By the time my good friend and colleague Jack Morrisson returned to
my house from retrieving clothes for an other night stay..., he was hot and
horny for more sex. He bust through the front door with his hardon
practically bursting from his pants. Shane and I were sitting down in the
dinning room, having an early dinner so we could devote the entire night to
sex. Shane understood what was in store, his big boss body could certainly
take what Jack and I had planned. I invited Jack to take a seat and eat
something before we adjourned upstairs, but I could tell by the smoldering
looks he was giving Shane, that food was the last thing on his mind.
	Jack walked up to Shane and unzipped his pants. Shane watched Jack
pull out his cock, presenting it for sucking. I watched with amusement as
Shane pushed aside his unfinished plate, then got down onto his knees
before Jack, and took his cock into his mouth.

"awww, yes! I've been thinking of this mouth ever since I left! I nearly
ran over an old lady in the street trying to get back here before I creamed
all over myself in the car!" joked Jack.
	Shane sucked hard on the head, nearly causing Jack's knees to cave
in up under him. Then he quickly swallowed the entire cock into the back of
his mouth, taking it deep into his throat. "Oh...! Oh my..., gosh!" gasped
Jack, feeling Shane's thick negro lips suckle at his cock base. Shane
grabbed Jack by the hips, squeezing his tight little compact pale white ass
cheeks and he pulled him into his mouth, grinding his face into Jack's
hairy pubes as the cock churned around in his throat.

"Oh fuck, Paul! He's SO good at this...!" gasped Jack, holding onto the
table for support.
	Shane used his strong arms to rock Jack's hips back and forth,
pushing him away as his slick lips slid up the pale white shaft to the
head, -then pulling him forward to drive the banana shaped cock back down
into his throat. He dictated the fuck speed as he made Jack drive his hard
tool in and out of his sucking mouth.
	My own cock rose to rock hard status under the table as I watched
my friend get cock raped by the big thick black man. Shane's thick lips
looked absolutely lovely sliding back and forth along the hard white
shaft. Soon he was holding onto Shane's head for dear life as the sexy
nigger wolfed his dick down into his hungry throat. I could tell by the
euphoric look on Jack's face that he was close to losing his load.

"Why don't we take this into the next room?" I intervened, wanting to get
in on this scene. I could see neither one wanted to stop, I had to actually
get up from my seat and pry them apart. Jack's cock ripped from Shane's
mouth, bobbing up and down wetly as it pulsed out sweet nectar from the tip
like a dripping faucet, -a sure sign that Shane had him on the ropes. Shane
licked his thick brown lips as he eyed the hot cock. I could tell by his
cross expression on his face that he was hungry for the load.

	As we adjourned into the den, where Jack finished taking off his
clothes. I selected a straight porno to insure everyone stay in a heated
mood. Jack and I sat on the leather sofa while Shane got down on his knees
between our legs. He stared down at my hard stiff standing 8 and ½ inch
ivory white rod, then took it eagerly between his lips. His mouth was like
wet silk as it suckled and slurped the top half of my cock until it was
thoroughly painted in spit. Then he took more of me in as he sank his mouth
down around my shaft. I had a strong white cock which stayed brick hard
when enticed. Women loved my thick shaft when I pounded into their
pussies. My girlfriend (Tiffany) was no exception, except she often tried
to use her pussy as a cock trap to lure me into marriage. I knew her plans,
but was in no rush to tie myself down before I was ready. With Shane, my
mind was opened to a whole new world of sex and fun friendly
domination. Sex didn't have to result in marriage and babies as we were so
often taught, it could be taunted and played with to drive a hefty straight
man into selling his own ass for money.

	Shane bobbed his head up and down in my lap, his thick soft lips
driving my cock to thicken and pulse before he pulled up off of it and
crawled over between Jack's spread legs as he sat down beside me. Jack
watched as Shane covered his cock with his mouth, taking it all the way
down into the very recedes of his throat, pressing Jack's balls against his
chin. Jack groaned as Shane's throat danced along his shaft before he slid
his lips back up to the spongy head. Jack's eyes rolled in his head as
Shane sucked hard on the head, tasting the sweet sap his cock churned out
before gobbling the whole tool back down into his open throat. All too soon
Jack's body started to tremble, signaling that Shane had better back off.
	Shane removed his mouth just in time, as Jack's cock jumped and
jerked with excitement, but didn't throw up any cum. Shane crawled back
over between my legs, and swallowed my cock easily. His throat felt like
warm velvet as it surrounded my cock shaft and enclosed around it like a
casket. Shane looked up at me, our eyes meeting for a moment once he
retreated back up to the head. He sucked all the sweet flavor from my cock
tip as he ate up all my pre-juice before swallowing me back down again. He
bobbed his head up and down, tightening his lips along the shaft as his
tongue licked at the underbelly, coaxing me closer to climax. Soon I was
throbbing in his mouth, pulsing out droplets of cock honey which seemed to
drive Shane wild with lust. He sucked me like a pit-bull, on the verge of
cumming when he pulled off and returned to Jack.

	Jack gasped as his cock was swallowed whole. His breathing labored
as Shane sucked feverishly up and down his banana shaft. I could hear
growls and grunts escape Shane's throat as he wolfed down Jack's cock with
increasing urgency. Jack humped up into Shane's mouth, thrusting as much of
his cock as possible. I could see the look of determination on his face as
he held Shane by the back of his head, skull fucking up into his
face. Shane didn't fight it, he allowed Jack to face fuck him as his balls
slapped continuously against his chin. This time when Jack felt himself
about to cum, he gripped the back of Shane's head and pulled it tight into
his groin, forcing Shane to swallow every inch of his throbbing cock. Jack
threw back his head as his balls tightened against his body. Shane gagged
slightly as the first jolt of cum shot down his throat.

"AAAAARRGGGGGHHHH!!!" screamed Jack, releasing his load heavily. He rocked
back and forth on the couch as if in pain, his muscles straining as the
veins popped out on his neck. His eye squeezed shut as he grit his teeth,
feeding his cum to the handsome black man's tight throat. Shane took it
all, allowing the copious load to pour down into his tummy, his wide spread
nose buried deep into Jack's wiry pubic hairs as the cock jerked out wad
after thick spurting wad of hot cum. Jack fell back on the sofa exhausted
after cumming, breathing hard as he tried desperately to regain his
strength. Shane continued to nurse his cock, sucking out the very last of
his sweet cum before removing his mouth and resting on his heels.

"Damn..., I needed that..." sighed Jack, his cock still twitching remnants
of its orgasm.  Shane slinked back over to me, climbing back between my
legs as he finished swallowing Jack's load. I watched as he took me back
into his mouth and started bobbing. My cock was twice as hard and close to
cumming after watching Jack's climax. I knew Shane's mouth was probably
still slick with Jack's cum as he sucked me, leaving residue of my best
friend's sperm DNA on my dick as he blew me. I'd known Jack for a number of
years now, as friends as well as colleagues, but this was the first time
we'd ever seen each other naked, or had had any kind of sexual encounters
together. It was strangely exciting sharing my nigger slave with my best
friend, watching him cum as if he were with a female, feeding his sperm to
another man.

	Following Jack's lead, I grabbed the back of Shane's head and began
to face fuck him with my thick 8 and ½ inches. Shane adjusted quickly as I
pounded at the back of his throat muscles, sliding in and out slick and
even. Snot began to ooze from Shane's nostrils as I started to hammer into
his face. He squeezed his eyes shut, concentrating on keeping his throat
open. Whenever he lapsed in thought, my cock would punch through his
tightened throat, causing him to gag as my strong prod penetrated him
deep. I stood up to gain an upper hand, holding onto his head tighter as I
fucked his face harder. Shane held his mouth open, granting me access
straight into his throat as my wet hairy balls slapped repeatedly into his
chin. I picked up the pace, using my cock as a club. Shane's throat felt
like fucking wet velvet. I felt my balls tighten in their nut sack just as
I achieved my final fatal plunge. Shane's throat ballooned outward as my
hot cock throbbed in his throat. I held his face plastered against my groin
the cum shot up my cock shaft and exploded out inside Shane's neck

"UUURRRRRRRHHHHHHH!!" I yelled, cumming like a bandit.

"UKKKGGGH!!" –chocked Shane, taking every ounce of my cock sauce as it
blasted down his throat in heavy doses. I ground my pelvis up against his
face, trying to climb my whole body down into his throat as I emptied my
contents inside him.

him all of my juices.
	Shane wolfed down whatever I fed him, earning his money and then
some. I could hear him humming against my dick, enjoying my cum as it
slithered down into his stomach in masses to mix with Jack's.

"Awww, shit...!" I said, falling back and collapsing on the couch beside
Jack. My cock ripped free from Shane's mouth when I fell. Spittle dribbled
from the corners of his mouth as he followed me down, recapturing my
pulsating tool to drain what was left in the shaft.

"That was too awesome." –sighed Jack, watching Shane finish up on my hard
cock. "We should have hired him months ago!"

"Years ago!" I corrected.

"Hell..., if we had him years ago, I wouldn't have as many kids as I do
now!" –laughed Jack, admitting that he'd have given Shane more cream than
Terry (his wife). I ordered Shane to stay on his hands and knees and turn
his back to us, giving us a grand view of his sweet black ass.

"Finger that pussy for me, slave!" I demanded. Shane reached down from
between his legs, by passing his low hanging balls to finger his ass
crack. Both Jack and I watched as Shane's thick fingers slid up and down
the moist crevice. His middle finger toyed with the anal pucker, pressing
up inside as the fingernail and first knuckle disappeared. Both our cock
rose to hardness as we watched the thick black man finger his own
male-cunt. Shane's finger squeezed from his tight hole as he cupped his fat
dark colored balls and stroked that big black cock. A small trickle of
creamy clear cum escaped the swollen pucker of his anus, dribbling down the
wet crack as he rotated his ass in heat. Jack couldn't hold off any longer
as he scooted down off the couch and crouched down behind him. Shane knew
what was about to happen when Jack's hands grabbed hold of his fat round

"I can't believe how good this ass looks!" sighed Jack, kneading and
squeezing the firm cheeks as he pulled them apart to look at the cum
dripping hole.

"I know, black men don't realize the gold mines they sit on." I
agreed. Shane merely moaned as Jack wedged his cock shaft between the 2

"You want this cock up in you, nigger?" he asked, sliding his dick back and
forth. I could hear Shane's groan under his breath as he stroked his
cock. "Answer me! Do you want this white cock up your black ass?"
questioned Jack, overcome with lust. Shane gasped aloud when Jack's hand
swatted him hard on his cheek.

"Yeah!" he answered, feeling the sting immediately.

"Yeah what, nigger? Tell me what you want!" insisted Jack, becoming more
and more bold. He swatted Shane's ass again, causing the bulk bodied black
man to jump startled.

"I want your dick in my ass!" yelled Shane, giving in.

"You want my WHITE COCK up your ass? Say it!" WHACK!

"UHH! Fuck me, man! Stick your big white cock in my black ass, give me that
dick, man! Fuck me hard! Fuck my nigger ass!" shouted Shane. Jack and I
grinned at each other, the things people will endure for money!
	Jacked spit onto his cock, then massage the thick coating over the
shaft. He aimed his dick up to the soft fat anus, and pushed in. I listened
as both men moaned and sighed as white cock sank into black ass, all the
way up to the hairy balls. Shane's thick black cock hung low between his
legs, the big balls and heavy shaft swung back and forth as Jack started to
pump in and out.

"Damn Paul, I still can't believe this! Never in a million years would I
have pictured myself butt fucking a black man!"

"A thick muscular thug black man!" I corrected. Jack picked up the pace,
fucking harder into Shane's bare black ass. His muscular body took every
stroke, every thrust, every pounding. Jack wasn't a big guy, a mere 5-11
(like myself), 170 lbs, medium build, slightly hairy, clean shaven with a
head full of hair in a traditional office style cut. His muscles bulged as
he fucked into the muscled black man underneath him, driving his 7 and ½
inch banana curved cock up and through the dark colon massaging his pale
	I loved watching Shane give himself to a white man, swallowing his
black pride as he surrendered his body to another man. I listened to him
groan and grunt from every thrust, Jack fucked him hard, jamming every inch
of his cock deep up into the bare buttock. After awhile, I tapped Jack on
the shoulder, unable to merely sit by and watch any longer.

	Reluctantly Jack pulled his wet cock from Shane's sucking
asshole. When he moved aside, I saw the big brown ass before me, 2 fat
round cheeks separated by the deep wet crack and tiny fucked hole. First
thing I did was rub my hands all over his warm ass. Shane groaned as I
squeezed the big globes and massaged them deeply. I pulled them apart, then
slapped my hard white cock up between them before sinking it inside.

"Yeeeaaahhh maaannn..." moaned Shane, snapping his sphincter muscle around
my shaft. I pressed all the way up inside, grounding my cock base into his
butt. The hot anal track attacked my cock with firm wetness. I pulled back
slowly, loving the way his anal ring clung to me. I pushed back in,
slamming my cock head deep in his gut. Shane spread his legs wider, giving
me even deeper access into his ass. I held onto his waist, fucking into his
spongy butt cheeks.

"This what you want, isn't it boy?" I asked, tightening my grip on him.

"Yes, give it to me man!" –responded Shane.

"Take this white cock! Give me that sweet black ass!" I insisted, hammering
harder. Shane's tight asshole squeezed against my shaft. I reached up,
caressing his muscular brown back as my hips continued to slam into him. He
braced himself against the floor, taking every thrust like a tough guy,
despite the obvious pain shooting through his rectum.

	When I felt my cock starting to throb and swell, I pulled out, -not
wanting to cum yet. Jack was quick to take my place, poising his cock head
up to the dripping hole and shoving in deep. Shane's grunted as Jack's cock
pierced him quickly, ramming deep into his colon. I saw Shane's cock throb
between his legs, his big ox like hand gripping it hard as he began to
stroke himself.
	Jack rammed himself in and out, holding onto Shane's ass like a
dying man clinging to a buoy. He humped hard and deep, driving his cock
inward. Shane groaned as he started to push back against him, matching him
thrust for thrust. He stroked his big black cock as he chanted "fuck me"
over and over, obviously enjoying what was happening to his body. Jack was
fucking like a piston now, his pale cock a white blur as it drilled in and
out of the dark ass at top speed. I tapped Jack on the shoulder, sensing he
was possibly close to cumming. He ignored me, gripping Shane's ass tighter
as he re-doubled his thrusts. A second later he was squirming about and
shouting at the top of his lungs as he came a firestorm of semen up Shane's
naked backside.

"AAHHHH Fuck yeah! Take it! Take it! AARRRR...!!" screamed Jack.
	Shane groaned like an dog in heat as his ass filled with more
cum. He had to be getting used to his bowels flooding with sperm. Jack
withered and whimpered until he finally pulled his spent cock from the
tight hole, and fell over on the floor. I got in line behind Shane, pulling
the cheeks apart.

"Damn that's a pretty black pussy!" I whistled, fisting my cock as I
prepared to fuck. Shane was still stroking his cock, his asshole puckering
in anticipation of penetration. I aimed my cock, and forced my way in.

"UHHHH..." grunted Shane, leaning forward on his elbows. I had a straight
alignment straight into his heart. I gripped those black hips, and began
fucking. "UHH..., UHH.., UHH..., SHIT! DAMN! OHH! UHH! FUCK!" he grunted
after every thrust. His deep moans only encouraged me to fuck harder. I
picked up the pace after a few minutes, my balls tightening in their sack
as I got closer and closer to climax. By now I had Shane on the ropes, his
big cock was throbbing wildly in his fist as he stroked himself into a
frenzy. I felt his asshole spasm, then head him yell as if in pain as the
cum shot from his cock and splattered all over the floor beneath him.
	Shane's convulsing asshole tightened and gripped me like a vice. I
fucked him straight through his own climax, before my own eruption broke
and started filling his loaded gut.

	Shane and I both squirmed and as we slowly came down off out
highs. Shane's asshole spasm wildly about my embedded cock, causing me to
cry out in ecstasy. We both collapsed down onto the rug, his big beefy body
a huge cushion under me. My cock continued to twitch and flex inside him,
oozing out the very last of my load. My breathing was hard as I gently
kissed him about his sweaty back and shoulders. After my cock had finished
cumming, it slowly slipped free from his clinging cave. I rolled down off
of him, onto my back beside him.

"Just keeps getting better and better..." I smiled, looking over at him. He
looked over at me too, a sexy grin creeping across his lips.

"What're you trying to do to me..., turn me gay?"