My Barber

*I need a new barber, the guy who was cutting my hair moved and now I'm
stuck. I go to a place near me and walking in see all of the guys cutting
the hair are younger and Spanish.  I'm a white guy and need a barber who
can cut my hair the way I like it! I spy a guy I the back, looks like he
does a decent job and he speaks English, so I go over to him. I sit in his
chair and I let him cut my hair. As he's cutting, I'm checking him out. He
looks to be in his late 20's and is a very good looking Spanish man with
short hair, a small mustache and goatee. He's a little on the chunky side
but not fat and it doesn't take away from his looks! As he's cutting, I am
also looking at the other barbers, all Hispanic from light to dark skinned.
The clientele is also Spanish and I love it! As I sit in the chair getting
my hair cut, I position my hand and arms on the armrest so that every so
often his crotch would rub against me; I have done this ever since I was a
kid. So far I love it. The guy is done and I really like my cut and get his

* Every time I go back, he always brushes his cock against my arm, ever so
casually and every time it turns me on.  I fantasize about being the last
customer and they lock the doors so no one else comes in and I wind up on
my knees sucking off all of the hot young Hispanic barbers. I also watch
the customers and one time a man came in with his sons about 13 and 15 yrs
old.  As there were no barbers available and they had to take a seat and
wait. The younger of the two boys looked as if his cock was hard in his
shorts and gets up to use the bathroom.  As he walks by, I clearly see his
rock hard cock in his shorts and smile at him as he walks past me to the
bathroom.   He goes into the bathroom and closes the door and as I sit
getting my haircut I fantasize about him jerking off inside and I walk in
and catch him with his shorts around his ankles and his rick hard 6" cock
in his hand. I close the door and I drop to my knees and I take his hard
young cock into my mouth. I lick it from the base up to his tender young
head and then back down again sucking his whole cock into my mouth! His
hands drop to his sides and he closes his eyes and moaning deeply, he
surrenders himself and his cock to me! I lick down the shaft until my nose
is in his short pubic hairs and then I lift his cock and I start to suck on
his balls. He is really moaning now and realizing he is close I put his
cock back into my mouth.  He then grabs my head and starts to fuck my face
and after a few minutes unloads his seed into my mouth. He shoots load
after load until he is spent and then pulls his cock out of my mouth. I
look up and he is looking down at me breathing heavily. I thank him and he
smiles and says that was the first time anyone sucked my cock and thanks
me. The fantasy stops when the bathroom door opens and this hot young kid
walks out with a smile and a not so hard cock! I guess he went in there to
jerk off!  *

*The next time I call to make an appointment I find out he is no longer
there so since he gave me his cell number I call him. He tells me he's
between shops and is servicing his clientele at his house, makes an
appointment with me and gives me his address. I go to his house the next
morning early and he greets me in a pair of nylon shorts, a t shirt and
flip flops. Like I said earlier, he is a good looking Spanish about 5' 10"
and in his late 20's and he was on the chunky side, but since I've seen him
last, he's lost some weight. His shorts left nothing to the imagination and
I could clearly see the outline of his cock.  Now, I thought this guy was
hot from the first time I met him and let him cut my hair but he is even
sexier now! He had a room set up to cut hair that had a separate entrance
for clients to come and go.  As I sat down I couldn't take my eyes off of
his cock, it looked delicious! I sit in the chair and he puts on music and
gets his equipment ready. My mind is already wandering as I position my
arms on the chair. We make small talk as he cuts my hair and is telling me
that he and his lady is on the outs. He says to me "we've been having some
problems and it's been a while, if you know what I mean" and winking at me
brushes his cock against my arm. Sitting in the chair, my cock is hard and
my mind is racing trying to think about what to do. I move my arm and hand
a little further out hoping to make more contact with the cock I see in his
shorts. I tell him "that's a shame and no man should have to go without".
He keeps cutting my hair and rubbing his cock, which is getting harder,
against my arm and says "yea, bitches always do that. They don't give you
their pussy and won't suck your cock".  He moves back to look at his work
and I can see through his shorts that his cock is a lot harder. He sees me
looking at the bulge in his shorts and just smiling moves closer to me and
continues to cut my hair. Still not sure about what he wants and not
wanting to lose the best barber I've had since moving to Florida, I do
nothing. I move my arm down off of the arm rest so that my hand is hanging
down and wait. As he moves around the chair cutting my hair, he eventually
gets to my hand and now his cock is right up against the palm of my hand.
About now, I am dying in the chair. My cock is rock hard and I just want to
drop to my knees and suck this man's cock but I still am not sure.  *

*As he's cutting my hair and talking to me about nothing in particular ,
his cock is in the palm of my hand and it feels like it's getting harder,
so, instinctually I just close my fingers  and wrap my hand around the
shaft of his ever growing cock and for a moment he just stops what he's
doing and I freeze! After what seems like a lifetime but is actually only a
few seconds he continues cutting my hair and his cock is throbbing in my
hand so I start massaging it. He stops cutting my hair and says that this
is the first time in a long time his cock felt someone's hand on his cock
and he doesn't want to cheat on his girl but he really needs some
attention. As he is telling me this I massaging and feeling his cock which
is now rock hard about 8 inches long, cut and nice and fat. I reach my hand
down his shorts to his leg and then I reach up under the edge of his shorts
and grab his cock and he moans. As I rub his cock, I tell him "there is
nothing wrong with helping a buddy out" and I get out of the chair and I
kneel down in front of him. He just stands there and looking down at me
says nothing.  I slowly pull his shorts down to his feet and then I pull
them off. His cock is hard as a rock and all 8 inches is swaying in front
of me and he tells me "put my fucking cock in your mouth man, suck me,
please suck my cock" and I do what he tells me to do! I slowly lick his
cock from the base up to the head and back again. A drop of cum appears on
the tip and I reach up and lick it off and he moans. I then suck the whole
length of his cock down my throat and continue to deep throat him and he
gasps. He's never had his cock sucked like this! I love the fact that I'm
making him felling better than and woman has and he knows it!  I keep
sucking his cock taking that long fat Spanish cock deep inside my throat
over and over until I feel his cock swell and I know he'll soon be feeding
me his seed. As soon as I think that, he grabs my head and stuffing his
cock deep down my throat, he gives me his seed.  Load after load fills my
mouth and I pull back so I can taste it. I love the way his cum tastes, a
little salty and I swallow every drop. After composing himself, he pulls
his cock out of my mouth, I get up off the floor, sit back in the chair and
he continues to cut my hair, as if nothing happened. When he is down
cutting my hair and just before I leave he thanks me and says he'll feed me
his cock every time I come to get my haircut!*

J Russell <>