it
at bay...! "You HEAR me, cocksucker...?" he asked, slapping his cockhead
against Shane's drooling lips as Shane tried to recapture it in his open
mouth...! "You LOVE sucking those white cocks, don't you SLAVE...?!" he

"YEAH nigga, damn..." shouted Shane out of frustration...! "...gimme that
dick motherfucka...! Let me SUCK it...! I'll SHOW you how much I love it!"
he demanded!
	Jack gave in and allowed Shane to suck him again! Shane immediately
swallowed his cock to the root, chewing at the base as if trying to get
MORE down his throat!

"FUCK...!" shouted Jack, bringing out the animal in Shane!
	Shane grabbed Jack by the ass cheeks [holding him prisoner so he
couldn't yank free again], then started wolfing down his cock like a
mountain lion devouring prey! He latched hold of Jack and started pounding
his own face down in Jack's groin, swallowing his cock again and again with
every plunge of his mouth, eating it over and over as Jack fought to keep
the camera steady...!

"Oh fuck...he's going MAD on my cock...! I don't think I can last much
longer...!" warned Jack, already starting to tremble as his legs began to

"Get a good face shot...!" I directed, as Shane pummeled his own throat
along the length of my buddy's meat, stopping only after Jack screamed
aloud in orgasm, signaling the approach of his next meal...!

"Arrhhhhh...shit, Paul...I'm going to cum...!" growled Jack through grit
teeth as Shane suddenly pulled off his cock and started stroking it against
his face...! "ARRHHHHH...!!" shouted Jack as the cum gushed out of him,
sprouting up and showering all over Shane's beautiful brown features!
	Shane jerked and jacked the hot cock, feeling the warm cream spray
all over his face and open mouth as he slurped and sampled the sperm! I was
SO turned on by the slutty display that I couldn't help jacking off [unable
to wait for my own BJ], and stepped in to spray my own load all over
Shane's face as well...!

"Oh fuck...I'm coming too...!" I choked, shoving MY cock into camera frame
as it started painting white streaks across Shane's shiny brown skin!
	Shane groaned lustfully as he alternated letting my cock hose his
face, and taking my cum spurts in his mouth to swallow, licking his cum
coated lips as he jacked himself off furiously...!

"UHHHHH...!" he gasped [between gulps of cum] as he orgasm!
	Jack quickly caught Shane's greatest humiliation on camera as he
panned down to catch his big thick black cock coming after taking our
facials, shooting big wads of molten cum across my plush carpet as he
panted and moaned with our dicks hanging before his angelic face!
	Jack zoomed in on Shane's mug, lifting his head by the chin to
capture the essence of the moment [his face DRIPPING our sperm]!

"There's an extra $500 in cash if you WEAR that face load to the ball park
this afternoon...!" promised Jack, offering money straight out of HIS