Getting nasty in the motel room IV

Part 4.

After they left, I cleaned myself up and went to bed.

I woke up early the next day and drove home.

I'm glad it wasn't too far of a ride because I was tired.

I sent a text to Roman the next day. I wanted to thank him for a good time
and let him know I wanted to do it again sometime.

He wrote back asking if I was free this Saturday?

I was shocked he wrote back right away.

I told him I might be and asked him what he got in mind.

He told me he will call me shortly.

About 15 minutes later he called me.

He sounded cool on the phone.

He told me he had fun the other night and thanked me for not letting his
friend in on the secret.

He told me after they left, they hung out for a bit and Trey didn't know
what we were doing before he got there. Trey thinks it was the weed that
got us all horny.

Roman told me he wanted to do something really nasty and dirty with me.

He told me he wanted to sit back and chill while watching me put on a show
for him.

He told me he is still not sure about fucking me because he only fucks

Roman told me he wanted me to come to the motel and do whatever he says.

Hearing him talk on the phone got me so turned on that I would do anything
for him.

He told me he would get the motel room this time.

He told me he didn't want me to cum until Saturday.

He told me I could play with myself but not enough to bust a nut.

Before he hung up he said "don't worry, it's going to be fun."

Also he told me he wanted me shaved smooth and to clean my asshole out as
much as I could.

We ended our conversation on the phone and I thought about jerking off but
Roman told me not to jerk off all week.

The next day I got a text from Roman. It read, "I'm sending your the list
now. remember, no questions".

A minute later, I got the list and it said.

Bring these items.

#1. Bring a large bottle of wet platinum lube

#2. A case of beer in a cooler and on ice.

#3. Bring both dildos.

#4. Bring around $25.00 in case we get hungry and decide to order a pizza.

#5. Bring 4 or 5 towels we can get dirty and an extra blanket for the bed
because it might get dirty.

I sent him a text back and told him I received the list.

He sent a telling me to plan on being at the room by 5pm on Saturday.

I started getting excited wondering what he is going to do to me and
decided I would start getting what I could packed.

I packed the towels, blanket, dildos and put the money in the bag.

I went out and bought a large bottle of lube.

All I had to do was get the beer on the way.

He never said anything about bringing the J-Lube which is good, because his
hands were too big.

I thought about what he said. He said he wanted to get nasty and dirty.

I started getting nervous but knew I couldn't ask him what he meant by
nasty and dirty.

All week I would edge myself but stopped before I got too close to cumming.

On Saturday, I woke up early and started to get myself ready.

Shortly after noon, I get a text from Roman and it said Room #69 and be
here at 5.

I shaved myself nice and smooth and started filling my hole up with water
to clean myself out.

I cleaned my hole at least 6 times and decided to head to the motel.

I knew I would get there early but figured I would stop somewhere for a cup
of coffee.

At 5 pm sharp, I sent him a text letting him know I was here.

Roman opened the door and let me in, and I carried everything in..

I heard Roman shut and lock the door.

I put the cooler down and looked at Roman. He was only wearing just a pair
of basketball shorts. I could tell he had no underwear on and I could see
the outline of his bulging dick.

I smiled at him and offered him a beer.

He smiled back at me and said "You're going to do whatever I say, right?

I smiled back at him and told him yes, I would do whatever he says as long
as it's in the motel room and nothing too gross.

He smiled at me and said "GOOD, take off all your clothes off now!"

I took my clothes off while he stood in front of me watching and smiling

Once I was naked he ordered me to my knees and to suck his dick..

He lowered the front of his shorts just enough to get his dick out.

I sank to my knees and reached up to play with his dick, but he stopped me
and told me to use my mouth only.

I got my mouth on his dick and started sucking.

(I've only been here for 5 minutes and I am already naked and sucking his

He grabbed the back of my head and slowly started fucking my mouth in a
gentle but aggressive way.

He spoke up loudly and said "You gonna be a good girl for DADDY and do as I

I took my mouth off his dick and said "YES DADDY!"

Roman smiled back down at me and said "GOOD GIRL, Now crawl over there and
get us a beer!"

I started crawling to the cooler and I heard someone behind me, coming out
of the bathroom.

I turned around scared and saw this hot looking thug type Rican.

Must of been maybe 23 years old and had a little goatee.

He was fully clothed and had a fucked up grin on his face and it got me

I started to get up off my knees when Roman laughed and pushed me back down
and told me it was cool and to stay on my knees and get them each a beer.

Here I am, naked on my knees crawling to get them beers.

Doing it in front of Roman was ok but it was embarrassing doing it in front
of this other guy I never met.

I gave them their beer and Roman speaks up and says "This here is my cousin

I looked at Pedro and nodded to him and he said something in Spanish which
I couldn't understand.

Roman laughed and said "Pedro doesn't speak any english and its his
birthday. He called me 2 hours ago bored on his birthday and wanted to hang
with me. I didn't want to cancel our fun so I kind of invited him over."

I looked at Pedro and then back at Roman as he continued his story.

He told me he had to tell Pedro that I was a faggot who likes dick and will
do whatever he wants.

Roman told me "tonight," Pedro is going to have fun with me while he

He told me tonight I have to do whatever He and Pedro tells me to do.

If we tell you to do something, you do it. just follow our instructions and
go with the flow."

I was wondering how nasty he was going to get and told him I wasn't into
any shit play or heavy pain.

He laughed and told me not to worry because he knows my limits.

I smiled at Roman and told him to just go slow.

Roman smiled back and said, "Good, Go grab a beer and guzzle it down!"

Pedro said something in spanish which made Roman start laughing.

Roman stopped laughing and says to me, "Dude, trust me, you're going to
love it!"

I grabbed a beer and started drinking it as the 2 of them sat down and lit
a blunt and chatting in spanish.

I noticed Pedro every once in a while rub his dick thru his pants.

He caught me looking at his crotch and he started rubbing it more roughly.

Pedro said something in spanish and Roman said something back.

Pedro then stood up and lowered his pants and sat back down with his legs

Pedro then looked at me, waved his dick at me and said something in spanish.

I looked at Roman to let me know what Pedro wants and Roman laughs and says
"Get over there and suck his dick."

I crawl over between Pedros legs and start sucking his dick.

They were talking spanish to each other while I was sucking Pedros dick.

Pedros dick grew to about 8 inches and I was trying my best to swallow as
much as I could.

Pedro pushed me off his dick and said something in spanish.

Roman looked at me and said "go get us beers"!

I went to stand up and Pedro grabs me and pushes me back down. He grabs my
head and looks right in my eyes and says something in spanish and spits all
over my face and laugh..

Roman laughed and said "He called you a faggot and said stay on your knees."

I crawled and got beers for them and Roman told me to put the blanket on
the bed as well as the towels and the dildos because Pedro wants to see me
play with myself.

I got everything all ready and Roman comes up to me and tells me to go in
the bathroom and take out my dentures because I wouldn't be needing them.

When I came out of the bathroom, the blanket on the bed was hanging off on
one side.

Roman speaks up and says "On you're back with your head over the edge!"

Now I knew why they moved the blanket.

I got into position and Roman walks right up to my face and slid his dick
in my mouth.

Then I felt Pedro get on the bed between my legs.

I felt lube being poured on my hole and a dildo sliding in.

Roman had his dick in my mouth as he held my legs open for Pedro to play

I can hear Roman telling me things like, to relax my pussy, moan like a
slut, etc.

Then he would say things in Spanish and whatever he was saying, was turning
Pedro on and pedro would get more aggressive.

Pedro must have used a lot of lube because my hole felt like it was getting

Roman pulls his dick out of my mouth and I look up and see Pedro stroking
his dick. Pedro said something to me and smiled an evil grin.

Roman laughs and says to me "Pedro wants to make love to that pussy."

I gave Roman a look of discomfort and he smiled and told me not to worry
and that Pedro knows how to treat a good pussy..

I then felt Pedro push up against me and aim his dick at my hole.

He then slowly pushed causing his dick to inch its way in my ass. When he
was all the way in, he just stayed still so I could get used to it.

Roman walked to the cooler and got them each a beer to drink while they use

They were both taking their time sliding in and out while chatting and
drinking a beer.

I felt like I was a seesaw and 2 guys were riding me like I wasn't there.

Roman looks down at me and smiles and says "Are you ready?"

I nod a yes to him not knowing what he was talking about.

He reminded me that Pedro won't know what we are talking about.

Roman told me he needed to piss and wanted to piss in my mouth without his
cousin knowing.

I told Roman I wasn't sure about that but he convinced me by telling me if
his cousin finds out then both will be pissing in me.

Roman smiled down at me and said "Be a good girl for daddy. get ready for
my piss."

I slowly reached up and grabbed the base of his dick.

Roman said something in spanish to Pedro.

I squeezed Romans dick a little and started to feel his piss coming out.

At the same time Pedro started fucking me really slow but all the way in
and all the way out in a slow rhythm.

I tried to swallow as fast as I could to get it over with but Roman told me
to go slow so Pedro doesn't find out. He once again reminded me that if
Pedro knew I swallowed piss, he would be using me also.

They were chatting to each other and laughing.

Pedro slowed down his fucking so much. If felt great the way he was working
my hole.

I started taking my time swallowing slowly so Pedro wouldn't know what I
was doing.

As I am nursing on this dick like a bottle, I started thinking about Pedro.
What would his piss taste like? How much does he piss? when was the last
time he pissed today? Was he pissing in the bathroom when I got here?

Once Roman was done pissing, he pulled his dick out and lowered his balls
onto my mouth and i could feel him stroking. Pedro picked up his pace and
started fucking me harder and harder. He then slammed all the way in and
felt him shoot in my hole.

After he was done shooting, he left his dick buried in my ass to let it
soften up.

I tried to grab my dick to stroke off but Roman wouldn't let me. He told me
when the time comes, he will let me..

I then felt Roman stiffened up and he told me to open my mouth.

When I did, he pushed his dick in and starting shooting his cum in my mouth.

As he was filling my mouth with his hot load, I felt a warm feeling. It was
then that I realized Pedro was pissing in my ass and he was filling it up.

He pulled out and said something in spanish.

Roman pulled his dick out of my mouth and stepped away from me only to let
Pedro have access to my mouth. Pedro grabbed my hand and put it on the base
of his dick.

He held my hand to his dick and squeezed and at the same time I felt him

He was pissing in my mouth! Does Roman know? Should I say something? Before
I decided, Pedro finished his pissing and pulled out.

Pedro said something to Roman and started getting dressed.

Roman looked at me and said "Pedro wants to know if you're free next

I told him I was and Roman said he will send me the address tomorrow and he
didn't want me jerking off all week. I agreed and he told me to get the
fuck out.

I got dressed and left to go home.

I got in my car and realized I still had piss in my ass which gave me

My face had cum all over it and my mouth tasted like piss.

I cleaned myself up a little and stopped at dunkin to use the bathroom.

The next day I got a text from Roman telling me I did good and Pedro really
liked my skills.

He sent me an address which was only about a 20 minute ride.

Roman told me Pedro wants me to arrive at that address on Saturday at 6pm.

Roman told me to bring lube, a dildo and my large butt plug.

Roman also told me Pedro wants me to leave my upper dentures in the car.

Half way thru the week, Roman sent me a text asking if I was excited about

I told him I was and he asked if I jerked off yet and I told him no.

On Thursday I got a text from him telling me he won't be able to make it
and I told him thats ok, we can do it another time.

Roman told me no, it's still on but he won't be there.

He told me to just do whatever Pedro tells me to do.

I told him I wouldn't be able to understand him because I don't speak

Roman sent a text back telling me not to worry, that Pedro will be able to
show me what to do.

On Saturday, I cleaned my hole out good all day and got a text around 4
from Roman telling me to have fun and do what Pedro wants.

I left around 5:30 to go to the address.

It must have been an apartment building because it was apartment 3-a.

I arrived a few minutes early and sat in the parking lot.

It wasn't in the best area but the place looked clean.

I took my upper teeth out like I was told and left them in the car.

I was just hoping nobody would stop and talk to me.

At 6 pm I buzzed his apartment # and he buzzed me in.

I got on the elevator and the elevator smell awful.

I got off on the 3rd floor and just to my left was apartment 3-a.

I knocked and about a minute later the door opened.........

To be continued...