“Hung Latino Dick”

It was evening time and I was online as usual, cruising for dick. But this
time I was more demanding hung dick.  It didn't matter what race they were,
they could have been white, latino, or black. I was a young black male, in
myself in my early 30's.  But tonight, I just wanted some hung dick.

After a while of no responses, I received an email response, which included
three pics of a young male claiming to be 18 years old. He didn't have any
face pics, but I assumed he was black, because of his dark skin tone. Two
of the pics showed his circumcised dick. In one of the pics, his dick hung
like a snake, and in the other, his dick appeared to be 8 or 9 inches hard.
The third pic was of his shirtless body. You could tell that he worked out,
because his body was very lean, with rippling abs. He also had on white
shorts with just a hint of his black underwear.  But there was still no
sign of his face.

In the email he told me that his name was, Chase. I told him my name was J.
Chase finally asked me what I wanted to do. I told him that I just wanted
to suck his dick. He agreed to let me suck him and asked for pics. I gave
him a couple of face pics. He then asked me for dick pics. I sent him a few
of my dick pics, but told him I didn't want anything in return.  After all
this we exchange numbers and agreed to meet at his location, which was in
area far away from me. I lived in Tampa, Florida. And Chase was living in
apartments, in an area known as Westchase. Westchase was bout an hour away.
I thru on some clothes, A Rocawear black shirt and gray jean shorts. Walked
out of the house, got in my 2002 black Dodge neon car and drove off.
Although it was night time and barely any traffic, I decided to take the
freeway to Chase's destination. I found myself excited...if that really was
Chase's dick in those pictures, then this would be the biggest dick I've
ever had. For some reason I never could locate Chase that night, so we
agreed to meet each other the next day during daylight hours.

The next day arrived and I sent Chase a text message, telling him I was on
my way. He told me okay. I thru on the same clothes from yesterday, left
the house, got in my vehicle and once again headed for Chase's destination.
Today the traffic was kinda heavy, being that it was daylight. So I took
the long route instead of the freeway. And sure enough it took me almost an
hour to get to Westchase. When I finally made it to the apartments, I
texted Chase a message, telling him that I was here. He told me to park at
the entrance. I drove to the entrance of the apartments and parked.  My
anticipation for Chase's arrival was high. If that was truly him in those
pics, then this would be the biggest dick, I had ever had.

It wasn't long before I saw a lone feminine figure carrying a what appeared
to be a tablet, approaching my vehicle. I could tell that it was Chase. But
I was shocked because Chase wasn't black. He was a young Latino male, with
a sexy tanned skin tone. In fact, Chase would be the first Latin, I had
ever had too. He was also very skinny with long black hair twisted into a
ponytail. He was dressed in a white shirt, sweat black shorts and slippers.

I got out of my vehicle and waved my hand. Chase walked up to me.

"Hey, Im Chase.", he said.

"Kool, Im J.", I replied.

I took a good look at Chase's face. He had average looks. And there was no
question that he was only 18 years old, because he looked very young. I
could now tell also that Chase was carrying an Ipad in his hands. I even
noticed Chase watching me as if he was attracted to me. We got in my car.

"Do you know a spot where we could do this?", I asked?  "Yeah, there's a
spot nearby."

We then got out of my car. I went to the rear end of my car and opened the
trunk, reached in and grabbed the blanket and pillow that was stored in my
trunk and closed it. We walked over to the spot that Chase suggested. As we
walked, we carried a conversation.

"I've always wanted an Ipad.", I said.

"Yeah, they're cool.", Chase replied.

We finally reached the area Chase spoke of, it was a wooded area with a
bunch of trees. There was also a nearby "U-Haul" building, with U-Haul
trucks. We were now in an area surrounded by a bunch of trees. In fact, you
would think we were in a forest.  There was a short wall built out from the
ground, which I thought was kinda odd. There must've been a building here
in the past, I thought.  "Right here.", Chase said.

I stopped in my tracks and said "Okay."

We were now standing in front of the short wall.  I got on my knees, in
front of Chase. He pulled his sweat shorts down and his circumcised dick
hung like a snake. I had never seen a dick this hung before. It was
circumcised with a sexy tanned tone.

I grabbed Chase's soft dick and placed it in mouth. I started sucking his
dick rapidly, and it a grew rock hard. I pulled Chase's dick from my mouth
and took a look at it. It was 8 inches, with a hook like under curve look
to it and a sexy tanned complexion.  There was no question that Chase had
the biggest dick I had ever had. In fact, I was able to get two hands
around his dick. It also had this sexy tan to it.  I licked up and down on
that sexy dick head, and placed it back into my mouth and started sucking
rapidly again.  "Ahhhhh.", Chase moaned.

I continued sucking Chase's huge dick until he spoked, "Can I see your
dick?"  "You don't have to do anything to me, Chase.", I replied.

But I agreed to let him see my dick. So I pulled out my soft 7 inch dick
and showed him.  He grabbed my dick and stroked it.

"That's a big dick.", he said.

"Thanks.", I replied.

"Do you want me to suck it?", he spoked?  "No Chase, Im okay.", I replied.

I went back to sucking his dick. Every now and then, I would pulled Chase's
dick from my mouth and look it. It was truly a huge dick.

Chase sat down on the ground and laid back on the blanket, that I had brung
with us. I went back to sucking his huge dick. After a moment of this, he
asked "Do you want me to cum?"

"Yeah you can.", I replied.

He grabbed his dick and started jacking it.  "Im cumming.", Chase said.

I placed my mouth over his dick and felt his cum oozing in my mouth. There
was a bitter taste to Chase's cum, but I swallowed anyway.

After we were through, we stood up. I grabbed my blanket and pillow. And
Chase put his clothes back on.  We walked to back my car and chatted on the
way there.  I told Chase that he had the biggest dick I had ever had. He
giggled at me.

After we finally made it to my car, we agreed to meet each other again one
day. Chase walked back into his aprtment complex and I got in my car and
drove off.  That will always be an unforgettable experience for me, because
of two things. I had never sucked a latino dick before.  Plus, that was the
biggest dick I had ever had.