Getting nasty in the motel room III

Trey speaks up and says "Dude, that fuckin jacuzzi looks fuckin good!"

Part 3....

Roman speaks up and says "Ya man, I was thinking the same thing."

Trey looks at me and then at Roman and asks if he minded if he tried it out
really quick.

Roman looked at me and said "I was just about to leave because Darryl here
was about to take a shower."

"Cool" Trey says.

I then saw Trey slowly removing his clothes and says "I just want to try it
out while you're in the shower".

I didn't know what to say or do, so I looked at Roman and he smiles and
shrugs his shoulders and says "OK, we will leave after you take your
shower, cause I want to try out this jacuzzi also."

I still didn't know what to do and Roman looked at me and his eyes told me
to go in the bathroom and take a shower.

He too started taking his clothes off.

I walked into the bathroom and heard Roman announce he needed to take a
piss first.

Roman came into the bathroom naked and shuts the door.

He told me to start the shower.

He then started whispering to me telling me to keep my mouth shut about
what we have done so far.

He told me to play along for now.

He told me Trey will leave soon and then we can continue our fun.

As he was talking to me, he started pissing in the toilet.

Just as he was about done, he told me to get on my knees for the rest.

I dropped to my knees and he turned facing me.

I took his dick in my mouth and waited for him to piss.

He only had a little bit left and I swallowed and waited for more.

I looked up and Roman was smiling and said "I can tell you're horny for
more but don't worry, you will get more soon enough!"

Roman pulled his dick out of my mouth and told me to take a shower, clean
myself up, hide all the toys and come out when I am done.

As I hopped in the shower, Roman went into the other room and left the
bathroom door open.

As I was in the shower, I heard Trey say out loud "HOLY SHIT!"

It got quite but I can hear whispering and a little laughing.

I started thinking that Roman told Trey the truth about me.

I didn't know what to do so I decided to take my time in the shower.

I then heard the motel room door open and then close.

It was then that I got scared. Did someone else come in? Did they just rob
me and leave? did they both leave or did Trey decide to leave already?

I quickly shut the shower off and grabbed a towel to dry myself off.

I hear someone walking towards the bathroom.

I covered myself with the towel just as Trey walked into the bathroom naked.

His body was nice and smooth except a small patch of pubic hair.

His dick looked about 4 inches long and it was soft,

He laughed a little and asked how was the shower.

I told him it felt good.

Trey stood in front of the toilet and started pissing right in front of me.

He spoke up and told me Roman went to get another philly.

I continued drying myself while staring at his dick as he was pissing.

He started talking again and as I looked up, I saw him watching me staring
at his dick.

He says to me "I saw your porn. So, you like dick?"

I didn't know what to say and I remembered What Roman told me earlier "TO

So I told Trey that yes I was gay.

I was hoping Roman would get back here soon...

Trey shook his dick and flushed the toilet and walked out of the bathroom
and I heard the door open and Roman just got back.

I hear Roman say "Damn man, is he still in there? I have to piss again.

Then in walks Roman as he shuts the bathroom door.

He then says "DUDE, We got a problem! Trey saw the video on your laptop and
I didn't know what to say so I played it out that I was shocked also.."

I looked at Ramon and said "no problem man, It's cool. I won't say

Roman smiled and said "cool man, we gonna chill tonight.. I Just want you
to go with the flow."

I smiled at Roman and told him ok.

He smiled and said "Remember, just go with the flow" as he walked out of
the bathroom.

I wrapped a towel around myself and walked out of the bathroom to find Trey
in the Jacuzzi and Roman removing his clothes.

He climbed into the jacuzzi and lit the blunt.

Roman told me to grab the ashtray.

As I walked to get an ashtray I noticed my laptop was still in an almost
closed position.

I handed Roman the ashtray and Trey handed me the blunt and told me to take
a hit.

I took a small hit and Trey told me told me to take more.

I took another hit and went to hand it back to Trey but he told me to take
one more really big hit and to hold it in till he says so.

I took a big hit from the blunt and held it in.

I held it in waiting for Trey to tell me to exhale.

I held it as long as I could until I started coughing and had to exhale.

Trey laughed and said "If it was a dick in your mouth you would probably
keep it in your mouth longer"..

Roman started laughing at his statement.

I got them both a beer and could feel the weed hitting me.

Trey spoke up and said he wanted to watch some faggot porn.

Roman laughed and told me to bring the laptop over closer and play the porn.

Trey chuckled and said "I'm only fucking wit you man. I'm cool with you
being gay and all."

I set up the porn and hit play.

As the porn started playing, Trey told me to get rid of the towel and to
jump in the jacuzzi.

There wasn't much room in the jacuzzi and as I got in, I almost fell over
because of the weed.

Trey got up and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi as I sat down.

He started scratching his balls and massaging his dick.

He knew I was watching him and he smiled at me and said "dude, why don't
you come closer and play with my dick a little.

I looked at Roman for his advice.

Roman spoke up and said "Dude, I got to see that. go ahead, play with his

I got on my knees and reached out and grabbed Treys dick and started to rub

It started growing and was getting bigger and bigger.

It must have been at least 8 1/2 inches if not 9.

Roman spoke up and said "suck on it dude!"

I looked at Trey and Trey smiled and said "go ahead man, suck on my dick
for a while".

I must have been sucking Treys dick for about 5 minutes as they kept
passing the blunt back and forth.

Roman then said, he was going to get out and roll another blunt and get
some more drinks.

I continued sucking Treys dick slowly and he kept trying to get more of his
dick in my mouth.

Trey spoke up and said "I think I need to lube his throat to get it all in.
as he was laughing.

Roman spoke up and said "I saw some lube in the bathroom."

Roman went into the bathroom and got the lube.

He handed the lube to Trey and also a beer.

As Roman got into the jacuzzi, Trey told Roman it was his turn.

Roman sat on the edge and Trey pushed my head towards Romans dick.

As I was sucking on Romans dick,  Trey got behind me and I felt his dick
sliding on the the crack of my ass.

Roman then grabs the back of my head and holds me on his dick as I feel
Treys dick against my hole.

Trey slowly pushed his dick into my hole until he was balls deep.

He just stayed still with his dick buried in my hole.

They lit the blunt and passed it back and forth while I had a dick in my
ass and one in my mouth.

I started moving my ass around his dick but he told me to stop.

He told me he wanted my ass to get used to his dick for now.

He told me to look at the porn playing and asked if I wanted him to fuck me
like that.

I looked at the porn and it was a part where a guy was on his back with his
legs being held up while another guy fucked him long and deep thrusts.

The guys hole looked like a pussy.

I told Trey I wanted him to fuck me like that.

They forced me to take a few more hits of the blunt and Trey pulled his
dick out of my hole.

Trey slapped my ass and said "Time to fuck that pussy".

We all got out of the jacuzzi and dried off.

Trey told me to get on the bed on my back.

When I did, he positioned me so my head was hanging over the edge.

Trey got on the bed between my legs and lifted my legs up and told Roman to
take hold of them.

Roman stood by my head and grabbed my legs.

Romans dick was right in my face. I opened my mouth and took his dick in
and I heard Trey say "Look, the pussy is hungry for it".

Trey then slid his dick into my hole slowly and started fucking me.

I reached for my dick to stroke it but Trey slapped my hands away and said
"hell no! if your going to cum, its gonna be because of my dick in your
pussy! no touching your dick."

Trey started fucking fast and telling me he wasn't going to stop until he
busts a nut.

I don't know how long he fucked me for, but he had to slap my hands from me
touching my dick a few times.

Roman was fucking my mouth at the same time.

All of a sudden, Roman said he was about to nut.

He pushed his dick deep in my mouth and let loose a hot load in my mouth
forcing me to swallow.

All I could hear was Trey telling Roman to make me swallow it all.

Roman finished shooting his load and kept his dick in my mouth while Trey
continued to fuck me.

Trey slowed down on his fucking. It seemed like he was making love to my

He would pull all the way out and push his dick all the way in again.

Romans dick was now soft in my mouth as he was still holding my legs.

It was then when I felt it.

Roman was trying to piss in my mouth while Trey was still fucking me.

I reached around and grabbed Romans dick to control the flow.

Last thing I needed was to drown in his piss.

I took my time swallowing his piss and Trey figured out what was going on.

Trey spoke up and said "Oh my god! you are a dirty faggot! I might have to
fill you up with my piss when I'm done pounding this pussy!"

He started fucking faster and announced he was going to bust a nut.

He slammed deep inside me and let loose his load filling me up.

I was still trying to finish Romans piss when Trey left his dick in my ass.

Trey said he wanted to fill my asshole with his piss.

His dick went soft in my hole as Roman finished pissing in my mouth.

Trey then said "Here it comes!"

Trey started filling my hole with his piss.

When he was done, he pulled out slowly and got off the bed.

They both started getting dressed as I laid on the bed.

Roman handed me a number and told me to call him if I'm ever in the area

They both left and I got up and went into the bathroom to rinse my mouth
and shit out the piss in my ass.

I put his phone # in my phone because I will call him for sure.