After fucking Shane's mouth for the very first time, and making him
swallow my thick cum load, I gagged his mouth so he couldn't talk as I
finished undressing him and sent him upstairs to clean him up for
fucking! Just as I did yesterday, I washed his body in the tub, then
cleansed his insides thoroughly with a warm enema! His hole was still
smooth from the shaving I'd given it the night before, so I gave him an
extra thrill by fingering his tiny tight chute every chance I got while
in the tub. I could tell by his body movement that he felt uncomfortable
about my anal play, but what was I paying him for? When we got into the
bedroom (which I had to lead since he was still blindfolded), I uncuffed
his hands from behind his back, and re-cuffed them to an iron neck brace
I bought at an S&M sex-shop! This placed Shane's hands behind his head at
all times, leaving him even more vulnerable to me! Once this was done, I
laid him on the bed on his back and locked his feet up over his head in
leather straps to expose that fine, big, pretty, round, black boy ass

 I hadn't intended on eating him just yet (as I had something else in
mind), but his hole looked so inviting, as if begging for some attention!
I pressed my face down inbetween the fat black cheeks, and tongue fucked
his tight black tunnel! Shane moaned, feeling my oral cavity attack his
anal cavity! I sucked, licked, and tongue fucked that sweet tight hole as
he squirmed under me! I sucked and sucked that tiny little black bud
until it started to open and relax slightly. Then I shoved my finger in.
Shance tensed up, tightening his sphincter around my poking digit. My
dick throbbed, recalling our last session from yesterday.

 I added another finger, doubling his thrill. I could tell Shane wanted
to protest, but the gag kept him from yelling out loud. I alternated
between tongue and finger fucking, then shoved a thick 6" dildo in his
ass! Shane struggled (his muscles tensing and popping), but I pushed the
well greased rubber dick all the way up to the fat base!
 Shane's dick lay limp between his legs, his fat balls spread wide as
well. I reached down and cupped his balls, feeling the weight of them in
my hand. Shane said he had 4 kids by 2 different women, so I knew his
loads were potent! And probably plentiful! I really wanted to see him
cum, so I reached up further to stroke his fat limp dick while I churned
the dildo around in his anal chute. After a few minutes of tugging and
twisting, he finally started to grow and lengthen in my hand. I noticed
he wasn't fidgeting quite as much while I was handling his dick. Soon, it
was hard and stiff at it's 9 thick full inches! I know Shane was thinking
this was going to be a simple hand job, but I wanted him to associate a
climax with his asshole so he might come around to eventually liking a
dick in his ass. As it was (for now), I had to pay for it, -but at least
that was a start! Most straight men would rather die than give up their
asses to another man for fucking. That alone told me that Shane was
either an opportunist, or just "iffy" about his sexuality. What he
probably needed was a strong minded top to bring the inner bitch out of
him. And so long as he was on my payroll, his ass was mine to do with as
I pleased! So while I slowly jacked him off, I started to pull and push
the dildo in and out of his ass firmly. Shane's asshole clinched down
hard, but I was still able to manage it at a good deep rate. I told him
he could make it easier on himself if he just tried to relax and enjoy it
and stop trying to fight it. This caused him to loosen his hole a tad,
allowing me an even smoother glide through his gut.

 I'll admit, I've always had a curiosity about black men! You hear so
much about their strong black bodies, stamina, and penis sizes, -that I
really wanted to find out the myths for myself. Shane did have a strong
black body, along with a handsome face and a fat buttock, and his penis
stood tall and strong between my fingers.
 I stroked it back and forth, trying to get him to bust his load while I
dildoed his asshole. I'd never sucked dick before. My college roommate
(Josh) had been the cock sucker between us back then, while I blew
countless loads in his mouth and throat, I never sucked his dick once!
But holding Shane's fat baby-maker in my hand, made me very curious as to
how it would taste. So when the urge hit, I simply leaned forward, and
started licking the thick shaft. Shane groaned as I continued stroking
his cock, dildoing his anus, and now licking his pulsing cock shaft!

"Do you like that?" I asked, looking up at him from between his legs. I
knew he couldn't talk, and probably wouldn't answer me even if he could.
But I knew he liked it because at that precise moment, he started leaking
pre-cum from his cock tip! This make me work the dildo faster into him.
Shane's muscled arms flexed and tensed as he got closer to climax. I
drilled his hole deeply while I stroked him off furiously. Shane moaned
and groaned louder as his climax build higher. Suddenly, his cock
throbbed and out came a thick white gush of hot semen which spurted all
the way up to his chest and chin. I yanked the dildo from his asshole,
watching sphincter flex open and closed in time with his cock spurts! I
couldn't resist shoving my own hard cock up inside the tight clenching
man-cunt, and fuck him hard while he continued to shoot forth his load!
 Shane jumped and squirmed under the unexpected plunge of my hard 8+ inch
cock! His climax was strong as he spurted out at least 8 or 9 thick ropey
loads across his stomach and chest. I continued to stroke his hard cock,
his cum coating my fingers and making the hand-job much slicker while I
fucked him deeply. I could see his face scrunching up under the intense
pressure of my cock in his bowels, but he held firm and took me like the
man he was! After only 5 minutes of intense fucking, I shoved all the way
in and came like a mule up in his anal guts! "AAAARRRHHHH...!!" I
screamed as the cum poured out of me and into him! Shane looked more
relieved now that I'd cum. I waited until my orgasm was completely over
before I removed him hard cock from the confides of his tight black anus.
I inspected the hole upon exiting. The crack was wet with grease and
spit, and the anal lips looked normal as they slowly sealed back into
place to keep my cum captive inside. Satisfied, I pushed the 6" dildo
back up into him, then left him there to stu in his own juices.

 I let Shane rest for awhile as I went into the bathroom to wash myself
up. Then I went back downstairs and into the kitchen where I decided to
fix something to eat, and make a few phone calls I felt were necessary.
Since I hadn't originally expected on staying in for the whole weekend, I
had to cancel a few plans I'd made earlier in the week. One was a weekend
date I made with Tiffany! I knew she'd be mad, but such was life. I'd
have to make it up to her next weekend with a trip someplace, perhaps the
Hampton's or one of the Cods where we could rent a hotel suit and dine
 As suspected, Tiffany was pissed to hear my message to cancel, but I
informed her that I had to tend to unexpected business trip out of town
that needed my urgent attention (knowing she hated going on business
trips with me as they left us very little time together). Reluctantly she
agreed to cancel, then immediately hung up in my ear. The second call was
to cancel a golf date with my friend Jack for sunday morning. I had to
make up a different excuse for Jack, as he would have known better than
to believe an unexpected business trip (as we worked together for the
same company). He drilled me on my whereabouts, but I was stead fast with
keeping my secret weekend in tact.

 Afterward, I went back up at the bedroom where Shane was still tied to
the bed on his back with his legs strapped over his head. The dildo was
still firmly implanted up his ass, -his hot black hole clutching onto it
tightly, keeping it prisoner inside him. As soon as I saw his strong
black body laying there at my disposal, I got an instant erection!
 I walked over to the bed, and maneuvered my way up beside his head. I
could easily see where the cum he'd shot earlier had dried against his
brown skin. I pulled the gag from his mouth, causing spittle to drool
from the corners of his mouth as I slapped my hard cock head up against
his lips. Shane tried to resist, but then gave in under the pressure and
parted his lips. I nearly came when he wrapped those sexy soft brown lips
around my hard white cock head! I slipped in and out, going back and
forth, face fucking him slowly so he could get used to being manhandled.

"Suck that dick, boy! That's it! Just like I taught you downstairs!" I
said, watching him perform.
 I moved my hips back and forth, slipping through his thick lips. I could
hear him panting hard under his blindfold, his mouth latched to my cock
with a firm grip. The straps held his legs open so I could easy get to
his asshole. I reached down and grasped the part of the dildo sticking
out of his ass, and started to slowly stroke it in and out, -watching his
tight beautifully sucking anal lips as they clung to the dildo with each
withdraw. I could see his anal ring wrapped tightly around the girth of
the rubber cock, refusing to let go. Then I'd slowly (carefully) push it
all the way back in, making his asshole take it in fully. The cum I'd
already dumped in his hole helped make the dildo glide easier as I
gradually increased the speed. Shane grunted as he sucked harder, trying
to concentrate on the task at hand. I noticed his cock starting to
thicken and swell without me even touching it! He was starting to really
get into this! His fat cock stretched down across his crinkled stomach as
I fed him my cock and dildoed his anus!

 This time I ignored his thick cock and simply concentrated on his mouth
and ass. But Shane had a nice piece which I was sure had penetrated lots
of pussies in it's day! He was a handsome black man with a thick build
and a fat round bubble butt, and I was sure there was no shortage of
woman dying to have his appendage shoved balls deep inside their hungry
little snatches! But tonight (and for the whole 3 day weekend!) he was
mine to fuck with and do as I pleased!

 I slid my cock back and forth between his lips, enjoying the feel of his
sweet mouth bathing my cock in his warm spit. Then I pulled the head
free, and ran the cum tube belly over his mouth and down to my balls.
"Suck on them, gently!" I ordered. Shane licked along the belly of my
cock, then took one of my balls into his mouth. While he worked over my
hairy sack, I zeroed in on his anus and started fucking him harder. Shane
grunted, but continued to suck lovingly on my balls sack.
 By now my cock was so hot, I felt ready to burst! I straddled Shane's
handsome face, and leaned down between his legs. Gripping the dildo
tighter, I really started to pound it up in his hole! Shane grunted,
groaned, and moaned as he sucked my balls. After a few minutes, I pulled
the spit wet sack from his mouth, and placed my hairy asshole up to his
mouth. "Eat it!" I commanded. Shane was a lot more hesitant to lick my
asshole, so I grabbed a tight handful of his fat balls and squeezed. He
groaned painfully, then started to lick my ass crack. "Yeah, that's
better! Lick that pink asshole!" I ordered.

 It was obvious that Shane had never eaten ass before. But he did his
best as it licked his tongue across my tight pucker while I assaulted his
asshole by fucking it deep and hard with the dildo!
 Feeling overcome lustfully, I removed the dildo from his ass completely,
then shoved it all the way back in! I head Shane gasped in painful
surprise, but I did it again anyway. Every time I pulled the rubber cock
clear, the tight black hole would burst open and then seal completely
before I pushed the greased plastic phallus back inside. Soon I had a
good rhythm going, hammer his hole and his prostate until his cock
unexpectedly started to shoot cum all over the both of us!

"uhh, uhh, uhh, UUHHHHHH!!" he grunted into my asshole as the cum erupted
from his cock head and painted the both of his in goo. I yanked the dildo
from his anal-cunt, and felt my cock throb at the thought of fucking his
black pussy!

"Time for another fuck!" I informed him.
 Shane groaned, knowing what was coming! I jumped up off of his face, and
maneuvered back down between his legs. His asshole was still spasming
from his climax when I pushed my cock inside. Shane grunted loudly, but
took all of me inside. "You're such a hot tight fuck!" I told him,
hammering away at his paid hole! Shane didn't say anything, he merely
grit his teeth and took whatever punishment I dished out. I fucked him
hard and deep, but it felt empty! I reached down and yanked off the
blindfold. Shane blinked his eyes at the lights, but slowly focused in on
me and my face as I ordered him.
 He was indeed handsome with his sexy black ethnic features. Full black
lips and chiseled bone structure! His eyes were a deep dark brown. In the
police station they looked normal, but here in bed just under me, -they
seemed to take on a more seductive nature as they glassed over lustfully!

"Give me that hot black boy pussy, man!" I said, loving the way his
asshole made my bare cock feel! It was like slamming through a tight coke
bottle neck and submerging into hot pudding! "I paid for this pussy for
the entire weekend, and I'm going to fuck it until you have my cum
dripping from your ears!" I boasted, feeling powerful over him as he was
forced to submit to me. I looked down between our bodies to see my white
cock sliding in and out from between his spread butt cheeks. His anus was
squeezing me tightly, trying to squeeze the cum from my cock with every
plunge! "Do you like this?" I asked him, looking back up into his brown
eyes. "Do you like me fucking you?"

"Y...yeah..!" he grunted, closing his eyes on me. I saw him bite into his
bottom lip, then noticed how his recently depleted cock was starting to
swell again.

"Tell me about it!" I ordered, fucking harder! "Look at me and tell me
how much you LOVE me in you! How much you want me to cum in you again!"
 Shane opened his eyes. I could see him holding back his passions, but I
was determined to fuck them right out of him! "Tell me!" I ordered,
fucking him with frantic thrusts! "Tell me you fucking bastard whore!"

"Shit man, fuck me!" he gasped, loosing control of his emotions. "Fuck
me, man! Fuck my tight straight ass! Fuck the shit out of me! Cum in me!
Make me your fucking hoe, man!" he yelled, passion dripping from every
word like pure syrup! He really wanted this! Wanted to be under me,
having me fuck him!
 I reached down between his legs and took his cock into my hand and
started stroking. Shane's anus relaxed some while I stroked him, enabling
me to fuck him like I wanted. I hammered that tight little black
ass-pussy until he started shooting hot scolding cum all over my and hand
and his chest again, -signifying his crossover into anal sex with a
vengeance! His tightly spasming hole caused me to cum deep inside him. I
yelled profanities as I came buckets of hot thick cum inside of his anal

 While I was still in him balls deep, I unhooked his ankles from the
leather straps to allow them down to rest. Then I reached for the neck
brace and freed his hands. Shane looked happy to be freed from his
shackles as I laid down on top of him completely and forced my tongue
into his mouth. Reluctantly he wrapped his arms about my back, and sucked
tentatively on my wet oral appendage. We kissed deeply while My cock
continued to drain in his bowels.