I went to work on friday feeling thoroughly refreshed and secure! A pep
in my step, and a swagger in my walk! I was actually whistling my way to
work, -a far cry from yesterday when I was full of dread and doubt! My
friend and colleague Jack Morrisson picked up on my fully changed mood

"ahh..., Tiffany must have rock the casbah real well last night!" he
teased, cutting me off in the hall while en-route to my office.

"What do you mean?" I asked, pretending ignorance.

"Well as of yesterday, I wasn't sure if you weren't about to quit your
job, sale your house, and move into a big roomy tent in the Outback from
the way you were talking about being bored with life!" answered Jack,
following me into my office. "Now look at you, strolling into work with
your head up and a whistle in your walk! What caused the sudden change?"

"Well, Jack..." I started, just as Jill (my secretary) came into the

"Meeting in 7 minutes, mr Morgan." she said, popping her head in. Jack's
eyes were transformed on her tight little ass as she turned and walked
back out to her desk.

"MY..., if I weren't married..." he day dreamed, before returning his
attention back towards me. "So, you were saying?"

"I was saying...., I have a meeting in 6 minutes!" I teased.

"Okay, okay..." he smirked, backing out of the office. "But I want
details at lunch!"
 Details? How could I explain my new found personality is the result of
cruising the streets at night to find some hot black male thug trade?
Surely Jack would have flipped his wig if I tell him such a thing! I'd
have to come up with a believable story that he'd buy, later. Right now,
I had a meeting to attend...

 Through most of the morning my mind was on the events of last night.
Tying Shane up and butt fucking his pretty brown ass was definitely the
high light of my year thus far! I kept looking at my watch, wondering if
he really was going to allow me to fuck him again tonight? If left me no
reason to believe he wouldn't. He took the money, which he obviously
needed more than his virginity! My cock got hard several times during the
meeting, but luckily no one noticed as I was seated during most of it.
 I avoided Jack as much as possible, but he did finally corner and drill
me for information during lunch. I was having a simple salad in my
office, when he walked in demanding info! I made up some hot story of how
I took Tiffany home and fucked her every way from tuesday! I got very
vivid and told him how she was screaming, and gyrating, and begging me to
cum! Jack seemed to be eating up my every word, until he burst my bubble
by telling me that he talked to his wife an hour ago, and that she'd just
finished telling him how disappointed Tiffany was that not only did I NOT
propose like she thought I would, but that I dropped her off at her condo
and left without a night-cap! BUSTED!

"You went out last, didn't you?" he asked, with a knowing smirk. "You had
sex, but ti wasn't with Tiffany, -right?" I tried to keep a stony face,
but he could see right through me! "You picked up some chick in a bar,
didn't you? Took her to some cheap hotel, and fucked her brains out!
Right?" he enthused! "What was she, 18? 19? 21?" he kept assuming. "Was
she white? Hispanic? Asian?"

"You have a very active imagination!" I laughed, refusing to answer.
Better he keep guessing than me to tell him the truth!

"When you've been married as long as me and Terry..., believe me, you
HAVE to have an active imagination!" he said, sitting on the edge of my
desk. "Man..., what I wouldn't give to be able to walk into a bar and
pick up some chick and fuck her til her cunt explodes!"

"So why don't you?" I asked, biting into my salad.

"Paternity tests!" he said in a nutshell. "Terry will KILL me if I get
some other woman pregnant! You know we have 2 kids, my sperms are very
potent!" he reminded.

"There are ways to have sex without getting someone pregnant." I said.

"Yeah, but I don't like condoms." he sighed.

"There's always ass." I suggested. Jack's eyebrows went up.

"Is that what you did last night? You fucked some hot chick up the ass?"
he asked excitedly. "Damn Paul, you're a freaky little bugger, aren't
you?" If he only knew!
 I left Jack thinking what he wanted when he left my office. By 5 oclock,
I packed up my briefcase and left the office. I was still driving my
rental (waiting for the insurance check to come through) as I drove home
to shower and change out of my suit. I had no messages from Tiffany, so I
knew she was still pissed off at me over last night. I was pretty anxious
about meeting Shane again tonight, so I didn't bother to call her incase
she wanted to make up and come over (that would definitely ruin my
 I jacked off several times to make sure I didn't waste my money by
cumming too soon tonight. The deals were for ONE fuck, and I wanted to
stay up in the hot black ass as long as possible before I came in it!

 On my way to pick up Shane, I stopped off at an out of the way porn
store to pick up a few gadgets for tonight. Last night was rather simple
restraints and mild sex with some anal sucking and fucking. Shane was a
good sport about it all, so I decided to push the envelope a little

 Shane was on his usual street corner, conducting business when I pulled
up. I didn't blow the horn, I just sat and watched him for a time. He was
indeed a sexy black man with a deep dark brown complexion, and thick (not
overly muscular) build. He was definitely a meat and potato's man! I
watched him interact with his street buddies, and wondered what they
would say if they knew he had been busted up the ass by a tiny little
white man last night? They would probably kick his ass for turning it up
for a whitey instead of one of them. Surely any one of them would fuck
him if given the chance or opportunity, I'm sure. Shane spotted my car
after about 5 minutes, and said something to his friends before totting
over to me. I unlocked the doors as he got in.

"Sup, playa?" he said, reaching out to shake my hand. I took his big
strong hand into mine, feeling his tight grip.

"You ready?" I asked, with the car still in park.

" girl's been screaming about money problems all day! If you're
still willing to pay me 500.00 dollas, hell yeah I'm ready!" he said.

"Money problems? What happened to the five hundred I gave you last
night?" I asked, pulling away from the curb.

"Oh that money's GONE man! I got 4 kids by 2 different bitches! They
swallow up everything I get my hands on!" he laughed.

"Are you thinking of marrying either one of them?" I asked, curiously.

"Hell naw!" he responded. "Why buy the milk when the cows'r givin the
shit away for free?" he asked.

"True!" I said, thinking of the big BULL I bagged beside me! "How did you
feel after I dropped you off last night?" I asked. Shane chuckled with
embarrassment as he turned his head and looked out the window.

"Man..., my ass was killing me, dawg!" he admitted, much to my grin. "I
hadda tell my gurl that I fell down! She wanted to know why I was walking
so funny!"
 I laughed.

"It may take some getting used to." I encouraged. "You know what they
say, 'practice makes perfect'."

"Yea, I guess." he said, still looking out the window. "Yo, my ass cheeks
felt so funny after you shaved them! I could actually feel my cheeks
rubbing together as I walked! Shit was trippin me out!"

"Did you like it?" I asked, smiling.

"Man, my dick kept getting hard as shit! When I got home, I fucked the
shit outta my girl!" he said, unknowingly admitting that he was liking
the feelings happening in his asshole! Good start!

"Are you willing to meet me often?" I asked.

"How often you talking bout?" he asked, finally looking in my direction.

"Once or twice a week? Maybe stay over a weekend once a month or
something?" I suggested.

"Weekend, eh?" he asked, thinking it over. "How much would I make doing

"I don't know..., two days..., maybe a thousand dollars?"

"Damn hommie, you handlin shit like that?" he asked, looking surprised.
"If you got that kinda money, why don't you just go get yurself a

"Cause one; I'm not gay! Two; I have a girlfriend. And three; I like

"Me?" he asked, astonished. "What's so special about me?"

"Well..., I like your type." I said, looking him over. "Big, strong,
mighty, and black!"

"That's right!" he smiled, sitting back comfortably, proud, and
confident. I couldn't wait to get him back home and bring him down off
that big proud horse he was riding!

"We can start this weekend if you like." I suggested, catching his
attention. "You could stay over tonight and tomorrow, then leave on
sunday with a thousand dollars in your pocket." I conned, my cock growing
stiff at the very thought. "It's easy money!"

"Easy for YOU, you doin all the fuckin!" he said, sarcastically. I know
he was seriously considering it.

"I'm also the one paying out all the money." he reminded him. "We both
have something the other one wants, I suggest we work this out. Could be
win-win for both of us."

"Okay." he said, thinking of the money. "But I gotta call my girl first!"
he added, reaching into his pocket for his cell phone. "If I don't call
her first, she'll think I'm out cheatin on her." I watched him dial up
her number, then place the phone to his ear and listened to him explain
how he was being detained in the County Jail for driving without a
license. It must have happened before, because she believed him. After
less than a minute, he hung up. "That oughta keep me clear for the whole
weekend." he said, tucking the phone back in his pocket.

"I'm impressed." I said, pulling into my neighborhood.
 Now I had a whole weekend to break his ass in.

 Once home, I checked my messages and helped Shane relaxed by serving him
a double Vodka & Tonic. It wasn't his drink of choice, but I really
didn't have any 40oz's of Old E. laying around. I figured since we had
the whole weekend now, there was really no rush to get to the hardcore
sex we normally would start off with. But I knew Shane really wasn't the
kind of guy you just walk up to and shove your dick in, so I pulled out
the handcuffs and a blindfold for him to wear. His first reaction to the
items were "you outta yur fuckin mind, dawg!", but once I reminded him he
hadn't been paid yet, he quieted down and removed his shirt like asked.
Once done, I made him get on his knees on the living room floor, and
handcuffed his hands behind his back.

"What now, dawg?" he asked, unable to see. I stood in front of him, and
gave him his orders;

"First off, from now and through the rest of the weekend, you may only
refer to me as Sir, or Master!"

"What?" he said, in that 'you outta yur fuckin mind' tone! "I ain't
callin you no shit like that! Master MY ASS!" he added. SLAP! -went my
hand across his face. Shane hit the floor with a thump on his right
shoulder. "Motherfucker...!!" he screamed, scrambling to get to his feet.
But I pushed him back down, then branded the belt I had wrapped around my
waist and started whipping him -hard! WHAP!! "What the fuck...?!" -he
yelled as the first sting ripped across his back and shoulders. WHAP!!
"Bitch! When I get loose I'mma break your fuckin...!" WHAP!! "AAHHHH!!"
WHAP!! "AARRHHH!!" WHAP!! "Damn man, kew that shit!" WHAP!! "AARRHHH!!"
WHAP!!" Okay! Okay...!" he screamed, conceding to my demand.

"Yes, Sir!" I said, correcting him.

"Yea, okay!" he answered, wrongly. WHAP!! "AHHH!! Shit! Aiight! Yes, Sir
-motherfucker!" WHAP!! "AAHHH!! Okay! Okay...!" he conceded again. "Yes,

"Good!" I said, throwing the belt over my shoulder (keeping it close
incase I needed it again). "That was the first rule. The second rule is;
while in my house you will remain naked at all times, and obey my every
word in a docile and subservient manner! Is that understood?"

"Yes..., Sir!" he answered, rather reluctantly.

"Is there something about that order you didn't understand?" I asked.

"No, Sir!"

"Good! The third rule is; that you do any and everything I say without
back talk, attitude, or hesitation! Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Any disobedience or failure to comply will result in punishment with the
belt and/or paddle! And if there is something I ask you to do and you
flat out refuse and wish to terminate this agreement, I will NOT pay you
the agreed upon thousand dollars, and will only pay you what I believe
your services were worth up to that point! Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir! B...but I have a question..."

"You have a question What?" I asked.

"I have a question, -Sir!" he corrected.

"Good! Now what's the question?"

"Do this mean you get to do anything you want to, and I can't say shit
about it?" he asked.

"Oh you can stop the session at any time! But you won't get paid the full
amount we agreed on!" I repeated.

"But what if you told me to do somethin like jump out the fuckin window?
Or slit my wrists? I'm supposed to do that shit?" he asked.

"First off, you will refrain from the aggressive tone and talk! When you
address me, you speak in a calm tone, and a subservient manner! No

"Oka..., yes, Sir!"

"Second, this weekend is about pleasing me sexually! I would get no
sexual gratification by making you jump out of a window, or slitting your
wrists! I don't even enjoy beating you, but you clearly need discipline
in order to understand! So anything I MAKE you do, will be within the
realm of sexual wants and desires, not harm or physical pain, -unless
punished! Understood?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Good!" I said, walking up closer to him. I could see Shane's muscles
tensing with anticipation. He couldn't see me, so he didn't know what I
had planned for him next.
 I touched him gently on his handsome face, feeling his strong jaw-line
and thick neck. He looked uneasy with me feeling on him, but he had to
allow me if he wanted his money. I ran my thumb over his thick lips. They
were the biggest lips I'd ever saw close up. I couldn't resist shoving my
thumb into his mouth. "Suck on it!" I commanded. Shane reluctantly closed
his lips around my white digit, as I pulled and pushed it between them.
It made my cock hard just watching his lips work.
 On impulse I bent down and kissed him gently on his lips. Shane jumped
in surprise, but didn't say anything. I kissed him again, feeling his
thick bubble like lips against mine little thin ones. They were so soft
and smooth, -it was like kissing a pillow! Instinctively, I shoved my
tongue into his mouth. Shane pulled back, but I grabbed his throat to
hold him steady. He whimpered and withered as I kissed him deeply, making
him french me! When I finally pulled back, he gasped a deep breath! My
cock was rock hard.

"Time for your first cock sucking lesson!" I said, unzipping my pants.

"Wait a minute..." he said, leaning backwards to avoid me. "...we didn't
say anything about having to suck no dick!"

"It's implied! What did you think you were going to have to do for a
thousand dollars?" I asked.

"....? The same thing we did yesterday...!" he said, referring to me
eating his ass and fucking.

"Stakes are higher this time!" I said, coldly. "Do you want to go home?"
I asked, giving him the option to quit.

"No." he said, under his breath.

"No what?" I asked, sternly.

"No, Sir!" he said.

"Good! Now, kiss my cock!" I said, pulling it out of my pants.
 I could still see the reluctance in his face as he slowly leaned forward
to meet me. I slapped my hot cock up against his pillowy lips, bouncing
it on it's soft spongy texture. "Kiss it!" I ordered, watching Shane
pucker up as he kissed the shaft tentatively. He was a hot man, -strong,
black, and sexy! But I had him in a submissive rule, which was totally
against his nature. I wondered just how far I could push him before he
pushed back! "Good, now lick it! Lick my cock!" I demanded!

 Shane stretched his tongue out of his mouth and started to lick the
shaft. I felt my cock tingle with excitement, already starting to leak
delicious pre-cum from the pulsating head! I bounced my cock on his lips
and tongue, making loud wet slapping sounds as I did it. "Now lick the
tip!" I commanded, aiming my cock down at his mouth. Shane started
licking the flaring head, making it pulse and throb with each lick. "Can
you taste my pre-cum?" I asked, knowing that might get under his tough
skin! Shane stopped for a second, until I ordered him to continue. He
went back to licking the tip, until I pushed the head between his big
beautiful lips! "Suck the head!" I ordered. Shane wrapped his dark
colored pillow lips around my white cock, and started to suck gently on
the head! WOW, I was loving this!

"How's that feel to you? Do you like it?" I asked, tormenting him. Shane
didn't answer (if indeed he could! I knew his tough black nature and
strong straight upbringing would make it difficult (if at all possible)
for him to admit he liked anything at all about gay sex, especially with
him being in the submissive position!). As it was, he was only doing this
for the money! I really didn't care why he was doing it, so long as he
gave me what I wanted! "Okay, now that you are used to sucking the head,
let's try the rest of the shaft!" I said, feeding him more cock! "And
watch the teeth!"
 Shane's body tensed as I grabbed his head and started to work my hips
back and forth. I took my time and fucked his mouth with slow shallow
thrusts, I didn't want to risk having him chop my cock in half with his
teeth if he inadvertently bit down! "That's it, that's good..., take your
time, Suck it slow!" I encouraged, loving the way his lips looked sliding
up and down my pale shaft! "Use plenty of spit! Get it nice and wet!
Don't worry about it dripping down off of your chin, we can wash you up
later!" I directed.

 Shane did his best to comply, soon I had him taking half of my thick fat
8 and 1/2 inches! He wasn't the best cock sucker in the world (that honor
went to Josh!), but he was doing an excellent job for this to be his
first time! He was a natural rather he knew it or not! With more
practice, I was sure he could manage the whole thing!
 After about 10 minutes of steady pumping, I felt myself getting near
ready to cum! Spit was drooling from the corners of Shane's juicy lips as
he sucked and slurped at my tool. I ordered him to use his tongue along
the underbelly on every intake and withdraw, to tantalize the cum tube! I
was pre-cumming like mad! I know he had to have tasted it! But I wanted
to make sure he knew what was fully expected of him for my thousand

"When I cum, -and I'm awfully close to doing it, -I want you to take the
load in you mouth before you swallow it down! I want you to taste it,
move it around with you tongue and let it saturate your taste-buds! Then
I want you to open your mouth and show it to me, after that, then you may
drink it! Is that understood?" I asked, while pumping his mouth! Shane
mumbled what I suppose was a "yes", just as my cock started to throb
uncontrollably! "Here it comes...!" I warned, feeling my hairy balls
tighten and contract as the cum shot up my cum tube! I pulled back until
only the head was in Shane's sucking mouth, and watched as my cock pulsed
out nine heaping helpings of creamy flavored cum into his oral cavity! I
could hear Shane breathing hard and panting as his mouth filled with my
warm seed. He struggled to keep it all in, as a tiny driblet escaped one
corner of his mouth and ran down his chin.
 Once I was done climaxing, I removed my cock as Shane sealed his lips.
"Okay, now swish it around in your mouth like mouth wash!" I said,
wanting his entire mouth to get the full experience of my load! Shane
swirled my cum around in his mouth, getting it over his teeth and gums
and all over his thick tongue! "Now open your mouth and show it to me!"
he demanded. Shane tiled his head back so he wouldn't spill it, and
opened his beautiful mouth to show me the white liquid protein I fed him.
"Now swallow it!" On that command Shane hesitated. I guess his strong
manhood wouldn't allow him to swallow another man's sperm, but he had
another thing coming if he thought I'd let him get off that easily!

"Swallow it..., or I'll just go out and find another nigger that wants to
make a thousand dollars for 2 days of work!"

 With that threat, Shane closed his mouth, and gulped. I watched with
great enthusiasm as his adam's apple bobbed up and down, signifying that
my load had indeed been digested. "Show me that it's all gone!" I said,
watching him swallow again to be sure he got it all, before opening his
mouth to show me that it was empty! "Good boy! Good job for your first
time! I hope you liked that taste of my cum, cause you'll be getting
plenty of it during your stay here this weekend!" I said, slapping my
hardon against his face!