Jack walked in just as I had my thick tongue down Shane's throat...
"What's going on in here...?" he asked, breaking into the bathroom to see
what was taking us so long? "Started the party without me, eh...?" he
asked, his cock already rock hard and wanting action.

"You caught us...!" I laughed, pulling my tongue from Shane's lips. "I was
taking a shower, when he insisted on getting fucked some more...!"

"Oh really...?" questioned Jack, eager for some more black thug ass
himself. "I just may be able to help him out with that...!"
	I climbed out of the shower as Jack climbed in. Pushing Shane to
his knees, he stuffed his hard wood into our weekend slave's mouth and
forced him to suck. Shane had no problem swallowing Jack's cock to the
root, mashing his face in my colleague's pubes as he took his erect cock
into his throat...

"He's going to SPOIL you for Terri...!" I teased, as Jack leaned back
against the wall and watched his cock disappear from view [warm water
beating against Jack's hairy chest and cascading down over Shane's soaked

"He may already have...!" laughed Jack. "I'm dreading going home to the
wife and kids after having my balls so thoroughly drained!" he announced,
as Shane started sliding his thick full lips up and down his white upward
curved cock in front of him.

"Waitaminute..." I laughed, as I dried myself with a towel. "...aren't YOU
the one whose always bragging to me about the joys of `family life'...?" I
asked, recalling all the times he talked my ears off about his wife and
children! "Now you're suddenly dreading home...?"

"As much as I like Terri and the kids..." he said, watching Shane's mouth
slide back and forth over his long hard shaft... "...I NEVER get service
like this at home! If I'm lucky enough to even get any head, Terri doesn't
like me coming in her mouth...! She makes me jack off all over my own
chest! And SEX..., I'm lucky if I can sneak 5 minutes in during the night
once or twice a week! She's always exhausted after watching the kids,
cleaning the house, running errands, and shit like that! Half the time
she's ALSEEP when I fuck her! So this...THIS is like a Thanksgiving Day
meal to a starving homeless man!"

"Then eat all you can, Cinderfella..., before your coach turns into a
pumpkin!" I joked, leaving the room to give him some privacy.
	Jack allowed Shane to suck and swallow his cock for a few more
minutes, grabbing either side of the black man's head like a basketball
before fucking his face. Shane tried to keep up as the hard cock slid over
his lips and tongue to bury in his throat with every thrust, but Jack was
starting to get too rough as he rammed his hips forward and pierced his
cockhead out the side of Shane's neck.
	Shane choked on the cock as he came off for air. Jack asked if he
was alright, while reaching down over Shane's back to finger his

"What a beautiful fucking ass you have..." he complimented, rubbing his
hands all over Shane's backside.
	Shane knew the white man wanted MORE of his delicious black bubble!

"Thanks..." he responded, arching his back to toss his ass outward
	Jack couldn't help taking a few swats at it, slapping the fat round
brown cheeks and watching them jiggle firmly.

"DAMN you got a sweet ass!" he repeated, bending forward to kiss the brown
	Shane started to rotate his hips sexily, enticing Jack as best he
could, knowing the white man really love his big black ass, when Jack
suddenly [unexpectedly] shoved his face in-between the parted cheeks...

"Oh fuck..." gasped Shane as Jack's tongue slithered into his ass crack and
over his sensitive shitter.

"Fuck man..., this reminds me of eating pussy!" stated Jack, climbing
around in back of Shane as he crouched down behind him and continued eating
his bubble. Shane rested his torso over the back of the tub as Jack ate him
out from the back, oohing and ahhing as the warm wet tongue washed over his
	Jack slapped the big cheeks as he licked up and down the valley
like a huge chocolate ice cream cone, zeroing in on the tiny fuck-chute
that gave his cock so much pleasure. He stiffened his tongue and started
darting in and out, tongue fucking the big guy's asshole as if fucking him
with a tiny prick.

"Come with me...!" insisted Shane, grabbing Jack by the hand as he led him
from the shower and back into the bedroom. Jack followed behind like a lost
child, his hard cock leading the way as it bobbed and swayed in front of
him like a pendulum.
	I watched as Shane threw Jack back onto the bed [wet], then
physically climbed on top of him. Jack looked about as confused as I did,
until Shane straddled his narrow waist with his thick dark thighs. Jack
looked like he'd just been tackled by a linebacker when Shane reached down
behind him and grabbed Jack's hard-on, lifting it up in-between his ass

"Oh shit..." I said to myself, as I watched the black man about to fuck
himself on my friend's cock.
	Jack looked somewhat frightened as Shane's big thick body
completely towered over his smaller frame [I believe Jack just suddenly
realized how weak he really was against Shane, realizing if Shane wanted to
flip him over and fuck HIM, there was little he could do to stop him].
	Jack looked as if he wanted to push Shane up off of him, but was
too scared to try. He looked as if he wanted to bolt like lightning until
he felt his cockhead kiss up against the spit moist asshole. Shane aligned
the cock against his anus, then pushed back on it. I watched Jack's hard
white cock slowly disappear up Shane's brown ass, the entire shaft
completely swallowed up between his dark brown cheeks...

"Oooooohhh god..." moaned Jack, feeling his cock submerge into Shane's warm
wet ass.
	Shane ground his ass cheeks down in Jack's pubes for a few moments,
churning the cock around in his gut before he set to fucking himself,
slowly lifting and lowering his fat round ass up and down on that hard
white rod.
	Jack's hands shot up around Shane's waist, grabbing on his fat ass
as Shane started to ride him. Neither Jack nor I ever considered Shane
taking such a leap and fucking himself on our cocks. As much as we
fantasized about him coming around to OUR way of think and WANTING us to
fuck him without the incentive of money, we never in our wildest dreams
thought he would actually RIDE our dicks in such a manner. Riding cock in
cowgirl position was like the ultimate form of male submission! Getting
faced face down, in doggy position, or even missionary position [the second
most fem position] was more masculine than riding a cock. At least in those
positions the fuckee is on the bottom, having less control over what
happens to him if some big burly man is on top of him, forcing his big cock
up his ass! But RIDING a cock like a chick was the ultimate sacrifice in
masculinity, as the fuckee is the one fucking himself atop a hard cock. I
watched as Shane [a street corner drug dealer] fucked himself atop my
friend, riding his cock like a cheap video vixen in a porn movie.
	MY cock shot up rock hard just watching, wishing it was ME he was

	Mesmerized, I moved to the other side of the room for a better
angle. Jack lay on his back, holding onto Shane's hips as Shane bounced his
ass up and down on his dick. Shane's hard-on bounced against Jack's belly,
making it very difficult for him to ignore the large black snake hissing in
front of him. Shane climbed up onto the soles of his feet, balancing
himself on either side of Jack's prone body as he began to really fuck
himself. In this position both Jack and I could both see his dick
disappearing up Shane's ass. Shane would rise up until only the head of
Jack's cock remained inside him before changing directions and dropping his
weight back down into Jack's lap, causing the entire cock to shoot back up
into him like a torpedo. The look on Jack's face [every time Shane's ass
dropped into his lap] was priceless. Shane didn't appear to have any qualms
about dropping his ass like it was hot, the heavy cheeks swallowing Jack's
cock from tip to base with every plunge, sending the dick nearly 8 inches
deep inside the gripping depths of his moist chute.
	In fact, it seemed that Shane was probably be enjoying himself as
he picked his own thick erection up in his hand and started stroking while
he fucked himself and masturbated...

"Wow man..., how's THAT feel to you...?" I asked, totally envious of my
married colleague.
	Jack was tongue tied as the look on his twisted face was of total
euphoria. His cock would emerge and submerged in and out of Shane's heated
hole, the tight wet anus swallowing his prick from tip to root with the
grip of a coke bottle. Every once in a while Shane would break the constant
up/down motion by grounding his ass in Jack's lap, churning the cock around
in his gut before resuming the same up/down fuck pace. When he accidentally
lifted a bit too high, remnants of my earlier cum load spilled from his
working fuck-hole, leaking down the sides of my friend's rock hard cock
shaft before his asshole slammed back down into his lap, eating the cock
whole again.
	The bed bounced underneath them every time Shane's ass slammed into
Jack's lap. Jack was just a willing pawn in this sex session, as SHANE was
the one that was fulfilling a deep needy desire to get fucked. I could tell
by the way he pounded his ass on Jack's cock while he masturbated his own
rigid hard-on, that HE was getting just as much out of the fuck [if not
more] than Jack was. I watched Shane close his eyes as he fucked himself,
riding cock like a famous jockey in a rodeo as he bounced up and down as if
riding a stallion. Loud slapping noises filled the room as their bodies
crashed together like thunder, indicating every time Jack's cock sheath
completely up Shane's chute.

"Oh good...feels so fucking good...! Don't stop! Keep fucking...!
Fuck my cock! Yeah..., make me cum!" panted Jack, sounding as if he were in
a far off land.
	Shane bounced his ass on Jack's cock harder, grounding his buttock
around in his lap rougher before resuming his up/down fuck motion
again. Every time Shane took Jack's cock balls deep, how own cock would
thicken and pulse in his stroking hand. He fucked himself faster, his ass
beginning to slam into Jack's lap, causing all the blood to drain from
Jack's scrawny little legs. After about a dozen or so hard slams, Shane
impaled himself completely on Jack's root, then stroked his thick hard-on
until the cum ripped from his pulsating prick, painting thick white streaks
across Jack's hairy chest. Shane threw his head back in ecstasy as he came,
coming hard as his anal muscled snapped and flexed around Jack's deeply
embedded cock.
	Jack's eyes shot open when he felt the warm streaks shooting
against his skin. I could see him clutching at Shane's planted ass as he
rammed upward and shot a geyser of molten cum straight up into Shane's
milking anus. Both men came practically at the same time as Shane shot all
over Jack and Jack shot inside of Shane, withering about like a fish on a
hook as his cock pulsed and throbbed with the heated depths of desire.

"AARRRHHHHH FUCK...!!" cursed Jack, angry that it was over so soon.
	Shane came down off his orgasmic high as he slowly withdrew off
Jack's limp cock, then fell to the side of the bed. Jack looked down at all
the cum collected on his chest, then ordered Shane to lick it up. Shane
[giving into the weekend's `slave' theme] crawled over to Jack's chest,
then started licking the spilled cum from the mangled chest hair. Jack
smiled up at me, throwing a thumps up as Shane sank deeper into
submission. He licked up all the cum before moving his way down to Jack's
groin, cleaning whatever cum remnants he could find there around his pubes
and ball sac as well, even suckling the last droplets from Jack's soft

"Good boy..." encouraged Jack, slapping Shane's ass. Shane moved aside as
Jack sat up, once again himself after recovering from one of the strongest
orgasms of his life. "I'm hungry!" he announced, as if suddenly realizing.
	Shane saw my hard-on swinging as I walked by, and immediately
slipped down off the bed and onto his knees to service me...

"Not right now..." I protested, keeping away from that vacuum mouth as I
denied him his next meal. "...later...!" I promised.
	I wasn't quite sure, but Shane looked somewhat dejected as he
climbed to his feet..., disappointed that he didn't get another mouthful...

"Are we done already...?" he asked, as if wanting more.

"Well..." I said, ignoring my own hard-on. "...I thought since it's only
9am, that maybe we'd all go out to breakfast before coming back here and
fucking the rest of the day away...? How's that sound...?"

"Sounds good to me!" said Jack.

"Me too..." said Shane, slapping his dead dick, "...but..., will I be
allowed to dress...?"
	I laughed, knowing he was supposed to be an all naked weekend...!

"Just this once!" I conceded, as we all searched for something to wear...


	After getting showered and dressed [for real this time], Jack,
Shane, and I all got into my rental car, then drove 10 minutes to the
Boulevard to one of my favorite diners. We parked, then walked into the
well packed diner where we had a 10 minute wait for a table. Once seated in
a corner booth, we were each given a menu to study while we waited for our

"You come here often...?" asked Shane, noticing as I sat my menu aside, not
needing one to order.

"Usually on Sundays for breakfast..." I admitted. "I bought Tiffany here
once, and she acted like I took her to a BAIT SHOP to eat worms!"
	Jack laughed...

"Tiffany's always had expensive tastes!" he recalled.

"You'd never believe her parents were Toll Booth workers!" I revealed,
unable to understand when she became suck a Kardashian...?
	The waitress came over and took our orders. Jack noticed how she
kept looking at Shane, obviously smitten by his good looks black man as she
took our menus and left.

"Did you see how she was staring at Shane, here...?" asked Jack,
amused. "Like she was ovulating just for HIM!"

"Was she...?" I asked, having not noticed.

"If she only knew what he'd been eating before we got here...!" joked Jack
with a chuckle, sounding slightly jealous.
	Shane didn't laugh. Neither did I.

"That's at PAUL'S house behind closed doors..." countered Shane, standing
up for his manhood. "...I'm completely different outside his house! I'm ALL
male homs"

"I'm sure..." said Jack, getting a little too cocky for his own
good. "...but...I was kind of hoping for a quick BJ in the men's room...!"
he suggested. I saw the look on Shane's face, and seriously doubted he'd go
for something like that, 2000 dollars or NO 2000 dollars!
	But then Jack pulled Shane's hand over into his lap under the table
to feel the hard-on he had for him thought the crotch of his pants. I could
see the smirk on Jack's face as Shane felt his erection. Shane looked
around uncomfortably, unsure how to react. "Why don't you meet me in the
men's room...?" asked Jack, before excusing himself and heading towards the
back of the diner.
	Shane looked over at me for direction...

"I'm not IN this...!" I laughed, throwing my hands up
defensively. "But...technically..., you're still on the clock...!" I added,
having paid for the entire weekend.
	Without saying a word to dispute, Shane got up from behind the
booth and walked towards the men's room in the back of the restaurant. I
could just imagine what would happen inside as Shane walked in to find Jack
standing at the urinal.
	The restrooms at the diner were small one person occupant rooms
with door locks. If anyone saw Jack enter [and in a crowded restaurant I'm
sure they did], then saw Shane go in soon afterwards, I'm sure more than a
few eyebrows went up in wonder...?

	When Shane walked in, Jack was standing at the urinal with his hard
cock out. Shane locked the door behind himself before falling to his knees
and taking the hard-on in his mouth. Jack stifled a moan as soon as he felt
Shane's thick lips engulf him, swallowing his manhood down to the pubes.
	Shane undoubtedly wanted to do a good job, showing Jack he was well
worth the money as he swallowed his cock whole, then started sucking
frantically to get him off quickly. Jack held onto the wall for support as
Shane tightened his lips and suctioned as if his life depended on it,
drawing in his cheeks on the updraft, practically pulling Jack's cock off
at the root. He pumped his head back and forth, swallowing cock from tip to
base, using his tongue along the underbelly to coax the cum out quicker.

"What the fuck...??!" cursed Jack, undoubtedly believing his cock had been
fed to a vicious bulldog.
	Shane turned up the heat as he viciously attacked Jack's cock with
his velvety throat over and over again. Jack could feel his cock throbbing
in Shane's throat far sooner than he anticipated. Several times he had to
pull his rod completely free from Shane's sucking mouth to keep from coming
too soon, wanting to prolong the pleasure and torture the black man in his
knees. Shane was sucking the hell out of Jack's cock, when it was suddenly
yanked from his mouth. He looked up at Jack every time he ripped his cock
from his throat, wondering if something was wrong...? He could SEE the cock
jumping and jerking with excitement, leaking pre-cum and threatening to
spill its precious load all over the grimy restroom floor. Once Jack's cock
had a moment to calm down, he'd present it back to Shane for more
sucking. Eventually Shane got hip to what he was doing, and the very next
time he got Jack on the ropes and Jack tried to pull back to keep from
coming, Shane followed him, causing Jack to fall backwards over the
commode. Shane swooped down on his cock, taking it back within the warm
depths of his esophagus, milking the shaft with his lips and tongue until
Jack was spilling his seed down the back of his throat.

"Oh fuck...!" cursed Jack, as he cock suddenly erupted. Shane buried his
head in his lap, taking all of his rod in his throat as the cum simply
poured out of him. "Oh shit...! Oh fuck!" yelled Jack, jerking wildly as if
someone had attached electros to his nipples.
	Shane drained Jack's cock, feeling the hot spurts coating down into
his stomach before pulling up off the shrinking shaft and lifting up off
his knees. Unlocking the door, he exited the restroom and returned to his
seat, amid odd stares from the restaurant patrons who obviously heard what
was going on. Jack came out a few minutes later, looking totally flushed
and drained. I wanted to hide under my seat, as my face was well known by
the staff. By the the food had arrived, and the guys were famished beyond
belief. We all ate, ignoring the odd looks we got from people sitting near
the men's room. By then MY cock was hard just thinking about getting a hot
blow job next. When I was sure no one was looking, I reached over and
pulled Shane's hand down into MY lap, allowing him to feel the erection I
had hiding behind my zipper for him. He looked over at me and smiled, then
excused himself before heading to the restroom for another session...