After fucking Shane twice, I allowed him to come downstairs to stretch
his legs and get something to eat and drink. He also got the chance to
use the bathroom to pee before I tied him spread eagle face down on the
bed again (leaving his legs and ankles free). This time on his stomach,
his bubbled butt really looked hot and round as it protruded up and out
from his back. It was already holding 2 of my huge cum loads inside, but
was destined for much more!

 I got the massage oils from the bathroom cabinet, then climbed up on
Shane's back and straddled his waist. I poured a nice amount of massage
cream onto his back and shoulders, and rubbed it in firmly. I molded his
muscles and massaged his back and buttock, kneading the fine fat brown
globes as I pulled them apart to admire the wet hole nestled between.

"You black men have the best asses!" I said, mesmerized by the sight of
his brown moon! "They were practically MADE for fucking! You DO know
that, right?" I asked, feeling my cock get hard under the kneading.

"Whadda you mean?" he asked, looking back over his shoulder, his wrists
securely locked.

"I mean, white guys and white chicks don't have these kinds of asses! It
only goes to show that the black race was made for sex!" I explained,
speaking of their natural physiques. "The thick lips, the round beefy
asses, the fat long cocks..., you guys were BUILT for fucking! How else
can you explain your magnificent physique's?" Shane seemed at a loss for
words, as I slapped my hard cock between his big round butt cheeks.

"And what about you guys?" he asked, twisting his head to see me before I
could sink my cock inside him. "What'r you guys built for?"

"For sex, of course!" I surmised. "No one enjoys fucking big butt
minorities as much as white men do!" I admitted. "Hell, if I had my way,
it'll be a LAW that you all had to bend over for at least one white man
per day!" I laughed, enjoying that thought more than he did.
 I placed my cock head right up against Shane's asshole, then pressed it
in. He tensed up a bit, his muscles flexing as he strained against the
straps. I pushed down with my hips, sinking my cock in all the way. Shane
groaned loudly, feeling my cock open his tight tunnel as I rested my
hairy pubs against his round firm buttock. I loved the way his man-cunt
throbbed and reacted as it snapped and clamped down around my greasy
shaft. Laying on his stomach like he was, left his ass slightly elevated,
giving me a nice cushion inwhich to fuck into. Shane had no idea what a
gold-mine he had behind him, or how many men would love to get in and get
off in an ass like his. That was the sad part, so many black men walking
around with fat fuckable asses, and no idea how to used them or what
their true purposes were for. How many of them had I heard around the
water cooler at work talking about their ample manhoods, totally
oblivious to the attractions their asses give. Well now I had one of them
in my bed, his fine, fat, naked ass all mine for the duration of the

 Shane was my paid whore for the weekend. That meant I get to fuck him as
often and whenever I pleased, up until monday morning of course! Laying
here on top of him, I couldn't help but feel as if I were king of the
world! Like Donald Trump! Like the sole owner of a slave plantation in
the south!
 Slowly I started fucking in and out of Shane's tight sucking asshole,
loving the way it clung to my shaft like a tight fitted glove. The
sphincter and anal lips gripped my cock like a fist, sliding back and
forth along my slick shaft as if jerking me off. I could hear him
groaning under me, his taut muscles flexing with each stroke I made into
him. As I picked up the pace, his hole started to become accustomed and
relax a little more. Soon I was pumping in and out smooth and easily,
filling his gut with every inch of my 8 and 1/2 inch cock. I couldn't
tell if Shane was hard under me or not, and to tell the truth, I really
wasn't all that interested in his dick the time. I fucked and fucked him
until I felt my cock start to strain, then let loose an entire gut full
of cum in his bowels. Wow, what a jolt!
 Shane seemed relieved when I rolled off. My cock slipped from his
cum-hole as I rolled over onto my back beside him. Both of us were
breathing hard, catching our breaths. I pulled the covers up over us, as
we settled in and fell asleep.

 After sex we both fell asleep for a couple of hours. I kept Shane tied
the way his was, just incase I woke up in the middle of the night and
wanted some more pussy without having to negotiate for it. Somewhere
around 2am, I woke up from a good sleep. Shane was sleeping beside me, no
doubt tired from all the sex his body sustained after our first day
together. After all, I'd fucked his ass 3 times, and his mouth once (so
 My cock got hard the moment I remembered he was there. I rolled over on
my side, and ran my hand over his back and bare ass under the covers. His
body felt good to the touch. I cupped his big buttock in my hand, pulling
at the fat cheeks while I rubbed my hard cock against his outer thigh. He
began to stir under my heavy petting. Soon he was awake as i slipped a
couple of fingers into his cunt. He knew he was going to get fucked
again, and didn't resist when I pulled back the covers and maneuvered him
up on his knees from behind.

 With Shane's ass up and facing me, I had a beautiful view of his 2 half
moons looking back up at me. I pulled apart the cheeks to get a good look
at the deep ass crack. His tight hole was still shiny with cum and lube,
but I added more just to make it easier for him. Then I lined my cock up
to his hole, and pushed in. "Wow..., this is one fine ass, man." I
moaned, sinking my cock inside.

"You MUST like it, you ain't stopped fucking me since I got here!" he
said, his chin down on the mattress with his back arching his ass up at

"Got to get my money's worth, -don't you agree?" I asked, feeling his
anal lips sucking at my cock root.

"I guess..." he sighed, as I began to move in and out of him. I spread
his legs wide apart, aligning his hole and my cock up perfectly. I
grabbed his fat butt cheeks, molding them over as I fucked in and out. I
noticed Shane was protesting as much, his groans and grunts got less and
less vocal as he seemed to be becoming more and more accustomed to my
entries. I gripped his waist, arching his back even more as I tore into
his backside with deeper, harder strokes.
 After about 10 minutes of straight in/out action, I noticed Shane
raising his ass more, allowing me to probe him ever deeper. My cock was
sliding through his anus with no resistance now, after 3 fucking and
about a cup of cum in him, his anal track was slick and accepting of my
hard wood. Curiously I reached down under him, and grabbed his hard
swinging dick. Shane groaned with embarrassment as I began to jack him
off while fucking him.

"So, do you like this?" I asked, leaning down over his back as I pumped
into him. Shane didn't answer, so I repeated the question. "It seems
apparent that you do, otherwise your cock wouldn't be so hard!" I pointed

"Maybe I have to piss." he said, grasping for straws.

"Then piss!" I said, stroking his cock. As I suspected, he didn't pee.
Instead, about 6 minutes later, he was shooting cum all over the bed
sheet beneath him.
 Shane groaned as he came, his asshole spasm around my plunging cock as
his dick pulsed out it's load. He collapsed in the bed, flat on his
stomach while I followed him, still pumping in and out while holding his
spurting manhood in my hand. I fucked Shane straight through his orgasm,
making him take my cock despite the pain and discomfort. Before long, I
was hosing his man-hole down from the inside, drenching his colon with
the forth load in our agreement. "We keep this up, and we might just have
to make this deal a permanent one!" I joked.