By the time Jack and I made our way upstairs into the bedroom, Shane was
on the edge of the bed, on his knees and elbows with his big round brown
ass sticking high in the air. "Wow..." was Jack's reaction, looking upon
the face of a gold mine. "How much are you paying this guy?" asked Jack,
out of curiosity as we stepped into the room with our hardons pressing
out big bulges in our pants.

"That's not important..." I said, entering the room as I walked over to
the night stand where I left the 6 inch dildo I'd used on Shane
yesterday. "...what IS important, is that he is OURS to do with as we
please..., within reason of course. He is our sexual slave! You can fuck
him, make him suck you, spank him, beat him, lick him, suck him, or let
him fuck you (if you so desire...)." I said, doubting Jack would want
that bog black dick anywhere near him.

"I..., I can't believe this is happening!" said Jack, entering into the
room behind me. "I've always wondered what it'd be like to have a black
guy suck my cock..., but I never thought I'd actually find one who'd do
it" he said, staring down at Shane's submissive position. "You know, what
with the race thing and all." he added.

"What race thing?" I said, playing dumb as I smeared anal lube onto
Shane's asshole and greased up the dildo.

"You know..., racism. How the blacks have always distrusted us because of
slavery?" said Jack, watching as I slowly inserted the dildo up Shane's
ass. "They always seem so angry against us..., like it was OUR fault that
there were slaves. WE weren't even born then!" ranted Jack, watching the
dildo move in and out of Shane's asshole.

"Well, we have one now!" I smiled, shoving the dildo all the in. Shane's
body stiffened, then relaxed as I went back to moving it in and out. "You
want to try?" I asked, looking over at Jack's cock about to burst out of
his fly.

"This is so fucking great, man!" he smiled, taking over the dildo. I
watched him ram it in and out of Shane's hole hard and fast. Shane tensed
up, but didn't break the position as his asshole was mistreated. Jack
pulled the rubber cock out, then rammed it all the way back up inside. A
loud groan escaped Shane's throat as Jack's fingers came in contact with
his anal lips. Jack yanked the dildo back out, then rammed it back in.

"AARRRHHHH!!" yelled Shane, gripping the bed sheets in his fist as he
endured. Jack did this again and again, until a small trickle of semen
escaped Shane's tight anal lips. I said Jack stare down at it as if
mesmerized, then he dropped the dildo and ripped out his cock.
 I watched in amusement as Jack mounted Shane's big muscular body. He
forced his 7 and 1/2 in curved banana cock up into the drug dealer's ass
in one stroke. Shane grunted from the quick entry, but held his ground.
He was being paid for a service, and wasn't about to lose his 1500
dollars to some wimpy white boy!

 Jack moaned as Shane's asshole clamped down around his embedded cock,
milking and massaging it like a cow's teat. Immediately he started
thrusting in and out, overcome with heat and passion. This was his first
african american fuck, and he was going wild enthusiasm. He held onto
Shane's waist, and fucked him hard. I had a clear view of his white
banana cock slipping in and out of Shane's round black ass. It was an
amazing sight, and I had to rip my own cock out to stroke it while

"Owww fuck! Oh yeah! This ass is great! Ooowww man!" moaned Jack, humping
like a madman. He hammered into Shane, slamming his slightly hairy balls
into Shane's shaved ass, making him take the entire length over and over.
 Shane groaned and grunted from the thrusts. I watched his body react as
he was being hammered. He seemed to be getting used to Jack's cock rather
quickly. I noticed that he was arching his back, raising his ass higher
to give Jack a deeper target. I looked down between Shane's legs, and
noticed his cock was rock hard. He was enjoying the fuck!

"Shit man..., he's so fucking tight!" said Jack, never loosing a stroke
as he pushed Shane down onto his stomach. I reached under and pulled
Shane's thick bull cock back between his legs before his stomach made
contact with the bed. I milked his big 9 inch hard cock with my greased
hand while Jack continued to fuck him. I could still see his hot white
cock moving in and out of Shane's spread ass cheeks. Shane spread his
legs wider, thrusting his ass up to meet Jack's plunges while I stroked
hie meat. Soon both men were moaning. Jack thrust deep into Shane's dark
hole, and unleashed his pent cum into the anal track beneath him.

"aahhhh yeeaaaaahhhhh....!!" he groaned, cumming deep. I watched his
hairy alls contract as he dumped his load. Shane's cock started to leak
pre-cum in my hand. "Fuck, that was good!" yelled Jack, removing his
 I released Shane's bull dick, then climbed up onto the bed. Shane's back
was still arched, keeping his fat round brown ass high in the air. I
parted the firm cheeks with my hands to inspect the hole. I could see the
glossy wet anal cunt staring back up at me. I knew Jack had just dumped a
hot load inside, but the cave still looked hot and untouched to the naked
 I spit onto my cock, then rubbed it in with my hand, and aimed my hardon
up to Shane's black hole. Jack stood to the side of the bed watching as I
prepared to fuck the black stud. Shane groaned as my cock sank into him.
I pressed down on his strong back, grounding my pelvis into his smooth
ass. He had ALL of me inside, I could feel the hot wetness of Jack's cum
load surrounding my dick.

"Fuck him! That's it, fuck him Paul! Make him take your cock!" encouraged
Jack, stroking another hardon. I suppose his wife Terry wouldn't be
getting any cock tonight!
 I started pumping my hips, sliding my hard cock back and forth through
Shane's cum greased anus. His ass was a beautifully milk chocolate brown
color. My hairy pelvis banged repeatedly into the fat round globes,
causing them to shake and jiggle from impact. My cock disappeared between
the brown orbs again and again. I fucked Shane good, loving the feel of
his hot asshole as it clung to my cock like a well oiled glove.
 Jack walked around to the other side of the bed, and started slapping
his cock against Shane's face and lips. Shane's face was plastered to the
mattress, and my weight on his back kept him from raising up on his
elbows. But that didn't stop Jack from feeding him cock. He slipped the
head of his dick between Shane's lips, letting him suckle it while I
fucked his big black ass. Jack alternated sucking and jacking his cock.
When he wanted to feel his mouth, he slipped the head back between
Shane's think nigger lips, then after a minute or 2 he'd pull back out
and hand jack his own cock. He did this during the entire duration of my
fuck. I watched him feed Shane's cock while I fucked. Shane's lips sucked
back and forth along the head whenever it entered. When Jack was ready to
cum, he hand jacked his cock, and then placed it gently between Shane's
lips and came. Shane felt his mouth fill with cum, some of which escaped
in a violent streak which spurt across his left facial cheek before he
recaptured the cock in his mouth. I watched Shane suck and swallow,
digesting every ounce of Jack's cum. It made my own cock throb in his
ass. After a few more strokes, I was filling Shane's ass with my own

"Aaahhh shit yeeeaahhh...!!" I groaned, fucking the ass hard. I heard
Shane grunting from each of my hard thrusts, his tight sucking asshole
milking all the cum from me. Shane was humping back onto my cock,
rotating his ass to make my dick churn in his guts. He'd just been fed
from both ends, he had cum steaming in his stomach and his gut. When I
removed my cock, I looked down between his legs to see that his own big
bull cock had oozed a sizable load of cum cream all over the bed sheets.
He orgasms from the fucking.

"Wow..., that was great, Paul! I..., I never would have thought it could
be like this!" excited Jack, as he climbed down off the bed while staring
at Shane's exhausted body. "I want to spend the night!" he suddenly said
out of the clear blue. Shane lifted his head, licking excess cum from his

"So why don't you?" I asked.

"Terry would kill me!" he said, thinking of his wife. "That is..., unless
I call and tell her we're still going golfing in the morning! Then I can
tell her that I'm spending the night so we can get an early jump on the
game!" he thought brilliantly, searching for his pants to retrieve his
cell phone. He quickly called his wife, and explained to her about our
imaginary golf game. It took some doing on his part, but he got her to
agree, provided he got home early tomorrow to spend some quality time
with the kids. Jack promised, then rushed off for home so he could get a
change of clothing and his golf clubs to keep the lie authentic.
 While he was gone, I let Shane suck my cock once more. I lay on the bed
beside him while he leaned over my groin and bobbed his head up and down
on my ivory dick. I loved watching him serve and submit to me. I imagined
being a slave plantation owner, with my pick of male slaves to fuck. All
shapes, shades of color, and sizes. I imagined being able to walk up to
which ever one I wanted, and forcing him to fall to his knees to suck my
white cock just as Shane was doing right now. I watched Shane's lips
slither up and down my cock length, watching him take my entire dick into
his throat. He had become such a great cock sucker in such a short amount
of time. I wondered how such a tool would help him in his every day life,
a confessed "straight" guy with amazing cock sucking abilities. Would he
use this gift again? Would he suck other cocks after mine? Would he suck
off his drug dealer friends, or sell his mouth to the highest bidder?
Perhaps he'd find himself a "homeboy" he can suck and fuck with on the DL
(as they call it), someone who would benefit from all my teaching and
expertise. Whoever he was, he'd better appreciate all the time and effort
I put into teaching this man how to suck.

 I watched the facial expressions of his handsome face, watched him
enjoying a cock down his throat every time he took me in. He definitely
wasn't shy about sucking anymore. He bobbed his head, moaned while he
sucked, and ground his mouth down around the base of my cock to make sure
he had it all inside. When I warned him that he had me close, he sucked
harder, hungry for the cum.

"aahhhhhh shit!" I gasped, erupting a title wave of cream into the black
man's eager mouth. Shane drank my cock sauce, panting hard for breath
between gulps. He cleaned my cock good with his mouth and tongue. I could
tell he was really starting to like the taste of cum in his mouth. Then
he leaned his back against the bed, and started stroking his own cock
hard and fast. I reached over and pinched his fat black nipples. Shane
moaned, then shot cum from his cock, all the way up to his chest. Now if
that wasn't excitement, I don't know what is.