Getting nasty in the motel room V

I knock on the door to apartment #3

The door opens and Pedro pulls me in and shuts the door and locks it.

I look around and there are 4 other guys in the apartment.

They were all young and spanish.

The place smelled like they were smoking weed all day.

I notice on the tv they have a porn playing and a white girl is sucking
dick and guys are shooting cum all over her face.

Pedro says something to me in spanish but I don't understand what he is
telling me.

The other guys are also saying things in spanish and laughing.

Pedro then grabs the bottom of my shirt and yanks it up trying to tell me
to take my clothes off.

I removed my shirt and the guys all started laughing and saying things I
can't understand.

Pedro then motions me to remove my pants.

I slowly remove all my clothes and Pedro grabs the back of my neck and
pushes me to an area where there is blankets laid out on the floor.

He pushes me to my knees. I try to cover my dick with my hands but Pedro
slaps them away and says something in spanish which I learned he didn't
want me to touch my dick.

The guys started smoking more weed and was watching the porn.

One certain guy scared me. He was young and had this look about him. He
looked like the tough type.

He kept looking at me and saying things in spanish while groping his
crotch. His dick looked big under his shorts.

One of the guys who was maybe 20 years old, stands up and grabs the bag I
brought with me and pulls out the lube and dildo.

He walks over to be and starts talking to me in spanish. All the guys were
laughing at whatever he said.

He hands me the dildo and slowly takes his dick out.

I look at his dick and he opens the lube and pours some on the dildo and in
spanish started telling me to get it in my ass. I can tell thats what he
wanted the way he was looking at me.

I slid it under me and slowly worked it into my asshole as all of them were
laughing and saying things about me.

The guy in front of me grabs my head and pulls me into his dick and I open
my mouth.

He grabs my hand and puts it on his dick and says something and all of a
sudden I felt him pissing.

I squeezed his dick because he was pissing too fast.

I was taking my time trying to swallow his piss when one of the other guys
got up and grabbed the butt plug from my bag.

The first guy finished pissing and when I looked around, All the guys were

I looked at the guy who scared me and his dick must have been 9 inches long.

Pedro got me to turn over on my back.

The guy holding the butt plug got between my legs and put his dick at my

He poured a little lube on his dick and push in.

Another guy got up and kneeled down by my head.

He slid his dick into my mouth and took my hand and put it on his dick.

He started pissing saying things in spanish.

The guy that had his dick in my ass was staying still.

He was also pissing but in my ass. When he was done, he pulled out slowly
and once his dick was out, he pushed the butt plug in.

He slapped the plug and walked away.

When the guy stopped pissing in my mouth, He pulled out and they all sat
watching the porn and playing with themselves.

I got up on my knees again.

I looked at Pedro and he had a wicked grin on his face and instructed me to
follow him.

He took me into the bathroom and pointed to the toilet.

He must have known I need to get that piss out of my hole.

He shut the door and I cleaned myself out and went back into the living

Pedro looked at me and pointed to the blanket.

He wanted me back on the blanket again.

I got on my knees on the blanket when the tough guy that scared me got up
and walked over to me.

I looked at his dick and went to grab it but he slaps my hands away and
spits in my face and heads to the refrigerator and grabs beers for everyone
except me.

The first guy who pissed in my mouth stood up and came over to me and
grabbed my head and pulled me onto his dick.

He held my head tight as he started shooting his load into my mouth forcing
me to swallow.

Once he was done shooting, he slowly pulled out and spit on my face and
called me a PUTA.

He got dressed and left.

Still he is Pedro and 3 other hot guys.

The guy who pissed in my ass stood up and fed me his load , got dressed and
took off.

Now I am down to Pedro and 2 other guys.

Not one of them was speaking english.

I spoke up and asked if any of them spoke english.

The one that scared me, speaks up and says "Shut the fuck up faggot!"

The other guy who pissed in my mouth was jacking off fast and stood up and
came over to me.

I automatically opened my mouth to take his load.

He already pissed in my mouth so why not take his load.

He got dressed and said his goodbyes and also left leaving me with Pedro
and the guys who worries me. Later I found out his name was Jose.

Once he left, Jose and Pedro lit up another blunt and forced me to smoke.

They took turns on giving me something called a smoke shot.

I was so high at that point that I couldn't think straight.

Jose then stood up and said "ready for some fun faggot?"

He didn't even give me a chance to answer him and he was telling me to get
between Pedros legs and suck his dick.

I got between Pedros legs and took his dick in my mouth and Jose got behind
me and I can feel his big dick rubbing my hole.

Pedro said something in spanish and Jose leaned on me and said "Pedro needs
to piss before you suck his dick."

I grabbed Pedros dick with my hands and he started to let it go.

At the same time, Jose got behind me and I can feel him trying to push his
dick in my hole.

He got it in and started a steady motion fucking my hole nice and slow.

I continued to swallow Pedros piss while Jose was fucking my ass. Jose
started saying things to me that turned me on but yet got me worried.

He was saying things like "I can make some money on this pussy!" "You're a
nasty faggot!" "You will do anything for a good dick, won't you bitch!"

I was so turned on that I was agreeing to everything Jose said.

My hole felt relaxed and I loved the way Jose was fucking me.

Jose then turned me over onto my back and lifted my legs over his shoulders
and said "Time to fuck you like a bitch!"

He slid his dick in and it hurt. He stopped for a second and pulled out a
little and pushed back in deeper.

He started fucking me hard.

Pedro sat on my face to stop me from screaming out.

I could tell Pedro was cheering Jose on because Jose would laugh a little
and fuck me harder.

All of a sudden, Jose pushed all the way in and I could feel him filling me
up with his cum.

After he was completely drained, he left his dick in my hole while Pedro
started jerking off much faster.

Jose smiles and says "get ready bitch, get ready for his load.

Pedro quickly gets off my face and shoots his load all over my face.

Some got in my eyes and I reach up to wipe it but Jose slaps me and says
"Don't you dare wipe it off faggot!"

At that moment, I felt Jose pissing in my asshole.

Pedro got up and Jose just kept pissing.

Jose said something to Pedro in spanish and Pedro handed Jose the butt plug.

Jose pulled his dick out and pushed the plug into my hole.

Once it was in, Jose stood up and told me to get dressed and get the fuck

I asked if I can use the bathroom first and Jose laughed and said I can use
the bathroom when I get home.

I got dressed and knew I wouldn't make it home without shitting myself.

Jose must have pissed a gallon in my hole.

They pushed me out with all must stuff and shut the door.

I wiped my face with my hands while I waited for the elevator.

I was walking funny because I never walked around the the plug in my ass
let alone with my ass full of piss.

I made it to my car and after I got situated, I drove home.

The urge to shit the piss out settled until I got home.

Once I got home, I jumped in the shower and pulled the plug out and a huge
amount of piss came out. I was so turn on by it, I almost got on my knees
to lick some up.

I can't wait for Roman to call me again.

If you're Roman, email me...   :)