I was tied of sitting in board meetings and phone conferences all day.
My name is Paul Morgan. I'm a 41 year old white accountant for a very
prestigious firm in town. I'm 5-11, 160 lbs, politely built w/short
blondish (slightly receding) hair, blue eyes, thin lips, and a long
straight narrow nose. I'm very average looking and hairy all over. My
cock is fat, and I have huge hairy balls. I'm straight (except for that
those times I fooled around with my roommate in college when I was
younger). My roommate was a hot jock in his high school years, but was
concentrating more on his academics after word got out that he was gay
back in HS, -it completely ruined any chances he had of a future in
football. Luckily, we became roommates, and he offered to suck my cock
for me anytime I wanted. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, -at 17
with my very own cock sucker sleeping not 5 feet away.
 Well to make a long story short, I fed him cock and cum constantly. I
was a complete sexual virgin up until that point, and Josh was the first
person to ever blow me. He nearly ruined me for females, as he was such
an excellent cock sucker. That is, until I finally got my first feel of
pussy. It was from a girl named Constance, she was a nerd like myself,
and a virgin as well. She wasn't quite the whore some of the other girls
were, so Josh still got a regular serving of cum daily until we

 Since then I've married and divorce, and gained myself a good job with a
solid future. I'm financially set with a large house and a luxury car.
Every year I take major vacations all over the world, and usually take
whatever girl I may currently be dating at the time. But with all of the
possessions I had in life, I hated to admit that something was missing. I
wasn't sure what it was, as I turned around in my high back italian
leather office chair and stared out the window of my 15th floor corner
office at the amazing view of the inner city sky line.

 After I hanging up the phone with a client, I decided to go out with a
work associate for lunch. We drove in my 2005 Lexus Supreme. I was
discussing with Jack just how empty my life felt, when I stopped at a red
light on the corner of a very busy intersection. Jack didn't understand
my problem, siting how much money I made and how secure my job status
was. As far as he was concerned, I had nothing to complain about. He was
married with 2 children, credit card debt, and a second morgage. "If you
bored with life, take mine please!" -he said, prompting me to believe I
was just going through some post mid-life crisis.
 Just then two white guys dressed in jeans and army jackets rush my car.
At first I thought they were homeless and trying to wash my windows for
change, but suddenly my driver's side window shattered, and Jack and I
were pulled out of my vehicle like a rag dolls.

"Give us the fucking car!" my attacker yelled, throwing me to the ground
in the middle of the street. He and his accomplish jumped into my car,
and took off before the light could even change green. Jack and I looked
at each other in shock.

"Was THAT exciting enough for you?" he asked, sarcastically.
 At the police station we filled out a report. I sent Jack back to the
office to cover for me with my boss, while I gave the police all of my
information. While waiting for my paper work to process, I was seated
next to some pretty hardened looking criminals. 1 of them were white, 1
hispanic, and 2 were black. They all were handcuffed with their hands
behind their backs, but none of them looked any less menacing. I tried
not to look too intimidated while waiting for my ride. Tiffany, my
current girlfriend, was supposed to be on her way 4 hours ago. One by one
the criminals were taken and booked, leaving me alone with one of the
black guys. He was a big guy by the looks of him. About 6-1, thick build,
about 200 solid lbs with a deep brown complexion, thick lips, and a wide

"What you in for?" he asked, leaning near me so no one could hear us

"In for?" I asked, confused.

"IN FOR, man! Arrested! What they arrest you for?" he clarified. "I'm in
for possession, but the charges won't stick though..." he laughed, his
full fat lips spreading across his strikingly handsome face.

"Why not?" I asked, curiously.

"Cuz I got a good ass lawyer!" he gloated. "Nigga works hard for a dolla!
So long as he keeps me out of jail, I keep his pockets full. That's
business, bruh!" he said.

"That it is." I agreed, politely.

"So, what they get you for, possession? Picking up prostitutes? Lewd
behavior? What?"

"None of thee." I answered. "I was car jacked."

"No shit! What kinda car was it?"

"A Lexus Supreme XL Class."

"DAYUM dawg! That shit's the top of the line! Your ass must be rich
n'shit!" he surmised, looking me up and down from my expensive suit to my
pricey shoes.

"I do well." I admitted.

"Yo homes...," he whispered in a deep husky voice. "...if you ever need a
"hookup", I be on the corner of Oak and West any time after 10pm." he
winked. "I'll hook you up something nice, too! Name's Shane! Everyone
knows me." he said with a nod. I wasn't sure what he was talking about. I
just assumed it was drugs of some sort. But for some reason, the wink and
sexy smile started to give me a woody.

"Paul!" I heard my name being called. I looked around the large station
and saw Tiffany rushing over to me in her white fur and stilettos.

"MAN! That yur girl?" the thug asked, licking his thick lips as Tiffany
grabbed and hugged me hello.

"I was so worried about you!" she said, concerned. "I rushed right over
as soon as I was done my massage and facial!" (Yeah, 4 hours later). "Are
you hurt? Did they rob you?" she asked, looking down at Shane as if he
did it.

"I'm fine Tiff', I was car jacked." I told her, having only reached her
cell phone's answer service to leave a message before.

"Car Jacked? They got the Lexus?" he cried, as if losing a child.

"Fraid so." I said. "The police have a description of the bandits, and my
licence plate number. But chances are it's being scrapped in some sweat
shop by now."

"That's for damn sure!" chuckled Shane.

"Well, let's get you out of here! You can purchase another Lexus
tomorrow!" said Tiffany, having had enough of the police station already.
 I turned towards Shane, and held out my hand to shake.

"It was nice meeting you, uh...Shane." I said.

"You too, white-boy. Sorry I can't shake your hand tho." he said,
twisting his torso to remind me he was cuffed to the chair.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I forgot." I said, apologizing.

"PAUL!!" screamed Tiffany from across the room like a blow horn.

"I have to go. Bye." I said, awkwardly.

"Peace." he said as I turned and walked out the door.
 That night I fucked Tiffany's brains out. I was so energetic and full of
excitement and adrenaline from my ordeal! I fucked her in missionary
position, doggy-style, I made her ride me, and I ever tried to bone her
in the ass but she wasn't having it. I came all in her diaphragm, while
thinking of Shane and those full sexy black-boy lips!

 A week later, I was having dinner with Tiffany, Jack, and his wife
Terry. It was a 5star restaurant, and the dinner was fantastic. We ate
and had stimulating conversation, but I found myself bored out of my
mind. Terry and Tiffany flung their long blonde and brunette hair, and
dangled their diamonds for all to see. When the girls got up to go to the
ladies room, Jack asked if everything was okay.

"What do you mean?" I asked, sipping my wine.

"You've been like, GONE all night." he said, wondering what was going on.
"The rest of us are talking our heads off, and your in outer space! What
gives? Are you still upset about what happened last week?"
 I sat my drink down on the table, and paused for a moment.

"Last week got me thinking about something." I admitted, but wasn't sure
I should explore my feelings with Jack. Sure he was a friend, but he was
a colleague as well. He might not understand my feelings.

"Thinking about what?" he asked nonchalantly, as he drink from his wine

"Ever feel like...there's something missing?"


"I don't know. Something!" I said, unable to explain.

"Again with the missing stuff!" sighed Jack. "Are you having pre-proposal
jitters?" he suddenly asked out of the blue.


"Terry told me Tiffany told her that she was expecting you to propose to
her at our table tonight! Is it true?" he asked, staring straight through
me. I was flabbergasted. I had no idea Tiffany thought that. I hadn't
even picked out a ring for her. Just then, the girls returned from the
ladies room wearing a fresh coat of face paint.

 After dinner (no ring), we said good bye to Jack and Terry in the valet
parking lot, then got into my new rental car. Tiffany seemed a little
disappointed about dinner, but I pretended not to notice. She looked even
more disappointed (and pissed) when I stopped in front of her posh
apartment complex, and declined her offer to come up. She slammed the car
door with enough force to let to crack the windshield. I waited and
watched the door man escort her in before leaving. I drove around for
awhile to clear my head, when I suddenly found myself on the rougher side
of town looking for the corner of Oak and West.
 I drove through the predominately black neighborhood slowly. It was well
after 10pm, and I saw several people walking the streets and standing on
corners. More than a few of them noticed my car standing out of place.
When I spotted Shane talking to a few of his "hommies" (as they call it),
I pulled over and honked the horn. They all turned and looked, but only
Shane came over.

"Yo, wussup playa? You looking for something?" he asked, not recognizing

"Shane, right?" I asked, knowing his name. He looked at me strangely,
then took a double take.

"Dayum...what's up man? I didn't even recognize you n'shit!" he greeted,
reaching in to shake my hand. His hands were huge (like the rest of him),
I wondered if I was making a big mistake. "You coming down for that
hookup I promised you?" he recalled offering. "What's your poison? Crack,
cane, herr, weed, you name it!"

"Actually, I don't do drugs." I said, getting a bewildered look from him.

"Then what you down here for dawg? Hookers? I ain't no pimp, but I know a
couple of bitches that might let you fuck 'em for a price."

"I'm not looking for females." I said, swallowing hard. Shane looked at
me strangely.

" looking to suck some dick?" he asked, looking around. "I'm
not into that kinda shit either homs, but if you paying...I'll let you
slob my cob." he offered.

"Well, thanks. But I'm not looking to suck dick either." I said, killing
his theory.

"Then what you come down here for man? To say hello? I'm trying to run a
business here, I ain't got time for idol chit-chat n'shit!" he said,
getting angry.

"I have an indecent proposal for you." I said, catching his attention
before he backed off.

"What is it?" he asked, impatiently.

"You're right, I'm looking for sex. But I don't want a female! And I
don't want no fag pussyboy either." I said.

"Then what the fuck you want, some nigga to rape you?" he asked with a

"I'm looking for a hot, straight, black thug like let me
fuck him up the ass."

"OOOO SHIT, Dawg!" he jumped back from the car as if suddenly shocked
with electros. "You gots to be trippin homs!" he laughed. "Ain't no
straight ass nigga gonna let you fuck his booty!"

"Not even for 500.00 dollars?" I asked, calmly.
 He suddenly stopped laughing.

"Five hundred?" he asked, peeking back in the window.

"Cash." I said, smacking my pocket leg.
 Shane looked around again.

"What I gotta do?" he asked.

"Everything I ask you to." I said, confidently.
 He stood up and thought for awhile. I could see him thinking it over.
Five hundred was a lot of money.

"Okay. But nobody can know about this shit, dawg!" he made me promise.

"Of course not!" I agreed. "I wouldn't want word to get around either!" I

"When and where, man?" he asked, contemplating losing his anal virginity.

"My place. Now." I said. He stood up again, but this time, he called out
to his corner buddies...

"Yo, catch yall later! Watch my shit, dawg!" I heard someone answer back,
then Shane got into the passenger's seat. "NObody finds out about this
shit man!" he said, seriously.

"Right." I said, taking off down the street.
 I was nervous all during the ride. Shane must have been too, as he
didn't speak much either. He turned on my car radio, found a hip-hop
station, and turned it up full blast.

"Nice ride!" he said, admiring the rental while bobbing his head to the
best of the music. I watched him out the corner of my eye, imagining his
bobbing head going up and down on my cock. The image made me stiffen in
my pants.

 The drive back to my suburban home took about 40 minutes. I pulled up
into my driveway, and parked in front of the garage. It's a 250,000
dollar home, resting on 2 a acer estate. To say Shane was impressed,
would be an understatement.

"Dang, gotta nice ass house!" Shane said, looking around as if
casing the place.

"Thanks." I said, turning on the lights and offering him a drink.

"Got any Hennisee?" he asked.

"No, but I have some imported brew."

"A'ight, whatever." he said, giving himself a tour.
 I went over to the bar, and got us both beers. I handed it to him,
finally realizing just how much bigger than me he really was at 6-1, 200
lbs. He must have noticed my realization, because he suddenly looked down
at me and smirked.

"So, mr white-man..." he started, taking a big swig. "...what's to keep
me from beatin yur ass and taking yur money right here right now?"

"Well...," I swallowed, trying not to let him see me sweat. "...if you
do, you won't be able to make another 500.00 tomorrow. Or the day after."

"HAHA!" he laughed a throaty bellow. "So you want it like THAT, eh? You
wanna try to bust my ass and turn me out, or something?"

"If we like it, I see no reason why we can't do it again." I said, taking
a drink. He didn't say anything, he looked to be thinking that over. "You
ever been fucked before?" I asked, hoping I wouldn't piss him off.

"Naw. I SEEN a couple niggas get fucked in jail, tho. Shit looks rough."

"I'll be gentle." I promised.

"You betta be." he said, intimidating. "So...what you working with?" he
asked, nodding towards my crotch as he turned the bottle up.

"8 and 1/2." I said proudly.

"So let me get this want to butt fuck me up the ass for
500.00 dollars?"


"ONE fuck?"

"One fuck."

"And nobody knows, right?"

 Shane turned the bottle up one last time and drained it in one gulp.

"A'ight nigga, lets get this shit over with."

"One stipulation...." I said, stopping him in his tracks.


"I want to tie you up first."

"Tie me up? No way, dawg! I ain't inna that shit!" he declared.

"You said you weren't into getting fucked either." I reminded him.

"So what, you don't trust me dawg?" he asked, suspiciously.

"It goes with the fantasy." I said informed.
 Shane looked me over for a moment, sizing me up. Then hunched his

"Okay boss, we do this your way." he said. "Lead me to the bedroom."
 I took Shane into my bedroom. He looked around, making sure there was
nothing strange like a hack-saw or a hatchet laying around.

"Yo dude...," he said, as we started removing our clothes. "...if anybody
finds out about this shit, I'm gonna have to kill you!" I laughed. He
didn't. "I'm serious, dawg." he said with a straight face.

"o...o...okay." I agreed nervously to my own death threat.

"How you want me, man?" he asked, stepping out of his pants and boxers.
His body was magnificent. Big, thick, muscular. I saw his this flaccid
cock swinging between his thick thunder thighs. It was limp, but looked
to be at least 9 inches.

"Well, first I have to clean you out." I said.

"Clean me out? You mean wash me up?" he mistakenly corrected. "I just
showered before I left home tonight. I'm clean, dawg."

"No...," I smiled. "...I mean clean you out. Give you an enema. You know,
a douche."

"A douche? You mean like a female?"

"Yes, except it goes up your anus. It cleans you out from the inside so
the fuck won't be messy."
 Shane hesitated. For a moment I thought he was going to put his clothes
back on and steal the money. Then he just hunched his shoulders again.

"Okay, dawg. Do yur thang."
 I took Shane into the shower, and ran some warm water up his ass through
I tube Tiffany sometimes uses to clean her cunt after we've fucked
whenever she stays the night. It took a moment and some coaxing to get
the nozzle up his ass. Shane yelled and complained when the stick like
tube penetrated his impenetrable buttock, and poured water into his gut.

"Holy shit, dawg! I can feel that water rushing inside!" I gasped, rising
on his tip-toes to avoid the stray. If he thinks that's impressive, wait
til he feels my cum in him! -I thought to myself.
 After filling him up several times and letting him shit out the water
into the toilet, I cleaned him up with soap and water then took him back
into the bedroom. I had him lay out on the beg on his back spread eagle,
then handcuffed his wrists to the bed rails.

"Yo man, don't get carried away when yur in there...!" he warned, giving
me a suspicious look.

"I promise." I smiled, taking his thick tree truck legs and pushing them
up over his head to expose his hairy ass. Then I strapped his ankles in
leather rungs to hold them secure. His big brown ass was fat and
inviting. The cheeks were big and round, and the deep dark crevice was
hairy with tiny curly black hairs. I decided to shave him first.

"Yo..!" said Shane, when I came back in with shaving cream and a razor.
"Yo, man..., what's with the razor, dude? We ain't talked about no
razor!" he said, nervously.

"I like to be able to see what I'm fucking." I said, simply. I could see
Shane struggling to get loose from the straps, but he was well held as he
yanked, pulled, and twisted his big body.

"No way, dawg! Keep that shit away from me!" he said, his eyes widening
with fear.

"Relax..." I warned, rubbing shaving foam all over his crack of his ass.
"...the more you wiggle, the better the chance you'll get cut."

"Cut me, and I'll make YOU bleed, mother fucker!" he said, making my
hands shake. I placed the razor blade down against his ass cheeks, and
gently pulled it down, leaving a long clean spot on his skin where the
hair used to be. Shane kept his eyes on me, daring me to make a mistake.
After five minutes, I had his entire ass shaved clean. I went back into
the bathroom and got a warm towel to wipe him off. After cleaning his up,
his now hairless asshole looked damn near enticing. The tiny wrinkled
black bud was shaped perfectly, and practically begging me to kiss it. On
instinct, I lowered my face to his ass, and kissed his asshole right on
it's puckered lips.

"Ewww...damn dawg, that's nasty -Yo!" he said, as I smooched against his
shitter. Shane obviously never had his asshole eaten before, and I have
to admit, I'd never eaten ass before. But I figured it couldn't be too
different from eating pussy (which I'd done many times).
 After kissing it for a minute, I started licking it. I could hear Shane
trying to stifle a moan as my wet tongue slid across his hole. My dick
started to grow and harden as I pushed my face up into the crack and
licked furiously. Damn, who knew sucking a guy's asshole could be so

"uhh..." I heard escape from Shane's throat. He was a big guy, and didn't
want to admit that having his anus licked was starting to effect him. I
pushed my tongue up into his ass, stretching it as far as I could. My
tongue is actually quite long, about 4 and 1/2 inches in length. Every
girlfriend I've ever had LOVED how I ate their pussies. I intended Shane
to feel exactly the same way. "aahh..." he groaned, as I started to dart
in and out, effectively tongue fucking his tight gripping asshole. "Shit
dawg..., you nasty, man..." he whispered between breaths, as I spread his
ass cheeks with my hands to get further up inside him. "Damn...!" he
gasped, his asshole quivering around my tongue.
 I ate his anus for at least 40 minutes, tonguing his tight muscle until
it started to relax involuntarily. By now I had Shane moaning and
groaning freely, his big black dick stretched out across his stomach as I
ran my hands up and down his thick thighs and round ass. I fisted my own
dick until I was super stiff and ready to fuck. When the time was right,
I removed my face and jammed 2 fingers up his ass. "UUHHH...!" groaned
Shane, flexing his hole on me. I finger fucked him for several minutes,
alternating between tongue and fingers until I felt him starting to relax
again. Then I pulled up and slapped my dick between his cheeks.

"You gonna strap up first, right dawg?" he asked, looking up at me as I
generously greased his hole and my 8 and 1/2 inch dick.

"That wasn't in the deal." I said, placing the head up against his hole.

"Yo man, I don't want no cum in me!" he said with a serious tone.

"You should have thought of that before you agreed to take my money." I

"Yo man, don't make me have to...AAHHHHH!!" he screamed, unable to finish
his threat as my cock pierced his anus.
 Shane's ass was ultra tight! It was actually the tightest thing I'd ever
had my cock in! I'd never fucked anyone in the ass before, but had always
been curious to how it would feel. None of the girls I dated were into
it, and Josh (my gay college roommate) was only into blow jobs!

 Shane groaned and screamed as I inched my way all the way up into him. I
could feel his anal track convulsing around my shaft as his anal ring
gripped my cock base like a tightly wrapped rubber-band. "Shit...!" I
gasped, as he gripped me in his vice. "You okay?" I asked, holding my
cock in with my pelvis smashed against his cheeks.

"J...j...just DO IT, nigga! Get it ova with!" squirmed Shane, squeezing
his eyes shut while biting his lower lip to contend with the pain of

"You sure?" I asked, feeling his asshole flex.

"I want my fuckin money, man!" he said, staring straight up at me. "You
gonna pay me rather you cum or not!"

"Okay." I said, as I started to move my hips back and forth.

"UHHH..!" groaned Shane, turning his head as he scrunched up his face in
a painful expression.
 I pulled back my hips, dragging his asshole ring out with my cock shaft.
Then I pushed back in, digging myself into the deepest depths of his
bowels. Shane looked in absolute agony. His forehead broke out in a cold
sweat, despite the cool temperature from my central air unit. I could see
his hands balled into fists, the veins in his arms and forehead standing
out as he grit his teeth to bare it.

"FUCK!" he shouted as I pressed in and out, faster. His ass felt like the
mouth end of a coke bottle, it choked the length of my cock and
threatened to squeeze it out like a tube of tooth-paste. But I was
determined to make this 500.00 dollar fuck worth my while.
 I grabbed the backs of Shane's thighs, then leaned in over him and
started to pound. Shane grunted after each stroke, shifting his head from
side to side to dull the pain. I could see his legs straining in the
straps as he tried (unsuccessfully) to escape his agreement. "GOD
DAMN..!" he shouted, banging the back of his head onto the mattress.
"Fuck men, CUM!" he demanded. Unfortunately for him, I was kind of long
winded in bed. My usual fuck sessions lasted about 45 minutes, a long one
would be around the hour and 1/2 range. But the thrill of getting my
first taste of male ass, coupled with it being a thick thuggish black
man, -had my cock throbbing and tingling long before I was ready to part
with my load.

 I did however manage to butt fuck Shane for 20 minutes before I felt the
start of the inevitable. Shane's cock was totally limp, and had been
since I entered him. He wasn't enjoying his first time experience, but
this fuck wasn't really about him. I picked up the pace and started
fucking even harder, driving my cock up and through his shifting colon
until I felt my balls tighten and contract. "Oh shit..." I gasped,
feeling myself go over the edge. "...I'm cumming! I'm going to cum! Here
it is...! aaahhhhhh...!!"

"UHHH shit...!" yelled Shane, as my cock started firing round after thick
round of heavy cock cum into his rectum. His eyes popped open when he
felt my enormous load pour into his canal, filling his bowels with a
white river of semen.
 We both gasped and panted as I orgasm hard into him. I felt my body grow
weak as I emptied all of my essence, giving him ever ounce of my batter.
I slumped down over top him, feeling my cock pulse and pump out the last
of my seed. "aww...uhhh, shit.." panted Shane, happy to have lived
through his ordeal. I slowly pulled my cock free from his hole as I
started to shrivel and shrink inside him.

"God, that was good!" I said, watching my cock plop free. Shane's asshole
immediately sealed back to it's original shape and tightness. It looked
like it had never been pierced.

"Speak for yurself, dawg!" said Shane, still tied up to the bed. I smiled
down at him, realizing the experience wasn't a pleasurable one for the
both of us.
 I helped release Shane's legs from the leather straps, allowing his tree
trunk limbs to fall back down on the mattress. Then I unlocked the cuffs,
freeing his wrists.

"How are you?" I asked, concerned.

"Don't ask! Where's my money, man?"
 I climbed down off the bed, and reached for my wallet in my pants pocket
on the floor. I counted out 5 brand new crisp 100.00 dollar bills, and
handed it to him. Shane looked up at me, and took it. I gave him another
100.00 for a tip.

"You want to take a shower before you go?" I asked, considerately.

"Naw dawg, just get me the fuck outta here!" he said, pulling on his
clothes, eager to get as far away from me and my cock as possible.
 The ride back into north Philly was done in silence. Shane didn't even
turn on the radio as I expected him to. He simply stared out the window,
watching the cars go by until I got him back into familiar surroundings.

 I pulled up to the corner of Oak and West (where I'd picked him up at),
and double parked by the corner. I could see his "hommies" still standing
station, holding down the fort without him. I expected Shane to jump from
the car and take off as if none of this ever happened. I was surprised
that he remained seated in the car a full minute after we arrived.

" said you might wanna hookup again, some time?" he asked,
looking down at the floor.

"uh...yeah. If you're interested." I said, trying not to look too

"Tomorrow?" he asked, not looking at me.

"Same time?" I asked, feeling my dick rise again.

"Kew." he said, jumping out of the car as if nothing happened. I watched
him walk back over to his corner friends, slapping hands and talking shit
as he lied to explain his departure. I took off down the street, my cock
rock hard as I thought about tomorrow.