It was starting to get late. After fucking Shane, I took him
upstairs to the bedroom and handcuffed him (face down spread eagle) into
bed while my work buddy and colleague -Jack Morrisson, stayed downstairs in
the study to call his wife (Terry). She thought Jack and I were going
golfing in the morning, so she gave him permission to stay the night so we
could get the jump on traffic. She wished him a good game, and told him
that the children missed him. I heard Jack tell his wife "I love you"
before hanging up his cell phone, just as I came in and handed him a drink.

"That was sweet." I smiled.

"Fuck you, Paul." -laughed Jack, taking the drink. I had on one of the
lounging robes I usually wear on Sundays when I'm feeling lazy and don't
want to get dressed. I gave Jack a similar one, as we both sat and relaxed
in my study, sipping wine in the afterglow of sex. "I can't help but feel a
little guilty about having lied to Terry." confessed Jack all of a
sudden. "She's a good wife..., and I left her alone with the kids for the
weekend while I go off butt fucking some hot assed black male thug with one
of my colleagues! I must be out of my fucking mind!"

"So go home. You don't have to stay the night." I said, taking a sip of

"And miss out on this opportunity? No way!" -chuckled Jack, sipping his as

"So much for guilt!" I laughed.

"Just thinking of that black guy upstairs naked in bed waiting for us to
finish fucking him, makes my cock hard!" -stated Jack. I looked down to see
his cock indeed sticking up out of his robe. His face suddenly flushed with
embarrassment. "Did that sound gay?"

"Not at all." I said, confidently. "What red blooded healthy white American
man hasn't seen one of THEM on the street or in the work place, and didn't
picture them on their knees sucking his cock?"

"The ones that look at THEM and picture themselves GETTING fucked!"
-answered Jack.

"Well, I guess those would be the gay ones!" I laughed, finishing my drink.

"So you don't think Shane is gay?" asked Jack, finishing his drink as well
as I poured both of us refills.

"None of us here is gay. Shane only does it for the money, -at least for
now. And WE only do it for the dominance the taboo of it all. So we all get
something out of it other than plain attraction to cock!" I concluded.

"But getting your cock sucked or fucking some guy's ass is ONE thing, DOING
the sucking and getting fucked is something else..." -continued Jack.

"So you think Shane is gay?" I asked.

"Gay, or becoming gay. Why else would he let us fuck him so much?"

"Well, money is a pretty big incentive. I'm offering him more money then
he'd make legally working any real job for only 2 days and 3 nights work."
I reminded.

"But that only explains WHY he's letting us fuck him, but it doesn't
explain why he gets off on sucking our cocks or taking us up the ass? He's
not just getting paid to get fucked, he's cumming from it! Which is a
strong indication that he likes it more than he's letting on!"

"I suppose." I wondered aloud. "I wonder if he'd suck our cocks without the
money incentive?"

"It would be hot if we turned him into a roaring fag. Then we could make
him give his ass up every weekend!"

"You're devious for a white married suburban man with kids." I laughed.

"You don't know the half of it!" -smiled Jack.
	We finished up our drinks, then decided to turn in for the night. I
cut off all the downstairs lights and set the alarms. We returned to the
master bedroom upstairs, to find Shane sound asleep in bed. He was
exhausted after all of the sex we pounded into him during the day, his big
sexy black body had never had a pounding like the one Jack and I put on
him! Jack was visually surprised to see that I'd strapped Shane in, but I
wanted to assure that his ass was free and available to us during the
night. Tied up, he couldn't refuse if one of us decided to fuck him at 3 in
the morning.

	I have a king sized bed, well big enough for 3 full grown men. Jack
and I slept on either side of Shane's naked body. I put on few of my
favorite str8 pornos and turned the sound down real low on my 50 inch TV
incase either Jack or I needed inspiration to stay hard during the
night. But as it was, both of us were really sleepy, and found ourselves
out like lights in no time.

	It had to be somewhere around 2:30am when I felt the bed
rocking. I'd been sleeping soundly when I rolled over and saw Jack on
Shane's back, his pale white body glowing from the television screen as he
humped away into Shane's ass. Shane moaned and grunted softly, trying to
keep from waking me while he got fucked. I don't know how long Jack had
been on top of Shane, but I soon heard him groan loudly as he orgasm inside
the bound black man's ass again. A few seconds later he rolled down off
Shane's back, and settled back onto his side of the bed. Shane pulled at
the leather straps with his fists, as he dry humped the mattress under him
in heat. Jack had managed to heat Shane's loins, without allowing him the
pleasure of orgasm. I laughed to myself at Shane's helplessness as I
drifted back off to sleep as he tried unsuccessfully to make himself cum
between our snoring bodies.

	Sunday Morning. I awoke to the sound of intense cock sucking. When
I opened my eyes, I found Shane unshackled and bent down over Jack's
mid-section, bobbing his head up and down on his cock. Jack was laid back
in bed, enjoying his royal service. A Sunday morning blow job was indeed
what every man wanted from life. Jack particularly liked Shane's thick lips
and deep throat as he placed his hand on the black man's head and helped
guide it up and down his cock shaft. I said nothing as I lay on my side of
the bed and watched Shane work over Jack.

"Good morning, Paul." smiled Jack after a few minutes, keeping Shane from
looking up to say the same.

"I see you're taking full advantage of Shane's services!" I said,

"He looked hungry, I thought I'd feed him an early breakfast." said Jack,

"Had some more of his ass too last night, if I recall." I informed.

"I want to make sure you get your money's worth!" he said, innocently.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" I asked.

"What else? More sex!" said Jack, matter of fact.
	I laid back and watched Shane's lips slide up and down Jack's
banana shaped shaft. He devoured Jack's cock, taking it from tip to base,
suckling lovingly at the head, before swallowing the entire cock all the
way back down into his throat.
	It appeared Shane was becoming very comfortable with his new role
as house cock sucker. He even spit Jack's cock out long enough to suck his
balls before taking the dick back into his mouth. After about 10 minutes if
intense up and down bobbing, he was rewarded with a mouthful of Jack's
morning load, which his balls had spent the night producing for him.

	I watched Shane suck and swallow Jack's cum without batting an
eyelash. After he was done, he rolled over (without being ordered) and took
my cock into his mouth and started sucking. I must admit I was somewhat
surprised by his actions (not that I didn't want a blow job).
	Shane sucked my cock, polishing the head and licking the shaft
until it was slick with his spit. Then he took my cock into his mouth and
swallowed me whole, tighting his throat muscles around it. My cock his
slightly larger than Jack's, but Shane quickly adjusted to the extra inch
or so with no problem. His dark lips touched the base of my cock, as his
tongue swirled around the belly of the shaft like a whirlwind. I hadn't cum
since last night, so my cock was twitching with eager anticipation before
long. I watched Shane suckle the head, tasting the pre-cum and swallowing
the samples. All the while Jack's words kept flashing in my head, were it
possible to turn a straight man gay? Shane sure seemed on his way.

	I was awfully funny watching this big muscled black man who was
obviously strong enough to snap both me and Jack like twigs, leaning over
me bobbing his head up and down on my dick as he swallowed me whole. I
wondered what all his homeboys back in the hood would think if they knew
he'd become such an accomplished cock sucker in such a small length of
	I felt my cock starting to throb as Shane bathed my cock with his
mouth. My body tensed against the mattress as my cock stiffened, then
exploded a geyser of sperm into my slave's mouth. Shane suckled the head
while I filled his mouth with juice. After my load started to trickle down,
I watched him swallow, the recapture my cock before he could lose the next
load. He cleaned my cock good, until it slowly started to soften limply in
his mouth.

"Mind if I used the bathroom, man? I've been having to go for the past
couple of hours!" said Shane.

"Sure man! Go on!" I offered. Shane jumped up out of the bed, and made his
way towards the bathroom. Both Jack and I had our eyes on his brown ass as
it disappeared out the door.

"Damn..., I've got to get some more of that ass before I go!" sighed Jack.

"Don't worry man, you will!" I promised, as I got up out of bed and made my
way into the bathroom as well.
	Shane was sitting on the toilet when I walked in, I could hear him
farting out loads of sperm that had been collected in his bowels since

"You guys filled me up pretty damn good!" he smiled, watching me as I
turned on the shower.

"That's what men do! Especially two horny men with a fetish for thug ass!"
I smiled.

"Well, this is your last day, so you'd best to make the most of it!" warned

"Not to worry, I have several loads left in these old balls, all of which
are intended to pump into that fine black ass of yours.
	I got into the shower, pulling the curtain close as I started to
brush my teeth and lather up. I wasn't in there a good 5 minutes when Shane
pulled back the curtains and asked if he could join me. "Sure!" I said,
making room for him. Shane maneuvered himself in front of the shower spray,
facing me as we lathered each other up using our hands. I'm 5-11, and
Shane's 6-1, we rubbed out hands all over each other as we started to kiss
and suck on each other's tongues.
	Sucking face with a black man was never in my book of things to do,
but it certainly was a welcomed treat. With Shane's thick lips, it was like
being suctioned by a human vacuum. I nearly lost myself in his aura as I
lather his big strong body in soap.

	I could feel Shane's big cock poking me in the stomach as we
kissed. My own hard cock was resting between his legs, nudged right up
against his nuts. When we broke the kiss, I turned him around to lather his
back. My cock was now poking between the backs of his legs. I held Shane
close to me as I reached around his massive form and began rubbing his
meaty chest. Shane reached down behind me, and aimed my soapy cock up into
his ass crack. I felt him bend over slightly, sliding my cock up inside of

"uhhh..." moaned Shane, taking my cock. I stood behind him as he pushed his
ass back on my rod, taking all of me inside. I felt his chute tighten up
around me, gripping me as he steadied himself for a fuck. I grabbed his
hips, then started to thrust in and out of him. Shane braced himself
against the shower wall as I fucked his ass from behind. I could feel his
silky chute caressing my tool majestically. The water poured down on top of
us like rain, showering upon us as we moved together in unison. I slid in
and out of him, fucking his ass with long strokes. Shane spread his legs
and bent over further to give me deeper access. I heard him moan as my cock
moved in and out of him. I could see him jacking his own cock while we
fucked. I could tell he was really starting to get into getting fucked. I
mean, I didn't even initiate anything.

"Fuck me, Paul! Yeah man! Bust that ass!" groaned Shane.

"You like this big white cock up in your ass, don't you man?" I asked,
watching his back muscles as my cock slid through his black cheeks.

"Yeah man! This your ass, dude! Fuck it like you want!" encouraged Shane.

"I can fuck this ass anytime I want?" I asked, wondering if he was

"Up until tomorrow morning!" said Shane, killing my hopes.
	I merely gripped his hips tighter and fucked his ass harder,
knowing I was paying for every minute of it. Shane eased down onto his
hands and knees in the shower, as I climbed up on his back and continued to
dip my dick in and out of him.
	I leaned forward and started kissing the side of his neck and
shoulders. Shane turned his head in my direction, and started tongue
kissing me again. I reached down under him and started to squeeze and
manipulate his chest and erect nipples. Shane started to pant hard as he
breathed heavily into my mouth. I noticed he was very close to climax, due
to the flexing of his fuck hole around my cock. It was then that I realized
Shane had been fucked by Jack in the middle of the night, and sucked the
two of us off without having cum once himself. He was dying to dump his
load as his hand jerked his dick like crazy. I fucked into him while I
continued to kiss him and pinch his nipples. He started to grunt and groan
as his asshole tightened to vice like status, and he broke our kiss and
started to convulse as if being electrocuted.

"Oh fuck, man! I'm cumming...!" he warned as he jacked harder. I felt his
asshole spasm around my plunging tool as he shot hot cum all over the
shower floor. I merely grabbed hold of his shaken body with a bear hug as I
rode his ass through orgasm. Shane couldn't contain his excitement as his
knees bang into the sides of the slippery tub. I continued to fuck him
straight through his orgasm, feeling his flexing hole milk my cock like a
machine. I only managed a few more minutes before I started to hose his
pussy with sperm.

"AAAAHHHH SSSHHIIITT!!" I screamed, emptying my balls into his gut.
	The water showered down on top of us as he both collapsed in the
bottom of the tub, my cock still embedded in Shane's ass. "Damn..., this is
something I could get used to!" I said, hugging his body close to me as my
balls drained in his canal. "I may have to put you on my permanent pay
roll!" I joked.

"Shit man..., I might be down for that!" moaned Shane, still stroking his
soft cock.

"For real?" I asked, very much interested in making him a regular booty

"Fuck man..., as much dick as I took from yall yesterday...whats the
difference if I do it on a regular basis?"

"Damn man..., that's just what I wanted to hear!" I said, kissing Shane's
cheek. He laughed as he turned his head in my direction and kissed me on
the lips. Soon we were kissing like lovers, swapping spit as we suckled
each other tongue's like candy suckers.

"What's going on in here?" asked Jack, breaking into the bathroom to see
what was taking us so long. "Started the party without me, eh?" he asked,
his cock already rock hard and waiting for action.